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UA Speaks regarding T-Town Menswear, and Bama laughs at AU again

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For rival Alabama fans….ahem, Auburn….holding to the masturbatory fantasy involving Bama players and T-Town Menswear, the University of Alabama has spoken.

“Doh!” Your little fantasy just took a hit!

Late today Mike Ward, University of Alabama Associate Athletics Director for Compliance, released this statement, addressing recent inquiries regarding Mr. Tom Albetar of T-Town Menswear in Tuscaloosa:

“Our review of this matter was a part of our normal compliance program. We routinely look at all situations of potential concern. Based on our review of this matter, we concluded that Mr. Albetar was in compliance with NCAA regulations. It is not a violation for student-athletes to sign autographs and it is not a violation for a business to display photos, jerseys or other items depicting current student-athletes. We found no evidence that any student-athlete received any extra benefits.

Due to the concerns expressed in our letter to Mr. Albetar dated March 31, 2011, we disassociated him from our program. As we always do in matters of this nature, we discussed this matter with the SEC Office. Because we found no evidence of any NCAA violation, we did not self-report a violation. UA will continue to be proactive in all areas of compliance monitoring.”

Sorry to ruin your day, Auburn fans, but you’ll have to get back to facing the reality that the NCAA is on your ass right now like a butt hair.

And as hard as it is for you to understand…Alabama isn’t the source of your problems. You created them with a flamboyant history of cheating to keep up with Bama at all costs.

But back to the issue at hand, do you REALLY think the University of Alabama would set itself up for total annihilation in this situation by releasing a statement on July 26, 2011 if there were anything…ANYTHING…to the fantasy you have pleasured yourself to since last Friday?

Do you really believe a program walking the fine line of current probation would release a statement that they knew was untrue?!

I’ll answer for you, since UA actually speaking to the issue leaves you impotent from being able to sprint around your yards naked in typical hate-filled celebratory fashion.

THERE IS NO WAY in a deep purple hell UA compliance would release a statement like this if there were even a fraction of a smidgeon the allegations could be true.

So with that, we’ll wait on your next Dodge Charger…or in this case…T-Town Menswear story.

You followed a self-gratifying narcissistic goob in Clay Travis. And that smell hitting your nostrils is the B.S. now clinging to you that Clay Travis led you through.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban runs a program that is above reproach, as NCAA President and Saban’s close personal friend Mark Emmert understands.

So tonight we will laugh at you, just as we always have. But something tells me we aren’t alone.

That sound you hear? It’s the nation doing it as well.

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104 thoughts on “UA Speaks regarding T-Town Menswear, and Bama laughs at AU again”

  1. That is funny as he’ll. Coming from a bunch of stupid,ignorant fools at the Barn what do you exspect.

  2. Well, given UA is currently on probation and has been for the majority of the last 20 years, please excuse AU fans, Scarbinksy, and anyone else that doesn’t automatically fall in line and dismiss the story after the UA administration says it’s all good. Again, I truly hope that UA is clear because I enjoy the rivalry and don’t want it to be weakened. That said, I don’t think it looks good for UA right now. It seems pretty clear that the guy was a booster, which raises the question why so many players were regularly hanging out with him, signing autographs for him (which later showed up in his mall kiosk for sale), and going to dinner with him (all supported by photos). Also, is it really just coincidence that UA sent out the C&D letter on the same day the OSU stuff came out? It sure seems like they new about it and decided to do something to cover their butt when they realized OSU was about to get hammered. You better hope that the compliance department is correct, because UA will have some SERIOUS problems if they are wrong. Remember, they are on double secret probation with the NCAA.

    Keep in mind the NCAA’s last documented comments about UA: “Serial repeat offender.”
    “Abysmal infractions track record.”
    “An institution with an appalling and unprecedented recent infractions history.”
    “Extensive recent history of infractions cases … unmatched by any other member institution in the NCAA.”

    1. Sorry the news ruined your day, FYI. But don’t worry. One of your brethren is likely concocting something else as we speak.

