Football briefing: Tuesday updates

The holiday weekend brought a few developments that were important for Alabama football fans.

The University of Alabama released a report on secondary violations in all of its sports. provides the details. The breakdown is thus: “16 violations in football… eight violations in women’s basketball and six in gymnastics. No other program had more than two violations cited.”

Of particular note is the number of text message violations that ran across many sports. This seems to explain why the SEC has requested a change in the NCAA’s text message policy among other suggested rule changes. Also, the SEC requested a change to the bump rule policy, and the Birmingham News reaction to the secondary report is the perfect reason why the conference and schools want change. See, the Birmingham News is upset over a bump violation at Alabama, but seems OK with Auburn and Cam Newton. Imagine my shock. Once again, Alabama fans should decline to do business with that newspaper until it reforms its editorial policy.

In other news, the former Alabama cheerleading coach who filed a federal sex discrimination suit against the University of Alabama and the Alabama Crimson Tide athletic department was arrested for “first-degree theft of property and using her position for personal gain,” according to the Tuscaloosa News.


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    I think that if you take all the charges and allegations out of the cheerleader Coach Case – it is troubling that her position or job – what the hell – can command that type of money. I maintain that the AD is living in some kind of fantasy world – where money is lavished on everybody – except the ones that make it happen.

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    She files a lawsuit in federal court against the University and within 24 hrs. she’s arrested.

    Coincidence I’m sure.

    Talk to Wimp Sanderson about not knowing your place at the Capstone.

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    A more likely scenario dumbunny is she was caught redhanded when she was released and as part of the conditions of her release she signed a waiver. She has now violated that waiver and is subject to criminal prosecution.

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    There’s a rumor floating around that Dee Hart tore his ACL today. Has anyone heard anything substantive?

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    This is classic. I’m curious what Brando will have to say, given his previous comment, “Look, the NCAA is investigating AUBURN and their RECRUITING PRACTICES. After committing (intentionally) secondary violations by the handful when Chizik arrived (Big Cat Weekend, Tiger Prowl and all the silly publicity stunts), the NCAA is seeing that Auburn is a rogue school, willing to push the edge of the rules to the point they will go past the line just a little.”

    So with at least 16 confirmed secondary violations (44 for the total athletic department), does that mean Bama is a “rogue school”, particularly since they are currently on probation?

    Let the Bama spin machine begin in 5… 4… 3… 2…

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    No FYI, just proves Bama is above board because they provide this information. Interesting how NOTHING EVER seems to happen down on the plains, ain’t it?

    The NCAA hates cover ups, and bitch slaps those who perpetrate. Get ready for a sore cheek in 5…4…3…2…

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    The lawsuit also argues that Alabama has “wrongfully threatened (Greenwell) with criminal prosecution for some undefined financial offense.”

    Nothing like a little definition.

    I’ll bet our old friend Daniel Moore can probably recommend representation.

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    Bama is certainly doing a good job controlling the negative news ..wait 2 years and quietly issue the info on a website. Instead Auburn releases it as it occurs, thus creating many negative news snippets.

    ..and you guys think that the Bham news is biased for Auburn? Bama takes 2 years to respond to a FOIA request and the Bham News isn’t making an issue of it in their “biased” papers. If they were “biased”, they would have been pounding you constantly for delaying the info release.

    Auburn needs to follow the Nick Saban model in this instance. Releasing the news of the incidents as they occur and then refusing to comment on them just gives fuel for forums like this place. That constant negative info opens the doot for internet bottom feeders like Brooks and Thayer Evans to then print speculative “articles”, which in turn feeds forums like this even more. It’s all a gigantic spinning up of …nothing.

    As far as NCAA coverups? Bama and Auburn have both “self-reported” the secondary violations to the NCAA timely. The first difference here is how each school responded to a FOIA request. The second difference is that a hoard of Bammers have constantly kept anything negative bout Auburn fluffed up to increase visibility. The third difference is that the internet bottom feeders haven’t shown up in Ttown to make up stories.

