NCAA plumber fixing leaks? NCAA wants visit with Danny Sheridan

The NCAA wants to speak to USA Today sports analyst Danny Sheridan, according to the Mobile newspaper. Sheridan reported on the radio that the NCAA believes it knows the bagman who allegedly paid quarterback Cam Newton to play football at Auburn. Sheridan declined to name the bagman during a segment on Paul Finebaum’s Radio Network.

However, Sheridan’s name continues to circulate in discussions of the Cam Newton/Auburn drama.

According to the Mobile Press-Register, “Sheridan was contacted through his attorney, Vince Kilborn, who said, ‘I can confirm that an NCAA representative called me Monday and asked to speak to my client about the whole Cam Newton matter.'”

So, why does the NCAA want to speak to Sheridan?

The answer is simple—it knows Sheridan’s information is correct, and it wants to plug the leak. If the NCAA thought Sheridan’s information was wrong, it would not want to speak with him.

It would ignore him; it would ignore him so that he would fade away.

See, the NCAA wants Sheridan to disappear from this discussion.

The NCAA has a long history warning of the dangers of sports gambling, and Sheridan analyzes sports and sets odds. (He doesn’t want to be called an oddsmaker.) The perception that someone in the organization is leaking information to anyone, but especially someone in Sheridan’s line of work does not sit well with the anti-sports gambling forces.

Thus, the NCAA wants to talk with Sheridan.

Sheridan won’t reveal his source.

But the NCAA wants him to shut up.