      1. I’m on your side. ITK.
        But I gotta feelin’ the NCAA is gonna have to check this one out, just to be sure.
        Thing is, nobody will ever know, unless they find something.
        Which they won’t.
        But that won’t stop the barners from trying to keep this thing going.
        Basically because this is all they’ve got to hang their hats on.
        With only 7 returning starters, barners have no choice but to try to pull Bama down to their level any way they can.

    2. fyi i think you need to be worried about auburn instead of alabama.they have been cheating for the last 25 to 30 years. former players telling that they were payed to play extra money from getting to the quarterback,paying cam newton which every intelligent human being in the united states knows happened.where do you think cam got those expensive suits he was wearing.i will tell you somebody at auburn bought them for him. auburn fans are unbelievable.yes bama done things wrong and they payed dearly.but its ok if auburn breaks every rule in the book. just let them go.they are the most arrogant school in college.the ncaa told them they should set cam down. what did they do ?they played him anyway so just sit tight they are gonna clean your clocks before its over.ROLL TIDE!!

  3. I just hope Albetar is run out of Tuscaloosa on a rail.

    How does any supposed Alabama fan risk this knowing we’re (and what’s worse, he didn’t know or did and did this anyway???) on probation and walking a tightrope???

    And don’t think for two seconds there wasn’t risk.

    And I’m sorry, but this should have been reported. We send a “cease-and-desist”, disassociate Albetar but don’t pick up the phone and notify the NCAA as a precaution???

    This was playing with fire on two fronts. One of our players slips up once and……….. But compliance KNOWS the situation, ESPECIALLY after the textbook thing!

    Somebody in compliance needs to be given their walking papers………at the least.

    And Saban yapping about what’s “fair” for the players.

    Well, excuse me Coach, but it’s your players out there walking a line.

    What every happened to “above the appearance of impropriety”???


    1. It WAS reported, discussed with the SEC office. And nothing was there.

      If it’s ruined your day, I’m sorry. But UA can’t create wrongdoing that didn’t happen to make you feel better.

      And you also can’t publicly horsewhip a man (Albetar) that apparently did nothing wrong.

      Get over it, and move on to the next fantasy AU throws at Bama.

      1. In this case, UA felt strongly enough about its findings that it did not report them to the SEC or NCAA.

        As reported by

        Looks like you are in a fantasy world…again.

        1. What part of UA Associate Athletics Director for Compliance Mike Ward’s statement “We discussed this matter with the SEC Office” did you not understand?

          It’s you who has apparently found permanent residence in the world of fantasy. Pet your unicorn for me.

            1. Jon, those words about discussing it with the SEC came directly from the official statement issued by the University.

              If didn’t include it, chalk it up to their continued malfeasance in reporting.

              You can read it here, second paragraph:


              Or here, fourth paragraph:


              Or here, fourth paragraph:


              You know…from NATIONAL media outlets who actually do their jobs…

          1. Jon, don’t get your hopes up. The very same SEC office that went to bat for Cam is not investigating Bama either. That NCAA investigation into Auburn is really getting to you guys.

      2. the textbook thing had nothing to do with recruiting violations or anything else.BUT WAIT THAT IS AWFUL. BUT ITS OK TO PAY CAM NEWTON 180,000 DOLLARS .just sweep that under the rug. i dont think so .im sure the compliance department knows more than you.

    2. Fyi….really? U barners need to stop analyzing every little move Bama makes. Why r u so concerned with us. You need to be more concerned with ur OWN program and ur problems. Peace out….and RDT.

    3. Man that sheet kinda stung didn’t it Tigers? Or is it Eagles? Keep reaching for the stars guys, you’ll get it one day.

    4. FYI and FBJ:

      I HAVE TOLD BOTH OF YOU DA’S TIME AND TIME AGAIN THAT I’M HEARING AUBURN IS UP S-IT CREEK, BUT YET YOU’RE STILL FOCUSED ON BAMA. Listen, idiots, you’re not going to mess with a clean program under Saban. Gene Tressel is a lying scumbag who will soon be revealed for the charlatan he is!

