BREAKING: Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee was wrong

Big shock here. Auburn’s Jeffrey Lee was wrong on a multitude of allegations spread on radio and his website.

The details are available at

This is what REAL reporting looks like.

You know, where you contact people to see what really happened. Tidesports contacted Darren Woodruff, the auto dealership, the school parking lot monitor who happens to be the principal of the high school.

Lots of comments from people who would know. The comments from the school’s principal are especially insightful.

Will Rivals/Yahoo (ticker: YHOO) allow its name to be tarnished by continued association with and its publisher Jeffrey Lee? Does and Yahoo encourage such reckless reporting?


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  1. 1
    Uh Oh bammers

    Oh now calloway had the car on an “extended test drive” but while peaches is struggling to make house payments? Yeah ok!!! How the hell was this kids family going to purchase a car? Really? Its coming bammers and I hope you enjoy a dose of your own medicine.Burn bitches!!!!

  2. 2

    Wow, you Auburn fans are freaking liars.

    Calloway never had a car and never drove a car to school. The principal said that and so did the car dealer who said the car was on a test drive with a guy Jeffrey Lee and your ilk smeared on the Internet.

    You guys are liars. It is really disgusting.

  3. 3

    LOl yoi got the uh oh part, right! Uh oh meaning uh oh we(Awbarn)aint got s.h.i.t. Else to do but drum up fabricated crap because the entire nation knows how damn crooked our program really is! Its a typical little brother move! Little brother gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar so he says well big brother did it too!…..wake up barneys! even when yall are winners everyone knows that yall are still a bunch of losers!

  4. 4
    Uh Oh bammers

    Um yes he did have a car. You aint sweeping this one under the rug lil bammer boy. Numerous sources (real websites and real reporters.) has reported that the said car dealer admitted that Calloway did indeed have a car for a few days, But it was just an “extended test drive” and that Calloway returned it because the car was “too fast”. BULL SHYT!!!

  5. 5
    Uh Oh bammers

    bamatruth = oxymoron. Anyway if its just a little barner and a so called “fabricated story” then why in the world is the gump college investigating it?

  6. 6

    fill in the facts right son! Awbarn reporter and awbarn website! Like ive said 1000 times before barney! Yalls minds are made up so we really shouldnt confuse yall with facts! Yall dumb sum bitches lie so much that you believe uh our own bull s.h.i.t! Its sad actually and what is so bad is national media is bringing down the barn not shane not cecil hurt not cappy not itk….the national media! I still cant believ that the barn is so pathetic that they would relegate themselves to use a nobody like ol jeffy! LAWD LAWD LAWD YALL KEEP IT DOWN HOME CUZ!

  7. 7

    they have to u walking fuking void! Id u knew ahit about collegiate athletics its called compliance! Dude u need to go lay down before uou bust a blood vessel……what a moron!

  8. 8

    LOl awbarn self investigated t he newton allegations and are now investigating the fab four allegations so according to your logis awbarn is guilty to! Congrats barney the first step to recovery is admitting that u have a problem…..bravo!

  9. 9

    Ni**a please!! Dat car was pimped out!!I told my boy BC not to take dat shiznit back but he got skeered. Its aiight cuz my lil homey nick sez we will getz a betterone when the heat dies down a lil. Holla playa!

  10. 10

    “Its coming bammers!”

    Hey “uh oh”, have you noticed you are the only barner posting on this topic. The rest of them apparently have some logic to them. You, I’m afraid, are an idiot. Sorry to be the first to tell you, but acceptance if the first step toward coming to terms with it.

    Please don’t post here any more. I’m getting embarassed for you.

  11. 11

    BTW, I won’t be posting for awhile (I know its devastating to everyone).

    Too many barners, for my liking, and they all bring nothing to the table. I feel like I’m getting dumber by arguing with them people.

    So keep up with the good articles, ITK and others, I’ll continue to read. I’ll leave the posting to the ones with the intestinal fortitude to deal with the Barn shit.

    I’ll take comfort in knowing, that whatever happens, Bama will be kicking their ass at Pat Dye field, this November. I’m not big on predictions, but that is a no-brainer (like predicting the sun will come up tomorrow).

    With that….ROLL TIDE and a big WHORE EAGLE to my Auburn brethen!

  12. 12

    LMao peaches your barner ass aint even good at playin a nicca! Peace out bitches yall geta clue ill be back when you are worthy of conversation! Oh damn that means never! Disregard last statement!

  13. 13

    Please people you cant jump to conclusions. Every Football player is required to show proof the vehicle is owned by him or a family member. This information is gathered by staff members at each university. Also just because a player is on athletic scholarship does not mean he cant also qualify for a Federal Pell Grant which can be used to lease or purchase a vehicle. Good day.

  14. 14

    Since his mortgage was paid off 15 years ago, why would he need to make payments. You barners should check your facts before defaming this kid.

  15. 16

    wow talk about a turn around a few weeks ago this was auburn getting trashed by alabama for a story with obvious holes in it now i guess this is gettin a little too serious

  16. 17


    Holes in the story last week? What are you saying the HBO Four were telling lies?

    Surely, members of the Auburn Family would not lie!

    They are all like about Jesus and stuff and living for God Things.

    Jeffrey Lee was wrong. Deal with it. He was reckless and negligent in his reporting.

  17. 18

    bamatruth = oxymoron. Anyway if its just a little barner and a so called “fabricated story” then why in the world is the gump college investigating it?

    Because you freaking dumbass, that’s what the Compliance Dept. does. Unless they are like the cow college and get a case of lockjaw and say “no comment”. That’s what makes you look guilty, dumbass.

  18. 19

    bamagirl10 is an Oxymoron herself. Look not so bright, any allegation made has to be investigated. What planet are you from? “Why is it being investigated” Use all of your brain cells. All two of them.

  19. 21

    The bottom line is Jeff Lee should be sued for the amount if time and money spent. Making stories up is called lying and Jeff apparently though out life has told some whoopers. Facts need to be presented not allegations. Allegations equal LAW SUIT.

  20. 22

    Jeff Lee good luck in the future with people believing you and getting it right. Making allegations is your suit errr law suit. You have to have proof and that is called evidence scooter.

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