A Source Exposed: John Stancil

Paul Finebaum is what he is. Some love his show, others hate it.

But one thing about his show is certain: It brings the freaks in this state into the light, exposing them for what they are. And yesterday’s show was no exception.

The show that gave us Charles from Reeltown, Tammy, and Al from Dadeville has now given us another treat. John from Russellville.

If you missed it, midway through the third hour of the program on Wednesday, Finebaum welcomed John Stancil into the studio as his guest.

Does that name sound familiar? Well, it should. Turns out, by his own on air admission, Stancil is the source for much of Jeffrey Lee’s bogus story about Alabama cheating in the recruitment of Brent Calloway.

Mr. Stancil, a satellite TV specialist, came on Finebaum’s show and came off like a hate-filled bumbling smalltown idiot. Before the interview was over, Finebaum had wadded the wannabe up and tossed him back into irrelevance.

If you have 20 minutes, and your stomach is rested, listen to the interview yourself here:
Part one: http://podcasting.fia.net/6960/4711719.mp3
Part two: http://podcasting.fia.net/6960/4711725.mp3

For a second, let’s revisit Jeffrey Lee’s “shot heard around the world” on WSPN radio. Here were his words that got this started:

“It’s not a booster, it’s not an alumni of [rival school] but it’s a guy who is very, very involved with the athletics department up there. He’s taken [accused recruit] to [school city] several times before.

“Allegations are out there that he has made cash payments to [accused recruit’s father].”

Uh-huh. Allegations are out there, eh Lee? Allegations from sources like this Auburn zealot with a burning hatred for Alabama? Allegations by a man who refers in private and online to Alabama head coach Nick Saban as “Little Hitler”?

The coward wouldn’t take callers, but simply came off like a boob for the masses to hear, doing Jeffrey Lee and Kevin Scarbinsky no favors (Stancil also claimed to be a source for Scarbinsky). If I were Kevin, my next column would be entitled “I don’t know who the heck John Stancil Is.”

Ready for more gold? Finebaum also identified Stancil as the source of the “white envelope” delivered to his studio a couple of years back. Remember that story, alleging wrongdoing in Gadsden by a Tide booster?

On this site we’ve had Aubies who held onto that “cheating in Gadsden” story like it was a life raft in shark infested waters. Something about Dodge Chargers to defensive backs or something or other.

Well Aubies, meet your author to that story: John Stancil!

Folks, it’s unbelievable. It’s incredible. But further, it’s unimaginable the irresponsibility of reporting in this state, when sources like this become the nucleus for “stories” put out there by people who are supposed to be journalists.

And we wonder why Nick Saban hates the media.

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  1. 2

    I am shocked that an Auburn supporter would hate on Bama like Stancil does. Surely he is the only Auburn supporter that is hateful toward Bama like that.

  2. 4

    I live in NW Alabama and know of this Stancil guy. If he is a source for these so called journalists, then that is a freaking joke. I will say this, there are a few attorneys that I know who have offered their services pro bono to Winston and Woodruff. Jeffrey, John, life is about to be bad for you two.

  3. 5

    Speaking of statues, Auburn is about to make some for their Heisman winners. I guess when the trees die, they can roll their statues. I mean, look at all the grief they have been giving us over statues, and now, since Auburn is doing it, it will be the greatest thing ever.

  4. 6

    And since Lowder is temporarily (maybe permanently) out of commission, there has been a power vacuum of corrupt boosters at Auburn. Stancil is just doing his part to fill the void.

  5. 7

    Does it really matter who the source is? We need to realize that something is just fishy here. If the info is credible but the source isnt, what does it matter? I just wish this would all go away but i fear that its only the begining.

  6. 8

    What’s *uburn going to do with the statue of $cam when he has to give back his Heisman Trophy? Maybe use it as a tackling dummy.

  7. 9

    RTRPride13, you’re like a drag queen.

    You want us to believe you’re a woman, er, a Bama fan, but everybody can tell that you’re not. Now take the wig off and shut the heck up.

  8. 10

    Auburn is being exposed. It’s obnoxious fans and supporters have reached a breaking point. These latest moves are out of sheer desperation. I think a majority of them really believe that all this is just something that Bama is doing to them, because everyone knows Bama is just so jealous of Auburn for winning a NC.

    Really, the truth is Auburn has brought this on themselves. They don’t need Bama’s help, they have done a fine job on their own. When will the outrage from the Auburn fanbase begin? Not one of you Auburn people here will remotely acknowledge the serious trouble Auburn is facing right now. If only one of the 4 NCAA investigations have any truth to it, it could hurt Auburn very badly for the future. Do you guys even care? Or is trying to smear 18 year old Bama recruits that turned down Auburn your top priority right now?

