REPORT: Newton – “The money was too much.”

Auburn Fambly, don’t worry.

ESPN’s Joe Schad, Mark Schlabach, Pat Forde and Chris Lowe, along with the New York Times, FoxSports, TMZ, Sports Illustrated, the and the presence of the NCAA and now the FBI are all wrong.

“Nothing to see here; move along.” Not quite. Go to bed early last night? Here’s what you missed.

According to Schad in a five minute report to open SportsCenter last night, Cameron Newton…not Cecil Newton…not Jon Bond…not Kenny Rogers…but Cam…told a Mississippi State recruiter that he was going to Auburn because "The money was too much."

Auburn? This isn’t a “bammer” reporting this on blog. This is the largest, most powerful sports news organization in the world running YET ANOTHER story on this damning developing mushroom cloud that continues to threaten your program FAR beyond 2010.

And we’re not even talking about Cam’s “alledged” academic fraud brought to light by FoxSports earlier this week.

What we are talking about here is the biggest developing recruiting scandal in twenty years focusing on a player that Auburn not only recruited but signed, has played for ten games and CONTINUES to play despite all the warning signs in their soon-to-be vacated dream season. The potential future damages his presence causes that program are all but a foregone conclusion at this point.

And remember, the NCAA (and now apparently the FBI) is hearing all of this way before we do. When you hear or read this, the NCAA is several chapters ahead of you. The question they will answer is, was it just Cam?

But the most laughable element to all of this is, the top names in college football are on this scamdal with two clinched fists while the local mediots in Alabama dance to the violin music coming out of Lee County.

It's been said many times, but I'll say it once more: When a story breaks like this one, despite what all your facebook friends, in-state beat writers and Abarn co-workers around the water cooler have to say, it has tremendous significance. These news outlets do not run with information like you've heard in the last six days unless there is an extremely high likelihood of accuracy.

The most painful reality to any Auburn fan not caught up in the delusional Abarn patriotism is this: This is only the beginning.

The NCAA has thrown itself into overdrive to step in and nip this while Auburn University passes out blindfolds like they are candy, hoping no one will see mountain that they continue to call a molehill. Problem is, they are the only ones wearing them.

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    All together now………”Burn baby burn…disco inferno…..burn baby burn…disco inferno….” that’s right! sounding good….yea yea yea

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    “Earlier Tuesday, Auburn found itself defending Newton in the wake of allegations of academic cheating when he was at Florida. The Tigers’ coach, Gene Chizik, dismissed a report as “pure garbage” in an emotional 4-minute, 25-second rant.”

    emotional rant??? hilarious.

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    One Point

    Did you see Scarbinsky today? He knows that the column he wrote yesterday will haunt his entire career. Worst AU homer column ever, written in an angry undercover-fan moment.

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