NIT Preview: Alabama-Wichita State

VIDEO: Brad Radice takes a look at the NIT Championship Game between Alabama & Wichita State
The report includes video of Alabama Crimson Tide coach Anthony Grant talking about facing an unfamiliar opponent.

So what is the storyline for this game? Cecil Hurt provides that answer:
“This isn’t just a game for Wichita State – it’s a mission. A big-school versus small-school mission, to be exact. No story plays out more often in athletics than David vs. Goliath, a sure-fire winner since the days of, well, David and Goliath. It served the Shockers well en route to the championship game, as they blew out ‘big-conference’ names like Nebraska, Virginia Tech and Washington State. And if you are going to look at things in those terms, there is no bigger name than Alabama.”


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    No doubt the Shockers have a fine team. They have been known to come up with great teams from time to time. A few years back they were one of the premier baseball programs in the country and no one wanted to draw them in a tournament, not Texas or Miami, or Arizona St., or Oklahoma St. or any of the other powers of that time. And a total 5 point losses to final 4 VCU and Connecticut is impressive – almost as impressive as Alabama’s ‘VICTORY’ over final 4 Kentucky. One other note in that respect is that they only beat LSU by 1 point. We had another opponent in the NIT who also beat LSU by 9 points and how did that turn out for them? WS worries me. It will be a good game. Gut check time. Wear some good thick jeans if you’re gonna watch the game cause there will be a$$ sucking seat covers. As luck would have it I’m in NYC today. A little later I’ll head on down to the Garden and see if I can score a ticket. RTR!

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    Indiana Vol


    You are too stupid to know how to navigate NYC. Have fun in your trailer in Bammer watching the game on your pirated Dish Network.

  3. 3

    Vol, where is your team? You don’t get jealous of Bama much, do you? Wipe the drool off your chin and get some medication for your Bama envy. It will be okay, boy. It’s just a game.

  4. 4

    Hey Vol! You do know that NYC is Northeast of UThug about 725 miles don’t you? Nope, didn’t think so! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  5. 7

    Roll Tide! I’m so anxious for the game tonight! The Vile is so
    obsessed with the Crimson Tide, he’s adding to the fun!

  6. 10

    You think you were snubbed? We won the SEC West. We beat Kentucky. We also beat the ever lovin $hit out of LSU twice and once in Baton Rouge whereas you snuck by them by 1 point on a neutral court. No, you won’t win tonight, and it has nothing to do with recognition. Has to do with the best teams and our coach not only has us here but also has his ex-team in the final four. Your only hope is that the officials don’t let everybody play rough. Cause our two best reserves are injured and can’t play and we can’t afford to lose a starter to foul trouble. But congrats for getting here. Now bye-bye! RTR!

  7. 12
    Indiana Vol


    Hope you enjoyed the Shockers win last night; TOO BAD.

    BTW, the Vols have an NIT trophy!!

  8. 13

    Hey at least they made it that far. I didn’t see UT or Auburn do much of anything in bball. Grant seems to be taking Bama up in basketball from where they were, the future has better things in store for Bama. And it looks like UT and Auburn are going the other direction. Too bad Dicket and Idiot are too stupid to face the facts. They clearly show their jealousy of Bama in each post.

  9. 14
    Indiana Vol

    “And it looks like UT and Auburn are going the other direction.”


    I would not bet on that with Cuonzo Martin as the Vols coach!!

  10. 15

    Bamas basketball program isn’t under NCAA scrutiny Vol. You big dummy. Auburn and UT are the ones getting the full body cavity search right now.

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    Wichita St did an excellent job of mirroring Bama’s type of game. They took away the inside which is our strength and we went cold from the outside for the first time in the tournament. However, that wasn’t the main reason we lost. In spite of all that, we still led for 30 of 40 minutes. We lost because of attrition. WSU has 10 starters and all 10 of them scored. We had our 2 best reserves injured and not dressed which left us with only 9 players on the team and all 4 reserves are freshmen. There was no way we could maintain our up tempo game at full efficiency for 40 minutes against a constant barrage of fresh star quality athletes who started hitting every 3 pointer they threw up in the last 10 minutes. WSU has a fine team. Hat’s off to them. We’ll catch em next year in the Dance. RTR!

  12. 18
    Indiana Vol

    mythical13and counting;

    “Who is Cuonzo Martin? And can a Vols fan actually pronounce his first name ?”

    His name is pronounced “Con zo”. Get used to the name since he and the Vols will continue to own Bammer’s laughable BB program!

  13. 20

    CON zo? Bwaa Haww Haww! Can’t believe the Vile actually was stupid enough to post that on this board. Boy, he just can’t get enough a$$ stomping can he? Da boy is a grade A masochist! RTR!

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