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    FYI, the allegations into Auburns infractions are a lot different than the ones at Bama. Most of the ones at Bama are minor and only require brushing up on the rule. Read them yourself and see. No mention of steet agents, coaches giving recruits iPhones and cash, limo rides, a weekend publicized for high profile recruits, etc. Bama has released their violations, but where is Auburn’s report?

    But once again, you are trying to compare apples and oranges. As you know, all schools commit certain secondary violations. Bama’s compliance department is on top of things, unlike Auburn, who has the NCAA looking around. The main one Bama was guilty of was text messages. The SEC is lobbying for a change in that rule now. Show me where Bamas secondary violations are like Auburns publicity stunts. SO yes, Auburn is a rogue school who has deliberately flaunted the rules, and now has several investigations to show for it. Bama does not. Once again, you miss the forest because of the trees.

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    Let’s make it simple Brando.
    Your comment was, “After committing (intentionally) secondary violations by the handful when Chizik arrived (Big Cat Weekend, Tiger Prowl and all the silly publicity stunts), the NCAA is seeing that Auburn is a rogue school…”
    YOU defined multiple secondary violations as evidence of a “rogue school”. That wasn’t my definition or any other Auburn posters. YOU provided that definition very clearly. Now that Bama released a statement indicating that the football program has committed 16 such violations, your definition is changing. You guys ask why Auburn fans visit and post on this site… well this is it for me. It is hilarious to watch you guys twist, contort, and backtrack to somehow portray yourselves as having some moral highground over Auburn. Let me spell it out again using basic logic.
    According to you (see above quote):
    If A (multiple secondary violations) then B (rogue school).
    Alabama = A, so they must be B.
    How in the world is that comparing apples to oranges???? I guess in Bama land, secondary violations are only meaningful when non-Alabama schools commit them. Of course, in Bama land, being on probation the last 17 of 20 years is also not meaningful because the probations are for silly reasons. The only reason that the Auburn secondary violations you cited are apples and the Bama violations are oranges, is that the Auburn supposed violations are unsubstantiated while the Bama violations are fact. I challenge you to provide any conclusive evidence that Auburn paid steet agents or gave recruits iPhones, cash, and limo rides. This is typical Bama strategy. When cornered in a moment of sheer hypocracy, start referencing internet chatter as though it is accepted facts.
    Finally, you ask where the Auburn report is? Well, perhaps AU didn’t withhold the information when asked by the media to disclose it (despite the FOIA),
    Good grief, only in the mind of an Bama fan can a statement that Bama made 40+ NCAA violations somehow implicate AU negatively.

  11. 12

    No FYI, you don’t understand. Sorry this has to be so confusing for poor little mind to comprehend. Did Bama have a Big Cat weekend? No. Did Bama offer limo rides? No. Did Bama do any silly publicity stunt? No. I simply offered a pattern of behavior that AUBURN did prior to having multiple NCAA investigations. It started with these blatant secondary violations.

    You are the one comparing what Auburn did to what Bama turned in. Not one thing on Bamas list will warrant an NCAA investigation, unlike the types of violations Auburn did. Do you get it now? I don’t see what is so hard to understand. What you call chatter, I call things that have been reported for anyone to read for themselves from newspaper articles easily found if you choose to see them. Have they been proven? Not yet, hence the NCAA investigations. You think Auburn is squeaky clean, I say there has been enough evidence reported that it warrants NCAA investigations. Looks like I am right, because that is what is happening. The NCAA are looking into the very things I wrote about. So you are still wrong.

    Only a desperate Auburn deflection expert like you would take Auburns troubles and try and make them look equal to something at Bama. Just like your Auburn math tries to make 2>13.

