Williams complaint casts more dark clouds?

Now that Cam Newton is signing Under Armor deals and flashing his toothy smile for NFL representatives, the coast is clear in Lee County, right?

Maybe not.

Word has broken recently about Lindsey Smart’s complaint against Pinnacle Preps, LLC and Walt Williams, filed on February 12th in Washington County (Arkansas) Circuit Court, and it’s not doing him nor anyone he’s been involved with any favors.

The complaint paints Williams through his company as a “representative” of high school athletes, illegal by NCAA bylaw 12.3.3.

12.3.3 Athletics Scholarship Agent. Any individual, agency or organization that represents a prospective student-athlete for compensation in placing the prospective student-athlete in a collegiate institution as a recipient of financial aid shall be considered an agent or organization marketing the individual’s athletics ability or reputation.

However, it’s not as though this depiction was needed. On the Pinnacle Preps website you can see this in black and white and make your own determination:

Pinnacle Preps, LLC services include (for compensation) the creation of marketing efforts to get a player noticed and recruited. If this is determined to be an illegal practice, there could be dire consequences. Or is it Dyer?

Williams’ name first surfaced in the recruitment of Cam Newton, but has also been thought to be involved in the recruitment of several high profile players from the state of Arkansas and surrounding region.

Last week the NCAA set up camp in Thibodaux, LA looking into the recruitment of Greg Robinson and Trevon Reed.

One only has to look at their school’s roster and determine what other high profile players they’ve taken from Arkansas to make a determination if there is cause for concern.

Walt Williams played for Auburn offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn at Shiloh Christian (in Arkansas), and still has a relationship with him.

IF the allegations in the complaint filed by Lindsey Smart are true…and that’s why we have a legal system…any amateur athlete “represented” by Mr. Williams may have placed their eligibility in jeopardy, and the schools that welcomed them may face tough accountability from the NCAA for lacking the institutional control to know and abide by the rules.

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  1. 2

    As Billy Joel sang, “We didn’t start the fire…” The story didn’t originate here.

    But speaking of haunting, may want to get a picture of those trophies when you can…

  2. 4

    And you should change your screen name to “I can’t stay away from Bama blogs because I’m Aubsessed with Alabama.” Here’s the acronym: ICSAFBBBIAWA

  3. 5
    John In Huntsville

    Obsessed? Then it seems there are a lot of national media types that are “obsessed” with this story.

    Or maybe, just maybe, AU is about to get hammered by the NCAA for cheating their asses off.

    Just sayin’.

  4. 7

    Jealous?Are you for real? I don’t think there’s anyone, anywhere who is jealous of Auburn. Jealous of what? 2 tainted NC’s* in 118 years? You’re 8th in the SEC in NC’s*! Jealous of no Southern conference championships and only about a half dozen SEC championships? jealous of a losing record against Alabama? Jealous of only playing for 1 NC* in 57 years? Jealous for needing all the luck in the Universe to escape the Iron Bowl with a 1 point win? Jealous that you needed more luck, dirty plays, bad calls and cheating players to barely escape Oregon who’s defense sucked almost as bad as yours? I’m sorry, could you please explain to me what we’re supposed to be jealous of so that I can comply? ITK is reporting national news, dumba$$. News relevant to the State of Alabama and to the football fans olf all schools in Alabama. Lord help us if it was Alabama under the NCAA gun. The phucking Barnturd blogs, forums and al.com would light up like a Cruise Missile night over Baghdad! You’re the one AUbsessesd, Troll! RTR!

  5. 8

    ESPN is talking about this Durron Neal who was offered his “dream opportunity” To play for a “dream school” at Bama. Is he to use the scholly held for Clowney or is he 2012? Hurt hasn’t reported anything yet. Tell you what, if we have an extra scholly, it should be given to Will Lowrey. Man, whata walkon. Starting several games, the nickle back all year, replacing injured Barron and calling the secondary defense in the Cap 1 Bowl. That man deserves a scholly. RTR!

  6. 9

    And the Auburn obsession continues. On the Thibodeaux situation, Lorio has backed WAY off of his slanderous accusations made previously. He mouthed off because two of his recruits decided to leave his LSU pipeline to go out of state to play football. Wow, that NEVER happens ANYWHERE, right? Looks like Lorio was told by his LSU masters to back off, because the NCAA is more likely to start looking into him. And why was Lorio forced to resign from his coaching job a few months ago, anyway?

    The Pinnacle Preps thing is yet another non-story. Every college recruiting office gets promotional pieces about players. Yes, that includes UAT. So yes, your precious recruits are involved as well. If not with Pinnacle, then some other “marketing” firm. As long as college football remains big business, there will be people out there trying to make money off of it. The NCAA has to continually police this stuff, and so do the schools.

    ITK, you are a man obsessed. You are so heartbroken that Auburn squashed UAT’s glory this year that you can’t think about anything but trying to find something — ANYTHING — that will indict Auburn. You are the ultimate sore loser.

  7. 10

    Hey BeSerious:

    The NCAA don’t spend time and money investigating a school UNLESS there’s a reason to. And there’s PLENTY of reasons for this investigation into Auburn.