    5. Barners….that sound you hear tapping at your front door is the sound of the death penalty. Deal with that.

      1. From…

        “It is not unprecedented for an NCAA institution to disassociate someone who it has not been determined to be a representative of the school’s athletic interests.

        “UA issued a cease-and-desist letter to Al Betar in December asking him to discontinue selling or distributing merchandise with the signatures of UA athletes. The letter noted that the sale or distribution of such items could jeopardize their eligibility. NCAA rules require that athletes, or their institutions acting on their behalf, take steps to stop such a practice if they are to remain eligible. Al Betar has also organized autograph sessions for UA players after the expiration of their NCAA eligibility, which is not a rules violation and is a common practice for high-profile players.”

        Dang I know that hurts. Maybe put some neosporin on it?

      2. auburn is doing just like tennesee did acusing somebody else to take the spotlight off them

    6. Read what ward said about the disassociation afan before you ask stupid questions! You can read? Can’t you?

    7. It’s called selective reading commonly linked to selective hearing. I have noticed Aubrun brethren , brotherhood, deacons whatever the god fearing plainsmen seem to call themselves are prone to do at times. They speak before thinking , jump before looking preferably on band wagons or what ever is popular at the moment. a good example would be the Capstone, they flock to this website and cling onto every word that is posted here because they know it’s true and they truly deep down are BAMA fans.
      The jealousy is so strong that it burns a hole deep in their souls . This causes

    8. I blacked out for a sec there guys. I had a vision of Richardson holding a Trophy up over his head while the team celebrated in the background.

    9. Alabama may say nothing happened but come on guys.
      Bama kicked the guy to the curb over SOMETHING!!
      I wear crimson colored glasses but this still smells like
      a rat. Hope for the best but if Alabama gets a notice
      from the KGB it would not surprise me. RTR

      1. Nancy, you’re making me tired. See my responses to Finebammer and Uncle Dick.

        And I’m sorry, anyone can type a screen name. Your history of Eeyore-like posts makes me wonder about your true allegiances.

      1. See my reply to Finebammer. It is not unprecedented for a collegiate institution to disassociate someone who has not committed a violation, but doesn’t represent that institution’s best interests.

        Sort of a “You haven’t done anything wrong….yet….and we don’t want to give you the chance” kind of thing.


        The risk is too high.

    10. This will fade away like the Calloway accusations did in a few days. But do you guys know what won’t be going away anytime soon? Yep, Auburns NCAA investigations. And they are REAL. Bama fans didn’t organize an effort to make them happen, but Auburns coaching staff sure did. It is a REAL dilemma for Auburn, and their only recourse is to try their very best to take Bama down with them. What a pathetic fanbase Auburn has.

      1. And sadly Brando, it’s not just their fans. It’s their entire organizational structure, from the wealthiest boosters to the sleaziest bagmen to their P.I.’s they hire to try to invent wrongdoing in T-Town.

        It’s pathetic. Auburn is just pathetic.

    11. I can’t believe there are that many retards out there. I don’t know how people that stupid ever learned to use a computer. Bama cannot afford to take chances. This business owner is not a retard. He does not live in a vaccumn. If he is as involved with Bama athletics as evidence seems to show, then he is damn well aware of how sensitive and tricky NCAA regulatios are. And yet he chose to involve half of Bama’s football team in a touch and go situation. Who knows what could happen down the line? It’s far too easy to phuckup with the NCAA. The man was willing to play it too close to the fire with Bama taking all the risk. It was prudent to disassociate him. He deserved it for being stupid. If anybody feels the need to question why Bama disassociated him, then you are stupid also. RTR!

    12. Nicket the Ewok Coach

      Clay Travis broke this story (a UT alum or fan) not AU. Your paranoid delusions about this being an AU issue is just that, paranoid delusions. Please direct your mullet anger at the right fanbase.