    Look, you are pretty dumb to come on a Bama site and try this twisting and misrepresenting the facts like you do. You never win an argument here. Plain and simple:

    AUBURN is under NCAA investigation, accused of a LOT of serious sh!t. Not based on gossip or ‘chatter’ as you think.


    Nothing in the past is going to change it. Twisting words around won’t either. Talking out of your ass again like you just did definitely don’t either. But keep trying if it makes you feel better!

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    yep bammer cheats

    Really this is old news and everyone in the sports world has become use to this type of news coming from turdville. Watching these gumps squirm day after day waiting on ANYTHING major to hit Auburn , But get nothing is very entertaining. According to every inbreed bammer here Auburn’s NC would have been stripped by now. According to every little toothless gump here the so called Newton , AND McGregor tapes would have been out by now and Auburn would be looking at the death penalty. So how do they cope with this you may ask? They bitch and whine and accuse REAL news sources of being Auburn homers.They tell you not to buy the Birmingham News , while they force feed “hannah-tize your profile” ad’s down your throat. Like the new format by the way, But no matter how you polish a turd its still a turd.

  13. 14

    Actually Brando …you are the stupid one. It is this simple.

    Auburn reported their secondary violations to the NCAA and the press as they occurred.

    Bama probably reported the violations to the NCAA as they occurred, but waited 2 years to report them to the public.

    Auburn doesn’t have any other violations to report. There is no proof therefore there is anything to report so how can we report anything?. There is a whole lot of speculation and ….oh yeah ……RC’s … “source”.

    Stop confusing speculation and your bias with reality and you will be a whole lot less stupid.

  14. 15

    That’s the thing, Hoopty, reality is the thing you guys don’t get. Bama is not in trouble. No investigations. They reported violations on text messaging and phone calls. Most were already public knowlege. All the questionable violations were handled accordingly, from Dareus’ suspension, and Jerrell Harris’ suspension. All was handled, cleared by the NCAA, before they actually played again. Unlike Auburn, who plays the questionable player, then sets him out at the end of the season.

    Every school turns in a certain amount of minor violations. If they didn’t, their compliance dept. sucks.

    Auburn is being investigated on several fronts, and it isn’t speculation. Cecil confirmed the NCAA was still looking into Cam. We already knew they have been looking into every aspect of Auburn recruiting. We know for a fact former Auburn recruits that are playing at other schools have been interviewed. Chaz Ramsey has been interviewed. It sure is taking a long time for them to look into to Auburn, but that is they way they work. The longer it takes, the more likely they have found guilt. Remember it was a year later when UT got their letter, and Auburn will get theirs too. Sorry it isn’t on your timeframe, but you will see.

    It is funny that you call it speculation and bias. Nothing I have said has been made up. It is coming from the sources. Cecil Newton. The kid in LAs coaches, grandmother, etc. Jay Jacobs. Chaz Ramsey. Terry Bowden. Pat Dye. Your corrupt boosters aren’t helping your image much either. You think there is so much innocence in all this crap, the NCAA with the rubber gloves on with their fists all the up in there, and you say we are just speculating and biased. Whatever dude. You are just naive and stupid.

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    Alabama Football News

    […] Football briefing: Tuesday updates | Capstone Report See, the Birmingham News is upset over a bump violation at Alabama but seems OK with Auburn and Cam Newton. Imagine my shock. Once again, Alabama fans should decline to do business with that newspaper until it reforms […]

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    Every school commits secondary infractions and does it intentionally knowing that by turning themselves in there will be no punishment. Bama reveals theirs for all the world to see. Wonder how many the Barnturds have commited and how many they would actually admit to having commited? As for the cheerleader coach – the stupid bitch bit the hand that fed her and now she will pay for it. I’ll guarantee if she had kept her mouth shut she would have escaped scott free with illegally siphoning money off of her camps. Now she not only has Bama on her azz, but she will probably have the IRS as well. The more technologically advanced we as a people become, the stupider some of us (you) get. RTR!

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