Football briefing: Tuesday updates

The holiday weekend brought a few developments that were important for Alabama football fans.

The University of Alabama released a report on secondary violations in all of its sports. provides the details. The breakdown is thus: “16 violations in football… eight violations in women’s basketball and six in gymnastics. No other program had more than two violations cited.”

Of particular note is the number of text message violations that ran across many sports. This seems to explain why the SEC has requested a change in the NCAA’s text message policy among other suggested rule changes. Also, the SEC requested a change to the bump rule policy, and the Birmingham News reaction to the secondary report is the perfect reason why the conference and schools want change. See, the Birmingham News is upset over a bump violation at Alabama, but seems OK with Auburn and Cam Newton. Imagine my shock. Once again, Alabama fans should decline to do business with that newspaper until it reforms its editorial policy.

In other news, the former Alabama cheerleading coach who filed a federal sex discrimination suit against the University of Alabama and the Alabama Crimson Tide athletic department was arrested for “first-degree theft of property and using her position for personal gain,” according to the Tuscaloosa News.