      1. Clay admitted, right off the bat, this come to light from Auburn fans flooding his e-mail, so this originated from Auburn message boards. Now y’all are getting organized in trying to bring Bama down with you guys, grasping at anything and everything. What a pathetic fanbase you guys have.

        Even when Bama compliance has handled the situation, reported it to the SEC months ago, some of you guys just are not going to let it go. Auburns troubles were not brought on by Bama fans. We are guilty of laughing and speculating on it. The fact that the NCAA is still all up in Auburn is making you guys really unstable and unrealistic.

        So, we have it right to blame Auburns fanbase for trying to create an issue with Bama. It is in every Auburn fans heart to hate Bama, and they only person they can get to listen is a Finebaum wannabe like Clay Travis.

    13. The only mullet on here Ecock The Peesock is YOU! Clay is nothing more than a sensationalist Whore with a disreputable radio spot. The story is 100% Barnshyt Bullshyt directly from you sick motherphuckers hemorroidal azzholes. So STFU dipshyt. RTR!

    14. Just read the Tide Sports artical. Fantastic! Awesome! If anyone can read and understand the English language then there shold be NO questions left to ask. That artical addressed everything clearly. The issue shoul now be filed in cabinet #13. Besides if Greg McElroy says it then it has to be true. He’s the QB that should be the son of a preacherman, unlike a certain school’s son of a flim flan man. Bwaa haww haww! Canyou just envision all the Barnturd wetdreams that were destroyed this morning? I’ll bet Indiana Volunqueer has already slashed his wrists. Hope hope hope! RTR!

    15. What’s up crimsonite! I see clay Travis stayed up all night, trying to make a few extra bucks

    16. Once again the Captone displays hypocrisy.

      UAT sent a letter telling this shopowner to quit selling the memorabilia. In order for the players to no be guilty, they would have to “not known” that the stuff was being sold.

      So how can you believe that none of these many players “knew” that the stuff was being sold, yet not believe that Cam didn’t know that his dad solicited MSU?

      The good news for UAT. Just like in the Cam Newton case, there is no evidence.

      You have spent months and months accusing Cam Newton of the very premise that you are willing to accept a logic leap without evidence, that you are now willing to dismiss. Time for y’all to shut up and quit showing your hypocrisy.

      1. No evidence in the Cam case. That’s funny. I guess the NCAA just loves them some Montgomery and Lee County, not to mention Arkansas, Louisiana and South Florida.

        I’m not sure where the HBO4 live, but they likely are fond of those places too. Just ’cause.

        You really need a proof reader, Hoopie.

      2. You can buy stuff signed by Dyer and other current players right now. So, is Auburn guilty too? By using your logic, they would be. There is no rule against a player signing autographs. No rules against buying suits. Look at all the pictures of Cam wearing suits… was he allowed to buy them? Or can we just go ahead and assume that Miss. St. is behind that too?

        No, this is all about assuming there was some sort of deal in place where the players signed stuff for suits. Barner logic and desperation to make this a story by Auburn fans that are foaming at the mouth is the driving force of it all. Maybe the NCAA will look into it, and more than likely will come to the same conclusion Alabama compliance did.

        Sheer desperation. Auburn fans, and the whole organizations hate for Bama is really showing its ugly head. Like I have said before, I would rather be dealing with Bamas issues than the ones Auburn is facing right now. It is not like this story is going to make Auburns problems go away. Y’all are just looking for something negative against Bama to celebrate, because it just kills y’all for us to be laughing and pointing at the serious trouble you guys are heading for.

    17. Dunno. I’m stuck on my cell phone today. Don’t have time to do a lot of research. He was probably up all night dodging Deputy’s who were trying to serve his azz. Some of that shyt he said was borderline liabelous. Bwaa haww haww! RTR!

    18. Phuckoff Hoopie. They didn’t know it was being sold because it wasn’t being sold you retarded bastard. It’s not being investigated either. CUM BUCKET is and has been for 10 months. ” The investigation is not over.” “We’ll tell you when it’s over.” You stupid motherphucker. What’s more yuo inbred retard it is not a violation for them to know the items were being sold provided they recieved no benifits and told the store to stop. Anyway, why am I explaining anything to you, you insignificant tit-turd fahg. Phuck off! RTR!

