Danny Sheridan responds to NCAA response

The hits just keep on coming. USA Today sports analyst Danny Sheridan responded to a statement released by the NCAA. (Read the NCAA’s statement here.)

Sheridan released his statement via twitter: “The NCAA statement about me is total propaganda and an absolute misrepresentation of the facts. For the record, I do have sources at the NCAA and that’s why the organization has chosen to shoot the messenger. The NCAA called me through my attorney and requested an interview. I spoke with two NCAA investigators last Wednesday for almost an hour. I was consistent with them as I have been with the media and the public in refusing to divulge my sources. I also politely declined to share the name of the individual I have been told gave money to Cecil Newton. For the NCAA to claim I did anything else is specious, deceitful, disingenuous and completely false. I will be happy to take a polygraph test on these specific issues and challenge them to do so as well.”


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    Rogue Elephant

    FWIW, Sheridan also says he had agreed not to discuss his interrogation publicly at the request of the NCAA. But after the NCAA released a statement about him, he says all bets were off.

  2. 2

    Sheridan the egomanical shameless liar and self-promoter has finally been called out for exactly what he is.

  3. 3

    Lmao wtfe!!!! He don’t sh-it from shinola! Im as big a bama fan as the next guy and would love nothing more than to see the barn burn! However if DS knew as much as he claims to know,after the fact his rep. Has taken such a blow,he would spill the beans! His ego would get the better of him give awbarn their tainted title and lets move on and bet the cum wads on the field like were supposed to!!!

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      Conway Twitter

      Well that put you out of the competion right off the bat…. “Hello darlin, It’s been a longgg time…..

  4. 6

    That means anyone that does believe him is a walking void at best!!!! If any of you think that ego maniac would pass up the chance to be the one to drop the bomb on this story then y’all are as Dumb as a sh-it covered popcicle!!!

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    Bobby Justice

    Why would they interview him if the information wasn’t correct? NCAA is looking for the bagman and Danny didn’t budge on his source. He’s an Alabama mans man.

  6. 8

    Lol think before you speak bobby! How the Hell would the NCAA know the information is correct???? He didn’t tell em a Damn thing. read the article!

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      Bobby Justice

      They knew that Danny knew that they are looking for the bagman you fucking inbred cum guzzling slut. Go back to the farm and catch another donkey show. Piss off. Seriously.

  7. 10

    And he won’t tell them shit you ignorant lip turd. He uses his inside informant to make money on wagers. He will not out him. Obviously the NCAA is digging for info to make their case and they don’t want Sheridan or anyone else notifying the world of who they suspect before they gather enough evidence to hang him and Awbie. If he knows they are after him he will cover his tracks. Also the FBI would be involved because of Tax evasion. If a leak could hurt their case, you know damn well the FBI wants to know who the NCAA deep throat is and told them to find out. There is far too much shyt going on here for somebody’s head not to fall. So fantasize on Barnturds cause the shyt storm is coming and it may even arrive before the one in JHS on November 26th. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

  8. 11

    The only important thing to note in all this mess that we know to be a fact is the NCAA is investigating Auburn, and there must be something there for them to spend almost a year looking into it.

  9. 13


    Man, you are a master of twisting stuff around in your mind to find a way of portraying AU in a negative light. Now you are suggesting the FBI is involved due to tax evasion concerns????? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you realize how absolutely ridiculous you portray yourself. Let me give you a friendly tip… keep this stuff to yourself.


    Here’s the thing: Auburn has not received a LOI. Technically, they are not being investigated, although, clearly there is some form of preliminary investigation going on. I think this whole thing is raising an important issue about the whole process (or how painfully slow procedure the procedure is), and I think if anything DS just helped out Auburn. How long can the NCAA continue to “investigate” AU while not officially investigating them? If they have something on AU, which I honestly don’t think they do, it’s damn time to come out with it and give AU a LOI. My guess is that they don’t have anything, but given the high profile nature of this issue, they don’t want to miss anything and have someone provide a revelation a few months down the road. It’s their prerogative to leave it open because if anything were to surface, they can just say they never gave up. It’s no skin off their backs.

