Reconsidering Tommy Tuberville

Tommy Tuberville is not only a man of honor, but a great football coach. Fans throughout the SEC should reconsider his legacy. He remains one of the best gameday coaches in the history of the conference. He won big games against top level opponents like Florida on a consistent basis; Top 5 teams had reason to fear him. His 2004 SEC Western Division Champion and undefeated SEC Champion team that posted a 13-0 record was his best team. However, his best coaching effort was the 2006 year where he took a team facing many issues to the Cotton Bowl and ended the year with an 11-2 record.

Now Tuberville toils away in the Big XII. It is a different league, but in time Tuberville will cultivate a winner at Texas Tech. Sure, it will be tough to compete with the razzle dazzle of Mike Leach, but if anyone is up to the challenge it is Tuberville. He will build a foundation of sound defense while respecting his own players and his opponents.

However, Tuberville’s greatest asset to any football program is his personal integrity. In the last few years, it has become clear that integrity is what yields a real winner. Glory is fleeting, but many in the realm of college football will trade their souls for a victory. Tuberville’s faith guides him and helps build a program. His efforts at Ole Miss while the Rebels were on probation is a testament to his skills.

Tuberville has a real faith that animates who he is. In the annals of football he is a winner. He is a winner in the chronicle of life too—and that is much more important. It is time for everyone in the SEC to reconsider what truly is excellence.