Alabama ready to debut larger Bryant-Denny

The Alabama Crimson Tide is ready to debut the expanded Bryant-Denny Stadium in a game against San Jose State.

The AP provided a few quotes about the new stadium: “This is nice,” said Kirkpatrick, a sophomore Crimson Tide cornerback.

“Man, this is going to be loud,” agreed Jordan, a junior linebacker.

“We’re all just very proud and pleased as to how it has turned out,” Tide athletic director Mal Moore said. “If you sit on the 50-yard line and look North, then look South, they’re identical.”

“I think the stadium looks fabulous,” Tide coach Nick Saban said. “I think we had one of the best venues in college football before we made the addition of the end zone. Now we’re over 101,000 people, and I think now that we may be among the top two or three venues in terms of a place to play college football of anywhere in the country. I think it’s a beautiful stadium, I think it’s a great place to watch a game.” (read more below)