Cecil Newton’s non-denial denial?

The Charlotte Observer has an interview with Cecil Newton, father of Cam Newton. The most interesting part of the story was this line: “Asked whether he solicited money from Auburn, Newton said: ‘According to what the NCAA findings are, that’s what we’re going with.’”

Is that a non-denial denial?

What are the NCAA findings? Well, that gets more complicated when you consider this line of the story: “I don’t really want to go back and rehash that and speak along the lines of what I did or didn’t do, what was said, what should have been said. I really don’t even want to open that can of worms because the investigation, from what they say, is ongoing. I’ve been transparent throughout the whole process.”

Wait! What? The investigation continues?

But all these Auburn fans and beat hacks keep saying this is all over.

I’m confused. If this investigation isn’t over, then where are the local reporters working hard to investigate this story? Moreover, if the investigation continues then what has the NCAA found that warrants continued dedication of resources?

Newton’s comments pose a series of questions that illustrate how much remains to be uncovered in this matter. Also, did Newton confirm the FBI’s involvement in the case?

According to the report, “Cecil Newton would not say whether the FBI is still investigating.”

“I really don’t even want to put much into the suggestion of what might be federal or what might be this or that. I was cooperative with them. Nothing was hidden, and we’ve moved on,” he told the Charlotte Observer.


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    But wait, I thought it was Miss St. being looked into about Cam, not Auburn! I was told by several ‘reliable’ Auburn people here that the NCAA investigation of Cam was over as far as Auburn is concerned. What happened?

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    I’ve been saying all along that MY SOURCE told me how hot this investigation was. That’s OK, MORE verification for me

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    It’s the response of a smart man refusing to part-take in the clownishness that has taken over our media.

    He is absolutely right. There was an investigation by the NCAA and the NCAA came back with a finding. You folks in the media can read. Stop picking and choosing what you want to believe and and push based on your agenda.

    I can’t wait until Cam and his father get their revenge against the media.

    Sick of this garbage that is now being passed of as journalism. Desparately wanting a story..Not getting what you want so you put the blinders on and push the story anyway with false accusations and onesided lies. While ignoring anything that isn’t suiting your agenda.

    Good for Cam’s father. Keep your head up Cecil. There are schools out there violation NCAA rules and the media isn’t attacking them. They want blood from you and your son because you didn’t give them the real time Heisman Trophy scandal they wanted. Bunch of Bastards.

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    Capstone Report » AU holding the bag as Newtons sail on Says:
    July 1st, 2011 at 6:09 am
    […] As pointed out here, Cecil’s non-denial continues to leave the can of worms he said he wanted closed wide open. […]
    He’s not leaving a can of worms. Cecil didn’t commit a crime against the media. He doesn’t owe them anything. Whatever violation that was committed was investigated and concluded. They need to leave this kid and his father alone.

    What a bunch of arrogant bullies now occupying our media.

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    Joe D

    Breaking News:

    Auburn’s “war eagle” mascot has been discovered to have stolen a laptop, thrown it out the window to hide it from the police, cheated on two tests & was dismissed from his college. He then spent a cowardly year bullying the JuCo scene before literally selling his services to the highest SEC bidder.

    Coincidentally, as soon as the feathered felon committed to Auburn, his father was able to catch up on delinquent mortgage payments on his nest.

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    Sandra, the investigation is not over. Even your hero Cecil Newton admitted as much. And as for a crime, we should ask the FBI. Since they have investigated this case, it might be interesting to know what was found by the Mississippi Secretary of State investigators too.

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    Lmao kick sandras jungle fever having ass off of this site! Not only is she defending a thug ass freakin deacon! Shes also to Damn dumb to comprehend his own statements!

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