  9. 13

    RTRPRIDE13. Don’t troll like your a bama fan. If you are going to post on here man up and admit you are a barner. And what are the sources you are so worried a out.

  10. 14

    Maybe I’m wearing “Crimson Colored Glasses”, but I now worried at all. Should I be? As far as I can tell, Lee and Stancil has just given their 100th black eye this year. It is all blowing in their faces.

    Thank goodness for Auburn fans, otherwise the off-season would have been B-O-R-I-N-G….

  11. 15

    This is so funny. The fall of Auburn happened almost as fast Cam came and went. Now it looks like 30 years worth of cheating is going to come down on them all at once.

  12. 18
    C Hammah

    bama 1 au 2 – everybody knows for au to do anything vs bama – they have to cheat..lsu tiger sports analyst

  13. 19

    So Jon is the mysterious “white envelope” guy.
    I knew jon as a child through another Stancil that I went to school with.
    I …. well… damn…. fuck is he smoking crack?

  14. 20

    God D*mnit, the more I listen the more I realize they need to shut down the methlabs in Franklin County Alabama.

  15. 21

    Football & Basketball has been taken over by idiots on the field and idiots in the stands. How many commenters on this blog actually graduated from Alabama or Auburn? My guess is a small percentage.

    Time for these commenters to go back to NASCAR.

  16. 22

    I work in the Gadsden city school system, and many other school systems in this part of the state. The story about Dre Kirpatrick and J. Harris both getting Dodge Chargers on signing day was not made up by John Stancil, I know you would like that a LOT better..but that is patently untrue. The fact is, you can go to the highschool in question and ask ANY teacher, or student that was there at the time, PE coaches(many are still there), etc and all will tell you the same thing. It is a fact that those two showed up to school either on national signing day or right after, both driving brand new dodge chargers. That is no rumor or inuendo, that is what I was told by 4 seperate staff members(the whole staff and entire student body witnessed this event)…and it wasn’t because I asked, they were all too happy to tell just because they were so shocked by it. All anyone has to do, if they really want the truth, is go to that highschool, and ask any employee because the kids put on a show in the parking lot for EVERYONE to see that day.

    I don’t want either school to get into anymore trouble, but the facts here are overwhelming. I am not telling this story to try and get it re-publised (like so many bama homers love to do with anything anti AU or anti Cam), I am just telling it to make a point. It looks like bama wont’ have to worry about it anyway because so much time has passed and when I asked the same 4 employees if the NCAA had ever come to question them, they simply answered “no.”

    And just to point out the hypocrisy here, you morons are going after this Stancil character (who I don’t give a damn about) for doing the exact same thing that Scott “i swear I didn’t hit her” Moore has been trying to do for years. Not to mention Danny “I look like a corpse” Sheridan…come on! This guy is doing the EXACT same thing to Cam Newton and his family all over some info that “he doesn’t know if it’s true or not!” And the whole time, you have Finebaum toating the company line, all to happy to report ANY rumor linked to Auburn(that ridiculous Dyer rumor made it to air the same day it made it onto the internet-complete lies and fabrications, but F-baum has no integrity, why should he care) and all to happy to make sure that ANY rumor in relation to Bama (F-baum refuses to discuss the T-town Men’s Wearhouse story even though it is about 100 times as true as the Dyer lie) never sees the light of day. Look in the mirror, you bunch of simpletons.

    Here is what needs to happen, all of this sensationalized, wanna-be journalism needs to disapear and the days when a writer actually had to have 2 credible sources before they could go to print with anything need to make a comeback. I can see that most of these fools just eat it up, but the rest of us normal people are just SICK of it, FROM BOTH SIDES. All it does it create chaos, and negative pulicity for BOTH schools in the state of AL and that IS NOT a good thing. Do you people honestly believe that when a bama beat writer writes a piece about AU’s supposed cheating that anyone else in the REAL world (outside of this state) will take it seriously? Or vice versa with some AU beat writer? The answer is NO, no one takes it seriously, they see it for what it is and it is the modern version of the Hatfields and McCoys and it has become embarrassing on both sides. If a story is worth writing, then do the proper research, get the proper sources, take the time to make sure you have gotten the story right, and THEN and ONLY then go to print. There used to be some honor in that business(and there a few out there still doing it right)…..it is honorable no more.

    The only so called “evidence” that any of you Bams have that AU has cheated is that we have been doing very well. In your simple minds, that MUST mean that we are cheating….come on. There are STILL ZERO FACTS that suggest that AU did anything wrong, and NO, none of your crazy conspiracy theories count because NONE of them include ACTUAL EVIDENCE or proven facts…until you can get your brains into a world governed by reality and not your own ability to convince yourselves of anything, you will forever be a fanbase trapped on a sinking ship of fools.


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