Cecil Newton’s non-denial denial?

The Charlotte Observer has an interview with Cecil Newton, father of Cam Newton. The most interesting part of the story was this line: “Asked whether he solicited money from Auburn, Newton said: ‘According to what the NCAA findings are, that’s what we’re going with.’”

Is that a non-denial denial?

What are the NCAA findings? Well, that gets more complicated when you consider this line of the story: “I don’t really want to go back and rehash that and speak along the lines of what I did or didn’t do, what was said, what should have been said. I really don’t even want to open that can of worms because the investigation, from what they say, is ongoing. I’ve been transparent throughout the whole process.”

Wait! What? The investigation continues?

But all these Auburn fans and beat hacks keep saying this is all over.

I’m confused. If this investigation isn’t over, then where are the local reporters working hard to investigate this story? Moreover, if the investigation continues then what has the NCAA found that warrants continued dedication of resources?

Newton’s comments pose a series of questions that illustrate how much remains to be uncovered in this matter. Also, did Newton confirm the FBI’s involvement in the case?

According to the report, “Cecil Newton would not say whether the FBI is still investigating.”

“I really don’t even want to put much into the suggestion of what might be federal or what might be this or that. I was cooperative with them. Nothing was hidden, and we’ve moved on,” he told the Charlotte Observer.