A Source Exposed: John Stancil

Paul Finebaum is what he is. Some love his show, others hate it.

But one thing about his show is certain: It brings the freaks in this state into the light, exposing them for what they are. And yesterday’s show was no exception.

The show that gave us Charles from Reeltown, Tammy, and Al from Dadeville has now given us another treat. John from Russellville.

If you missed it, midway through the third hour of the program on Wednesday, Finebaum welcomed John Stancil into the studio as his guest.

Does that name sound familiar? Well, it should. Turns out, by his own on air admission, Stancil is the source for much of Jeffrey Lee’s bogus story about Alabama cheating in the recruitment of Brent Calloway.

Mr. Stancil, a satellite TV specialist, came on Finebaum’s show and came off like a hate-filled bumbling smalltown idiot. Before the interview was over, Finebaum had wadded the wannabe up and tossed him back into irrelevance.

If you have 20 minutes, and your stomach is rested, listen to the interview yourself here:
Part one: http://podcasting.fia.net/6960/4711719.mp3
Part two: http://podcasting.fia.net/6960/4711725.mp3

For a second, let’s revisit Jeffrey Lee’s “shot heard around the world” on WSPN radio. Here were his words that got this started:

“It’s not a booster, it’s not an alumni of [rival school] but it’s a guy who is very, very involved with the athletics department up there. He’s taken [accused recruit] to [school city] several times before.

“Allegations are out there that he has made cash payments to [accused recruit’s father].”

Uh-huh. Allegations are out there, eh Lee? Allegations from sources like this Auburn zealot with a burning hatred for Alabama? Allegations by a man who refers in private and online to Alabama head coach Nick Saban as “Little Hitler”?

The coward wouldn’t take callers, but simply came off like a boob for the masses to hear, doing Jeffrey Lee and Kevin Scarbinsky no favors (Stancil also claimed to be a source for Scarbinsky). If I were Kevin, my next column would be entitled “I don’t know who the heck John Stancil Is.”

Ready for more gold? Finebaum also identified Stancil as the source of the “white envelope” delivered to his studio a couple of years back. Remember that story, alleging wrongdoing in Gadsden by a Tide booster?

On this site we’ve had Aubies who held onto that “cheating in Gadsden” story like it was a life raft in shark infested waters. Something about Dodge Chargers to defensive backs or something or other.

Well Aubies, meet your author to that story: John Stancil!

Folks, it’s unbelievable. It’s incredible. But further, it’s unimaginable the irresponsibility of reporting in this state, when sources like this become the nucleus for “stories” put out there by people who are supposed to be journalists.

And we wonder why Nick Saban hates the media.

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