UA Speaks regarding T-Town Menswear, and Bama laughs at AU again

For rival Alabama fans….ahem, Auburn….holding to the masturbatory fantasy involving Bama players and T-Town Menswear, the University of Alabama has spoken.

“Doh!” Your little fantasy just took a hit!

Late today Mike Ward, University of Alabama Associate Athletics Director for Compliance, released this statement, addressing recent inquiries regarding Mr. Tom Albetar of T-Town Menswear in Tuscaloosa:

“Our review of this matter was a part of our normal compliance program. We routinely look at all situations of potential concern. Based on our review of this matter, we concluded that Mr. Albetar was in compliance with NCAA regulations. It is not a violation for student-athletes to sign autographs and it is not a violation for a business to display photos, jerseys or other items depicting current student-athletes. We found no evidence that any student-athlete received any extra benefits.

Due to the concerns expressed in our letter to Mr. Albetar dated March 31, 2011, we disassociated him from our program. As we always do in matters of this nature, we discussed this matter with the SEC Office. Because we found no evidence of any NCAA violation, we did not self-report a violation. UA will continue to be proactive in all areas of compliance monitoring.”

Sorry to ruin your day, Auburn fans, but you’ll have to get back to facing the reality that the NCAA is on your ass right now like a butt hair.

And as hard as it is for you to understand…Alabama isn’t the source of your problems. You created them with a flamboyant history of cheating to keep up with Bama at all costs.

But back to the issue at hand, do you REALLY think the University of Alabama would set itself up for total annihilation in this situation by releasing a statement on July 26, 2011 if there were anything…ANYTHING…to the fantasy you have pleasured yourself to since last Friday?

Do you really believe a program walking the fine line of current probation would release a statement that they knew was untrue?!

I’ll answer for you, since UA actually speaking to the issue leaves you impotent from being able to sprint around your yards naked in typical hate-filled celebratory fashion.

THERE IS NO WAY in a deep purple hell UA compliance would release a statement like this if there were even a fraction of a smidgeon the allegations could be true.

So with that, we’ll wait on your next Dodge Charger…or in this case…T-Town Menswear story.

You followed a self-gratifying narcissistic goob in Clay Travis. And that smell hitting your nostrils is the B.S. now clinging to you that Clay Travis led you through.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban runs a program that is above reproach, as NCAA President and Saban’s close personal friend Mark Emmert understands.

So tonight we will laugh at you, just as we always have. But something tells me we aren’t alone.

That sound you hear? It’s the nation doing it as well.

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