NIT Preview: Alabama-Wichita State

VIDEO: Brad Radice takes a look at the NIT Championship Game between Alabama & Wichita State
The report includes video of Alabama Crimson Tide coach Anthony Grant talking about facing an unfamiliar opponent.

So what is the storyline for this game? Cecil Hurt provides that answer:
“This isn’t just a game for Wichita State – it’s a mission. A big-school versus small-school mission, to be exact. No story plays out more often in athletics than David vs. Goliath, a sure-fire winner since the days of, well, David and Goliath. It served the Shockers well en route to the championship game, as they blew out ‘big-conference’ names like Nebraska, Virginia Tech and Washington State. And if you are going to look at things in those terms, there is no bigger name than Alabama.”