      1. EGGHEAD,

        Pot calling the kettle using “inbred retard”. “Inbred retard” describes YOU and most of the Bammer Moron Nation!


      So who exactly paid for the suit that Mark Ingram got from that very same menswear shop (see photos of being fitted) he wore to the heisman award ceremony , BEFORE he was finished playing for Bama in the bowl game? And the same day he signed a bunch of NEW memoriblia for the BOOSTER who runs the shop (see photos) who he had already signed, delivered and framed plenty of jerseys, gloves, etc for him the year before on multiple occasions? (see photos)

      I am betting $100 that Mark does not have the reciept, and another $100 that the Al Jezeer guy who owns the shop cant produce one with Mark’s credit card on it either.

      BAM! NCAA Violation #1, (of many to come)

      This is just getting started. Hold on! It should be a good time to watch it all unfold and pile up ontop of Nick’s head.

      Then he can go join Tressell in the unemployment line.


      1. Yet the NCAA investigation into Auburn keeps rolling along…and this story will be done, even if the NCAA comes a looking. They will see Bama compliance handled the situation by the rules. You all seem to forget that there is no rule stating players can’t sign autographs, and no rules state that players can’t buy suits. That is all these photos show. There will have to be some proof that the players received extra benefits, and Bama and the SEC has decided there is none. Let the NCAA check and see, and they will discover the same thing. But right now they are still busy looking into the very serious allegations of multiple pay-for-play at Auburn. That is the REAL investigation going on, and these attempts by Auburn fans to slam Bama are just funny to watch. Man, y’all are DESPERATE for something to happen to Bama right now.

        1. not one shred of evidence or even direct accusation of one thing Auburn did wrong in the recruitment of Cam.

          yet in this case, in just 1 week, there mananged to be hundrends of photos, videos and more directly linking these ACTIVE players to a BOOSTER who WILL have to answer to why these players were there signing so often, giving him their most valuable items (BCS Jerseys, gloves, etc) and getting expensive clothes in exchange.

          HE better have great records and detailed explainations ready>>>
          so better Bama and all the players.

          The NCAA will be calling. mark it down.

          1. You say there is no evidence. I don’t thin the NCAA has spent 10 months with Auburns anal probe without some kind of evidence. The investigation expanded over that time, so that doesn’t help your ‘no evidence’ claim either. 4 players admitting to be paid on TV… is that not considered evidence? Cams dad admitting to shopping Cam… still no evidence? You are just another cult member buying into the cult excuse.

      2. Neat.

        The photos in the link you gave us show players with zero eligibility left signing autographs.

        Quick, there’s an airplane flying overhead. Get a picture of that groundbreaking scene too.

        Oh, and there’s a picture of Mark Ingram buying a suit from the store extending his hand in the Heisman pose.

        You’re really breaking new ground there Capernicus.

        1. INGRAM was an active player when getting fitted for the suit. – Before the Heisman awards, and also Before the Bowl game he played in… nice try though.

          lets see him prove he paid for it.

          remember, with the NCAA you are GUILTY till you PROVE you are innocent.

      3. george you better be ready for the hammer that is about to fall on the barns head. you are completely dillusional

    20. Hoopie and Singleton:

      I’ve already told you guys countless times that I have sources that are waiting to spill the info about Auburn. I have also told you that Bama has done nothing wrong despite Auburn fans believing that black people aren’t allowed to have expensive clothes. Furthermore, the NCAA will not touch Saban’s program. The same cannot be said for that lying bastard Gene Tressell

      1. feel free to spill whatever you think you have on Auburn.
        no chance you have a single thing. not one. or you guys would not be able to control the erections it would give you all…. HA!

        as to black people having nice suits… they are certainly able to have nice suits, but black, white, yellow or brown if they are NCAA Athletes and they get those nice clothes from a BOOSTER at the school they are on scholarship from they HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM! and probably shoudl not be stupid enough to be photographed while getting it and signing autographs to pay for it.