  8. 13

    Apparently you,re just the typical brain dead troll who reads the last post and runs his phucking mouth in ignorance. If you had bothered to read three posts back you would have seen that your bull$hit oppinion of ITK had already been addressed with fact. The fact being that anything you read on here about you Barnturds pales in comparison to what you would read on every piece of $hit Barnturd blog in existance if the shoe was on the other foot. To dare come on here and call us obsessed is the highest height of hipocrasy. Go back to buggering your sister Barnfarter. RTR!

  9. 14

    I just had a nightmare again, Alabama blew a 24 pt halftime lead and Auburn won a national championship-WAIT THAT WAS REALITY

    All of you need to except that Bama is the little brother now, Chizik owns us and I am going to cry under my Bear Blanket tonight.

  10. 17

    Yes if you are still living in the 1950’s? Sir do you know who won the Iron Bowl/National Championship this year.

    Sit boy, stay… goood boy

  11. 19
    cimson updyke hammah



  12. 20
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Do you need a Wambulance? Losers with a capital L. How about those high schools Nicky has been paying offs with field updates and locker room/weight room mods? Oh it’s ok, it’s legal cause it is Nick Saban. I know an Alabama Alum who hates Nick Saban cause he wouldn’t sign a football for auction to help out a child with hospital bills from leukemia. What a freakin winner coach you have…

    You all suck and you deserve that little hateful midget.

  13. 21
    cimson updyke hammah

    that is a bs story

    sop = fix up facilities at bowl games but since au never goes to a bowl – u get a pass

  14. 22
    cimson updyke hammah

    hey tigers hey tigers we just poisoned the hell out of u yellow hammer rammer jammer give’m poison alabama

  15. 23

    how many investigations and players for Auburn is it now? I have lost count. It is just a matter of time. Auburn fans want to wish it away, and would rather just rally around some dying trees than to even remotely acknowledge the smoke billowing out from the football program. Just a few years ago, the were all in a panic about Nick Saban, and accusing Bama of buying escalades and such. But this is real, the NCAA is on the hunt, and Auburn is in the cross hairs. And they are not going to stop until they find something. It is not going away, but rather expanding by the week.

  16. 25
    cecil hurt

    Ow… so butt hurt. Ow, must blog about auburn non story so I can sleep better at night… ow I’m going to misspell cuss words just so my post isn’t deleted, but I’m gonna use those cuss words anyway to show the internet what a bad arse i am…

    So much hurt in my rectum, must reply to every auburn poster who posts here, but I don’t care about auburn, its them who cares about me….

    Auburn will get the hammer! Auburn can’t possibly be owning our sorry behinds! There’s no place like home
    There’s no place like home
    There’s no place like home

    Oh please make it stop

  17. 28

    Go ahead, ya’ll have fun now. Laugh it up. Push that NC* and Iron Bowl victory* for all they’re worth. Yup, you whupped us. Whupped us real good. Too bad the whole world knows it was tainted. To bad it’s the last time you’ll do in your lifetimes. And if I were you I’d take real good pictures of every trophy you recieved last year, cause it won’t be long before the repo man comes a calling. RTR!

  18. 29
    Roll Tide Roll says my walmart shirt!

    I hate Auburn that is why I constantly write articles about Auburn football!!!1 Auburn sucks!! I spend my whole day thinking about why Auburn sucks!!!!! Write more Auburn articles to feed my need to read and hate on Auburn!!! Auburn sucks!!1 they cheated that is why we blew a 24 point lead at home on national tv because there is no way Nick Saban could ever lose a game! Auburn cheated!!! Auburn sucks!!! Take a picture of the trophy because ITK knows everything!!! Auburn sucks!! Sure they beat Oregon but it wasn’t as good as our magical win over a second string quarterback in last years game!!! Their title is tainted which means Auburn fans shouldn’t be proud of it at all!! As a matter of fact just take back all your national championship gear because it is tainted!!!! Sure we could have beat yall and kept this whole national championship away but we didn’t so it is tainted and Auburn sucks!!! Roll Tide!!!!

  19. 30

    Okay, so maybe we bent aome rules.
    Never mind that!
    Our trees our dying!!!
    What about the trees. Our traditionn!!!
    Shouldnt everyone be more concerned with our trees!!!!AL.com is!!!
    Trackem Tigers is!!
    All of the relevant news sources are more concerned with the trees!
    Why cant the Capstone Report be!?!

  20. 31
    Nicket the Ewok Coach

    Because they poisoned the trees, thats why. What I think is funny is AU has got your Student Council President and some idiotic Bama alumni raising money for our trees. Cha-ching.

    AU will make lemonades from lemons and maybe squeeze a little Mullet juice in their to boot. You guys are losers and now are suckers too.

    We will squash you dynasty team again, this time at JH East. Squeeze on that, biotches.

  21. 32

    If the dumba$$es in the SGA plant phucking trees on the Alabama campus in memory of the phucking trees at Barnturd U., I will personally poison them myself or pull them up and make a goddamn campfire! RTR!

  22. 33

    poor ol nicket… no one cares about those stupid trees. Old news. You Auburn goons really do look like a cult now, you know. With trees (that you throw toilet paper in) as a martyr. When the trees be blessin’, the bammers keep messin’ LMAO! To see y’all get into such an uproar over the death of them is really funny. Y’all been making fun of our dead coach, and y’all get fighting mad over making fun of your dead trees. Who has the craziest fanbase? Auburn, hands down.

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