Trouble in the Fambly: Gene Chizik throws Clint Moseley under the bus

Why would a coach do this to a player?

Have you seen the video of Auburn quarterback Clint Moseley? You know, the one where he has to face the media to own up to his failure to win the starting job?

If you haven’t, you can see it here. But I have to warn you, it’s painful to watch.

Apparently, part of being in the Fambly is shoving a kid in front of microphones when he’s not thinking clearly, obviously at one of the lowest points in his life.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s the transcript:

Reporter 1: “Clint, obviously not what you wanted to hear today. Talk about your feelings.”

Clint Moseley: “Biggest disappointment in my life. Period.”

(deafening silence)

Reporter 2: “What did Chizik say to you?”

Clint Moseley: (pauses, fighting back tears) “They just felt Barrett (Trotter) gave us the chance of winning with his experience…cause he’s played. Said it came down to experience.”

Reporter 2: “Did you have a chance to talk to Barrett after that?”

Clint Moseley: “Nuh-uh”.

Reporter 2: “Is that going to be a tough conversation for you?”

Clint Mosesly: (again, long pause, fighting back tears) “Yep” (very quietly)

Reporter 1: “Are you surprised, did you expect it’d be different?”

Clint Moseley: (stuttering) “I shouldn’t answer that.”

If I were Moseley’s father I’d be ready to shove that cheesy gold chain Chizik wears down his throat.

How dare you subject a player to interviews before he is ready. And before all the Auburn apologists start regurgitating the Auburn party line (“He didn’t have to say all that”), if Chizik allowed Moseley to speak to the media at all, he in turn DID subject him to the media.

Nick Saban receives scores of criticism on a myriad of topics, some deserved. One of those is in the area of media relations.

But one thing Saban does right is protecting his players. It’s easier to walk into the vault at your nearest bank than it is to get behind the steel curtain in the Mal Moore Athletic Complex.

And you never see an interview of a Tide player who isn’t ready for the occasion. Preparing young men FOR EVERYTHING is what Nick Saban does.

What in the world is Gene Chizik doing? Is he making his plan up as he goes?

Now in fairness, Moseley may soon have his Kodi Burns moment, standing up in a team meeting, declaring his support for the starter. And if he does, you can expect the media of this state to lap it up like a stray dog drinking the last puddle of water.

But the issue here isn’t a young man with a very narrow scope of experience saying stupid things in the media (Biggest disappointment, Clint? Really? I bet there are plenty of folks after April 27 that’d trade places with you.)

The issue here is Gene “Dubose” Chizik.

Parents, do you really want to subject your son to playing for a doofus who lacks the capacity to think more clearly than he did by allowing this interview?

Afterall, what do we expect? Comparisons aren’t fair. One coach is a leader with a proven track record, 134 wins, and a legacy of leading young men into excellence at multiple programs, two of those to college football’s pinnacle.

The other is Gene Chizik, a Mike Dubose clone that doesn’t know what the heck he’s doing.

Instances like yesterday validate this clearly, and now that he doesn’t have a once-in-a-lifetime player to hide behind, it’ll be harder and harder to hide his ignorance.

But don’t take my word for it; just watch Chizik’s stupidity in motion…

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