    21. ITK ..just like with the clothes shop …there is no proof. Only incessant speculation based on rumor. The NCAA responds to rumors and plenty of them have been sent to the NCAA. This has been going on for many months with the NCAA and many national sports investigative folks taking their shots ….and no proof.

      Have you guys been spouting this stuff so long that you are now believing it to be fact?

      YIKES!!!! Someone sound the reality alarm.

      Of course …the clothes shop has only had the UAT “cursory” investigation. So you guys can have further investigations to look forward to.

      Do you really think that these players just love to “hang around” the clothes shop? The guy was selling the stuff. That’s why UAT sent the cease and disisst order. So…. do you really think that the players are so stoopid as to not know that the guy was selling the stuff? If they did …it is a violation. If not, then they are as stoopid a Cam for not knowing.

      Now which is it?

      1. And you know there is no proof how….? You won’t know until the investigation is over, and it is not over. Didn’t Chizik tell you? I would say 10 months is a long time to go without finding anything. And the investigation expanded as it went along, not a good sign either.

        But let’s see… 4 Auburn players admitted on national TV they were paid. Cams dad admitted that he shopped Cam around. Just that right there is enough proof to warrant an investigation. Who knows what else they have found since last October?

        And you are comparing Auburns issues with pictures of Bama players signing autographs, which is not against the rules? Are you saying that those players can’t buy suits? Bama compliance was swift to act on the Calloway allegations, and nothing come of it. And you were so sure. Bama compliance was all over this too. Lets see… who would have more credibility… Bama compliance, which sat out Dareus, the textbook players, and such right away, or dumbass Auburn homers with the internet trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill? Saban has an excellent reputation with Emmert, who hired him at LSU. Saban has never been in trouble for the things Auburn has been accused of. I would take the word of someone like Saban and his reputation over Mr. Travis, Jeff Lee, and cult members like you, Hoopty.

    22. Singleton:

      I’ve already told you that there is no proof. All Ingram has to say is, “I plead the Cam Newton defense, therefore, I did not know I should save my receipt.” oooh, believe me, some of us KNOW people who have dirt on Auburn. I’m having fun watching you guys sacrifice any integrity you might have had for that lying cocksucker Chizik and that white trash Auburn University. Now go back to phucking Robert Garrard’s mom

    23. Banned But Not Gone

      LMMFAO. You guys fired the first shot, and something tells me you are gonna wish you hadnt. Not over by a longshot. Finebaum was a good show today, maybe thats why Im such a Junkie. Nice try.

    24. Banned But Not Gone

      I really thought you had more testicles than than ITK. But then again, I always liked Cap better than you anyhow lmao

    25. Banned But Not Gone

      Lesson learned tho bro. I didnt do anything that wasnt done to me first, an you know that. ROLL TAHD

      1. Bring it on dude. After the NCAA gets through with you guys, all you will have left to do is sling mud at Bama. Ass-Whoopin Day 11-26 is going to have so much special meaning behind it this year, so keep on slinging cowsh!t cult member. That is all you got, cause you sure ain’t going to be competitive this year. You know it is coming FBJ.

        1. I will keep that in mind Brando. Hows it been going for you otherwise bro? I havent been able to speak to you in a while, as somebody here cant handle the heat., and takes the preschool way out….. I digress. I see Auburn winning 9 games, now I know you disagree. BTW, I have never seen you get out of hand like that before. cowsh!t? Whats wrong Brando? You sound worried. As you should be my friend.

          1. Nope, sorry. I am not worried at all. You see nine games? Well I guess it is good to stay positive with all the scandal, turmoil and investigations you guys are going through right now. I think you will be lucky to make a bowl game. That first loss is going to sting you guys so bad, and your guys won’t be coming from behind much this season. You will be giving up more points per game, and you just lost 80% of your scoring offense. Look for some embarrassing losses this season from Auburn. I see none of the SEC coaches are still not giving you guys much respect. Everyone thinks as much of Vandy as they do you guys. What a drop-off after winning it all last season!

