Auburn Fans: Finebaum is going to hell? Shane too?


Auburn fans have revealed their true selves—petty, self-righteous jerks who would consign their enemies to hell.

Thank God that he didn’t give the Key of St. Peter to these goons.

The latest example of everything wrong with college football and modern society unfolded in a blog post today and a call Friday night to the Paul Finebaum Radio Network.

Essentially, an infamous caller to Finebaum reveled in another regular caller’s illness. Shane from Centerpoint, who publishes a regular column in print and on the web and for a couple of years published his column here at the Capstone Report, has a serious illness. Instead of wishing well a person with lung cancer, the Finebaum caller expressed joy that Shane is suffering. It was pathetic. It was sad.

Now today an Auburn blog attacks anyone and everyone who dares speak ill of the God Thing™, How Would Jesus Cheat™ Auburn Tigers.

According to the blog naming the Ten Most Disgusting Figures in Sports we find out that Paul Finebaum should go to hell. According to the blog, “Paul Finebaum (Radio Host) – Was there ever any doubt? Any man who allows his callers to trash innocent college girls on national radio not only deserves to be number one, but probably has a reserve seat waiting in hell. He brings out the very worst in fandom and is a huge cancer on the game of college football. He’s almost single handedly turned the Iron Bowl into an English soccer match. Fortunately, many in the national media are taking notice.”

Right. Everything is Finebaum’s fault. It has nothing to do with childish behavior from drunken fans and a growing lack of individual accountability.

Maybe there is something else we can blame him for? Did Finebaum cause the housing bubble? His show included bank advertisements and mortgage broker ads at one time. Let’s just blame Finebaum for that too.

The blog goes on to attack the vast anti-Auburn conspiracy that ranges from Finebaum’s radio show to Fox Sports (I guess Rupert Murdoch hates Jesus too!) to the halls of the New York Times (we know Yankee liberals hate God.)

Forget that Thayer Evans and Pete Thamel have written nothing but the truth.

They suck. Jesus hates them because they don’t love Auburn.

Pot. Kettle.

Finebaum isn’t at fault for today’s rivalry. Fans are responsible.