Picks: This week’s games previewed by the AP

Below is this week’s picks from the AP’s Ralph Russo. Some of his picks include Arkansas over South Carolina, TCU over Utah in what “might mark the end of the conference’s (MWC) Golden Era,” and Alabama over LSU by a score 21-17.


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    Boy I hope he and everybody else is wrong about Arkansas-USCjr. If the Lame Cocks and Gay Turds lose any more games, the SECCG is gonna suck and won’t help anybody. Ooohh, I like that – Lame Cocks vs Gay Turds. Keep Camilla and the Sugar Plum Fairies away from that game! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  2. 3

    Things are shaping up nicely for the warriors from Lee County.
    win out and beat whoever in the NC game. Its gonna happen.
    And then afterward Cam Newton will likely win the hiesman. And Gene Chizik will win the write in vote for president. Yeah. thats how it is gonna happen….

  3. 4

    Naw, I think Camilla will be too busy dating at the Blue Oyster to worry about the Heiswman. And after Malzhan leaves Cheeze Dick will slash his wrists. RTR!

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