    26. All of this about both schools is just getting ridiculous! I cant wait for football to start!! Ready to see some hittin’!

    27. Whats going on guys? Have had some trouble getting on here. Funny it happened after somebody used my screen name. ITK? Sorry, had a bit of a spaz spell there. Anywho, Im glad its cleared up. I would hate to know what I did to get banned was not allowed by anyone. That would spell COWARD. But I digress. Good to be back tho.

    28. Banned:

      Urban Meyer fired the first shot you phucking moron. However, as I have said before, some of us know or KNOW SOMEONE that has evidence of wrongdoing at the white trash Auburn University. Good luck on trying to bring down a Nick Saban program. LOL Moron

    29. Rc since you like to hide behind a screen name brother, unlike Bamatruth77, who actually had guts, take a look at this. You know, put a face behind the name. And my name is FinebaumJunkie bro. Hit me up on Facebook anytime, ill give ya all the info you need…..Lance Milstead
      Kudos for capstone report for lettin me back in. I love me some Finebaum. I guess you could call me a Junkie.
      a few seconds ago ·LikeUnlike · ·UnsubscribeSubscribe…..look my name up arsehole, ill be happy to make you feel at home.

    30. If this makes it easier for you, coward here ya go!/profile.php?id=100001746924251,


    32. FBJ,

      you’re a psychotic bastard, and there’s no way on God’s green Earth that I’m going to give you my personal information or address. However, i’d be more than happy to meet you behind the Jim’N Nicks on Hwy 31 in Hoover on Saturday
      night you phucking white trash Auburn scumbag. You don’t know who you’re dealing with but I’ll have some brothers nearby to make sure your puss azz doesn’t bring a tag team. See you there shyt for brains

      1. I know who im dealing with RC, and Im not impressed at all. Although, when you used all caps in that post above, I did kinda shake a little…..from laughing at you little boy.

    33. Damn, I leave the site for a few hours and everything goes straight to hell. What’s this banned unbanned shit? I never read FlatButtFlunky saying anything worse than Hoopie or Ewok or Garrard or Indiana.or some others. Oh well, the only thing that matters is the Barnturds are fishin’ and drawin’ at straws and gettin’ hardons lookin’ at Bama football players dressed in their suits. And all the while we’re sittin’ here laughin’ our azzes off. Nobody here is worried about autographs and suits. Oh by the way dumbazz the NCAA allows a stipen for proper clothes, travel, room and board for awards ceremonies like the Heisman just like they do for Bowl games. Seems like for the BCSNCG it was something like $1400. But you ignorant backwoods bastards wouldn’t know anything about that. All you’re interested in is having an orgasm thinking Bama’s gonna join you up shyt creek without a paddle. Bwaa haww haww. Dream on retards. Orgasms last 15 seconds, but Bama is FOREVER!!! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

      1. If only everybody felt the way you do Crimsonite. I dunno what I did to get banned, but all is well with me anyway. Good to see you again though. I have grown to like you over the past few weeks, and I think maybe its because you enjoy this as I do, and not take it personal. As for that stipen, does it allow for the signing and selling of jerseys and the like? Free dinners by store owners? Money money money. Bag man?

    34. It wouldn’t surprise me if FBJ is a fudge packer with all the references to the Bama players in their suits

      1. Im sure you would you gutless trash. I know and you know you aint gonna do a damn thing. Bring ya brothers dickhead, you can give each other reach arounds while im out gettin me some, well i dont have time to explain to you what those cute things with tits and azz are. Maybe one of your brothers is bi, and he can do it for me. Visit my Facebook page anytime, gutless. we can set something up there. And if anything comes of it, we will see who the fudge packer is, boy. Have a nice one.

    35. So much more to come. Please by all means pay me a visit to my Facebook page, unless you are content to hide behind a screen name.

