Williams complaint casts more dark clouds?

Now that Cam Newton is signing Under Armor deals and flashing his toothy smile for NFL representatives, the coast is clear in Lee County, right?

Maybe not.

Word has broken recently about Lindsey Smart’s complaint against Pinnacle Preps, LLC and Walt Williams, filed on February 12th in Washington County (Arkansas) Circuit Court, and it’s not doing him nor anyone he’s been involved with any favors.

The complaint paints Williams through his company as a “representative” of high school athletes, illegal by NCAA bylaw 12.3.3.

12.3.3 Athletics Scholarship Agent. Any individual, agency or organization that represents a prospective student-athlete for compensation in placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of financial aid shall be considered an agent or organization marketing the individual’s athletics ability or reputation.

However, it’s not as though this depiction was needed. On the Pinnacle Preps website you can see this in black and white and make your own determination:

Pinnacle Preps, LLC services include (for compensation) the creation of marketing efforts to get a player noticed and recruited. If this is determined to be an illegal practice, there could be dire consequences. Or is it Dyer?

Williams’ name first surfaced in the recruitment of Cam Newton, but has also been thought to be involved in the recruitment of several high profile players from the state of Arkansas and surrounding region.

Last week the NCAA set up camp in Thibodaux, LA looking into the recruitment of Greg Robinson and Trevon Reed.

One only has to look at their school’s roster and determine what other high profile players they’ve taken from Arkansas to make a determination if there is cause for concern.

Walt Williams played for Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn at Shiloh Christian (in Arkansas), and still has a relationship with him.

IF the allegations in the complaint filed by Lindsey Smart are true…and that’s why we have a legal system…any amateur athlete “represented” by Mr. Williams may have placed their eligibility in jeopardy, and the schools that welcomed them may face tough accountability from the NCAA for lacking the institutional control to know and abide by the rules.

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