New sports talk a major threat to WJOX; Tim Brando banned from WJOX

Is the writing on the wall for WJOX? Cox Radio has launched a major threat in the sports talk genre. Cox released details of its planned 24-hour sports talk radio station.

The station launches today (Tuesday, August 30) on 97.3 FM in Birmingham.

The station plans a lineup that includes “a weekday 6 to 9 a.m. morning show co-hosted by Alabama radio play-by-play announcer Eli Gold and Auburn color analyst and former Auburn Tigers quarterback Stan White. Additionally, long-time sports radio fixture Matt Coulter, who previously worked at WJOX, will be on air noon to 3 p.m. The station also will carry Tim Brando’s syndicated show,” according to a release from Cox.

Tim Brando’s inclusion generated some immediate fallout.

According to Tim Brando’s twitter, “Reminder to those that don’t listen to my show. I have been banned from @finebaum Network. Paul will be on my show and hopefully explain.”

This was followed by a second tweet, “Paul and I are fine and NO Derek Dooley didn’t tell me I couldn’t come on anymore. Paul’s radio distribution company does not want me on air.”

This latest development makes WJOX and Citadel look like they are petrified.

And they should be.

Alternatives to WJOX will hurt the bottom line, and it is hard to imagine the WJOX leadership has any confidence in the current programming slate. If WJOX loses Paul Finebaum, will anyone listen to that station?