    36. More than one way to skin a cat I tell ya lmao. Come here Rc, good boy. NOW SIT YA AZZ DOWN….. Good boy!

    37. FBJ

      I’m not visiting your WHITE TRASH profile on facebook. Saturday night, 7PM, Jim n Nicks, HWY 31, Hoover, AL you gutless cocksucker. My boys will be phucking your lady while I’m kicking your sorry azz. She’s probably not used to any dick over 2 inches

      1. You are really reaching for stuff RC. Your lack of game was evident to me the first time I saw you. My lady could kick your azz herself son. I know where Jim n Nicks is boy, but you wont be there. You are a trash talker that hides on a computer and lets your fingers do all your fightin. You challenged me to a fight behind a BBQ joint, even though you wont show. You threatend a rape of my girlfriend, even though you and your boys wont show. So since threatening violence and rape at me and a female friend of mine (which is obviously not enough to get you banned in here ahem) its a good thing you wont show. Because if I did boy, I promise you the last thing you would hear would be a bullet flying into that uncircumsized thing you call a head. Other than that, Im a peaceful guy. Take care RC.

    38. FBJ is jerking off to the Alabama football players taking pictures at T-Town Menswear. Gene Chizik has requested to suck him off

    39. The new FBJ is really ROBERT GARRARD. SAME M.O. “Come visit my facebook page” like some pussy. How’s Emily, Robert? Still putting her in bondage. Emily Garrard is a blow up doll

    40. Funny you should bring up Ball State. This year I’ll take Ball State and give you Awbie +7. Bwaa haww haww! ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

    41. I dunno RC. FBJ and Gerrard were posting at the same time back there when you and Gerrard were having your Emily war, and their posts were completely different. So anyway who got banned, FBJ or Gerrard? Haven’t seen Gerrard in a while.

    42. Garrard was still around last time I checked, but if Junkie did get deleted and this is him now, he decided to have a brand new persona with his new screen name. Something smells as fishy as his wife’s snatch, I’ll tell you that much!

      1. Oh RC, sticks and stones can break my bones, and you are still gutless. Im not Robert Garrard, or even Lewis Grizzard. You like to cuss people out and issue bogus fight threats. Good to see all that Bama class seepin out of you. Also, Im not married, so that fishy smell may be from your own flesh and blood, if you get my drift. I seem to upset you, my only question is how? I would like to know, as Im just getting started pissin you off.

    43. Oh FBJ:)

      I’m enjoying this. Obviously, I’m getting to you. I knew EXACTLY who I was dealing with too, you cumbucket. I’ll be there, 7:00 SATURDAY NIGHT. You don’t want to phuck with me. BRING IT!! BTW, YOU might NOT like the breaking news in a few weeks. SATURDAY NIGHT, 7:00 you white trash PUss

    44. BTW FBJ, the cumbucket, ONLY pussies bring guns to fist fights. The brothers will be there to make sure you fight clean

      1. RC, Lance is just a kid. Don’t let him get to you like that. It really isn’t worth it. Just take the high road, knowing Bama is in excellent shape for the future, and his team, well not so much. The uncertainty of the looming investigation results have got these guys desperate for something to happen to Bama. Let them have their fun, there won’t be much for them to cheer for except for negative things to happen at Bama. Besides, when that first stinging loss hits this season, they will all be gone from here.

      2. Who is the pussie then Rc? If I go to prison for one little bitch, then I’ll go for several. I value my freedom big boy.

    45. B’rando,

      thanks, but he’s not getting to me at all. Old or young, I’ll beat his sorry ass. he is a fine representation of Auburn University:)

    46. John Hampton if you’re still out there, you stated that your school is close by but you’ve only played Alabama 1 time a long time ago and we tied. Wrong! I just scanned Bama’s all time record twice and there is no team who we have ever played only once and tied. The closest in the deep south would be Howard who we tied once and beat the hell out of the other 2 or 3 times.

    47. FBJ,


      1. You will see me all the time big boy. Gettin to you am I? And by the way, tell those brothers of yours they are biatches too.

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