What is Auburn trying to hide?

Fox Sports senior college football writer Thayer Evans examines the silence of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton. In today’s column Evans makes an important observation about Auburn.

He writes, “But the Newtons have denied any wrongdoing and Auburn is so confident in its star quarterback that it continues to play him in what could be a BCS title run, despite the risk that his father might have violated NCAA rules if he indeed solicited money for his son. Not that the Tigers haven’t taken chances before. Remember, this is Auburn, which played loosely with the rules in the past, as evidenced by its seven major violations.”


This is so true. Auburn’s record of compliance should trouble everyone in college football. So, why is Auburn hiding Cam Newton?

What does Auburn have to hide?

Is Auburn worried that Cam could provide further evidence of his ineligibility?

You can examine Auburn’s flimsy excuses at Fox Sports.