Camgate, HBO4 and now Hostessgate for Auburn?

REPORT: ‘Auburn has paid out $84,924.45 to student football recruiting hostesses and hosts since Oct. 2, 2009’

Everyone remember the problem that the University of Tennessee had with its HOstess program? (I recruits champions, you can thank me later…)

Not content to be outdone in questionable activities is Auburn and its football program. According to Sports By Brooks, “A recent financial audit by Sports by Brooks of payments made by Auburn University to student football recruiting hostesses since late 2009 revealed that the state-funded institution paid out tens of thousands of dollars to the student ‘Tigerettes’ charged with escorting football players during recruiting visits to the school.”

It should come as no shock to see Tennessee’s name linked with Auburn in a recruiting probe of South Florida. One must wonder if the use of hostesses has attracted the NCAA’s attention with Auburn the way it attracted attention at Tennessee.

If it hasn’t, perhaps today’s report will prompt the NCAA to broaden its already broad probe of Auburn and its recruiting practices.