    I’m not going to make some bold claim and suggest I know one way or the other, but I would be very surprised if AU was to receive any kind of sanctions for Cam. Remember, the NCAA reinstated him and they have now rebuked claims by DS as vague and UNSUBSTANTIATED. Essentially, the NCAA would have to come out and say something like, “Although we cleared Cam to play, we now feel compelled to punish AU for playing Cam. Also, although we released a statement saying that DS’s claims were unsubstantiated, we are now on record of saying they are substantiated”. It just seems unlikely to me, but who knows in the backwards universe of college football?

    • 14


      They’re not going to reverse course from the re-instatement and admit they were wrong. The NCAA wanted this to go away at the time and they made it happen.

      The 10 minute suspension.

      What Auburn has to worry about is anything ELSE uncovered in the course of this “pre” investigation.

      Personally, I believe Sheridan. But the “bagman” has to squeal.

      I just don’t think that’s gonna happen.

    • 15

      Whatever lets you sleep when your head hits the pillow. It was about a year after the Means allegations before Bama got their LOI, and another couple of years before the punishment was handed down. It was about a year for UTs LOI as well. It is just my opinion. I think they have several things on Auburn, and they are taking their time putting together their case.

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    Conway Twitter

    I must say that Danny knows something, but won’t say it for some reason. I know that look on his face, I wrote a song about it….. “I see the want to in your eyes.

  11. 17

    “Personally, I believe Sheridan. But the “bagman” has to squeal.”

    It’s the Witness that has to come forward. I believe Sheridan said this witness feared repercussions from the Fambly.

  12. 18

    Crimsonite it pains me to know someone as ignorant and close minded as you actually dons crimson on gameday! You are a disgrace!

  13. 19

    Bobby u seem to know way to much about cum guzzling and donkeys! Have you been to your mommas farm again?

  14. 20

    IKnow, go phuck yourself – again, and leave your baby sister alone. FYI, you’re the born again dumbazz – still trying to rationalize everything away from Barnshyt U. Even a 2 year old with dementia knows the FBI takes interest in all NCAA cases where the under table purchase of players is suspected to have taken place. That money which can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars never has taxes paid and always results in tax evasion charges. Also, if evidence comes to light that Scam was paid the NCAA damn sure will change their ruling. The original ruling was not done by the COI division and was based soley on evidence available at the time. They do not want it to go away, they want it settled. Just ask Cheezedick. His favorite NCAA representative told him so in no uncertain terms. Bwaa haww haww! Go phuck yourselves Barnturds. Your opinion of me holds no interest. You dick slurpers can dish it out, but you can’t take it when it’s thrown back on you. That’s my purpose here – to throw it back on you.

    • 21
      FBJ Lives

      Crimsonite, does that sorta make you the monkey in the cage at the zoo? Shytin in your hand then slinging it? And what doesnt sling off, you eat it? Kinda why it explains why you are a natural born shyt talker. 🙂

  15. 22

    Lol crimsonite you need new material! You’re comebacks have gotten as bad as your IQ!! Im gonna take up a collection and get u some awbarn gear that’s where you truly belong!

  16. 23

    Back in the ealry 90’s, Danny Sheridan also boasted of contacts within the NCAA when he proclaimed that the projected sanctions for the University of Alabama would amount to little more than a slap on the wrist.

  17. 24

    Nobody is saying that Sheridan is the Word of God. But what earthly reason would he have to make himself look like a fool and lose his credibility by saying something about Awburn that is unadulterated bullshyt. Answer that one Barnies. I believe he has been told something by someone on the inside and he believes it it valid. Now if the inside person is wrong that isn’t Sheridan’s fault. But I’m willing to bet at least a Coca Cola that he isn’t wro wro wro wrong. RTR!

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