Those offseason arrests

This is an interesting name on the police blotter from the Tuscaloosa County Jail: Gentry Matthew Estes. You can view the jail report here. The charge public intoxication. Bond was $400.

Here is the mugshot.


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    Is that the same Gentry Estes that does the Bama blog for the Mobile Press-Register? I’ve always enjoyed reading him but he’s been putting out his columns lately at the rate of about 1 every 2 weeks. Let this be a lesson to everyone. “Don’t Drink and Write.”

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    Objective Bama Fan


    Laughing at others’ misfortune is uncool. Are you one of those people that buys the mugshot magazine at quicky marts? I guess you have never done something stupid?

    On to something that is relevant. Why is everyone in the national media giving all the love to Mallet? McElroy is nothing but a winner. I don’t see how someone could not put him as first team SEC QB. I guess I’m just a homer though.

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    I don’t like the Guy – but this was just a cheap shot.
    This does not have a damn thing to do with the Crap he writes.
    It sucks Cappy.

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    OBF…I dont care if Arky goes 6-7, and Bama goes 14-0, Mallet will be drafted higher. You can write that one down.

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    First things first, BP and Julio, it’s not me. One of the few things passed down in my family is great hair.

    But I do confess, Objective Bama Fan, I do buy those mags. They’re only a buck, and they are right there at the register. It’s good to know who’s getting tossed in the poky for public intoxication.

    And on the McElroy-Mallet thing, if I were an NFL owner that would be a tough one. Mallet has far superior body structure to be an NFL QB, but so did Ryan Leaf. I just remember the sure thing Jevan Snead was. And what’s he doing now?

    McElroy is a heady player, and his dad is a bigwig with the Cowboys. All that means is he’s been around that level of the game his whole life, and obviously has the tools to lead an offense.

    But I gotst me some good hair, BP. Can’t say the same for Gentry however. Yikes.

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    You really got to be fugged up to get a public intox. I’m talking like the movie “The Hangover” status fugged up. Seriously – I will go home once I achieve “double-vision” state of mind. If you are a public figure – be prepared to get criticized over anything, private or not.

    It’s 5 ‘o clock somewhere mate!

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    when are yall gonna post something about marcel dumbass going to the agent party in miami? sorry boys but i dont think even saban can clean this one up for us! one word describes it PATHETIC!

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    Alex Hamilton

    Anyone that misses Ian is a schmuck. Ian Rappaport thought he was cute by calling Coach Saban “Nick” and being a pretentious prick everytime he thought it would advance his career. He’s a turd and anyone that is a fan of his is either a moron or devoid of objectivity.

    As for Estes, can anyone in here honestly say they haven’t been publicly intoxicated in Tuscaloosa (wimps from Auburn notwithstanding)?????

    Estes isn’t worth that much anyway as far as a writer. But damn, why does it matter if he was so drunk he was found making love to one of the collumns of the McClure Library? It was more action than that old gal has had in ten years.

    Consenting Adult and aged edifice people. I mean if someone is dumb enough to marry Julia, then Gentry Estes should be allowed to love a library.

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    And still — despite the pungent aroma emanating from their houndstooth boxers — “Miami-gate” goes unmentioned. Word on the street is that Hoolio and Mark Barron may have attended said party, too.


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    Alex Hamilton

    And Damage and I need to get drunk. Like I said 6 months ago, you and I need to party Man.

    Crystal Bitches!

    I may be at Innisfree tomorrow.

  11. 16

    Jesus Christ.
    Pray aubbos PRAY!
    Think Death Penalty. Think NCAA Sanctions. Think doom and gloom for the States only real Championship threat. You know… auburn sucks so they have to pull everyone else down to their level.
    (As opposed to Geno Chizik bringing Iowa State up to his level huh? That really worked out well.)
    The worst thing that could happen is probably that Dareus will lose his eligibilty. And Bama will lose a Defensive End they would have lost at the end of the year anyway.
    Bama cannot stop thier players form talking to agents. (See Andre Smith) So what happens… Not much.
    That was a really dumb move on Dareaus part. He probably blew a lot of playing time…..But the only damage control will probably end up being Bama puts another stud Defensive end in his place. Jeez I hope they can find one in the 10 that they have standing aroundwaiting for Dareaus to slip on a banana peel.

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    Sluggo, we have a couple of goodies for you on the home page.

    Unlike yourself, we like to have a few facts in hand before we start running our mouths.

    Sorry if that inconvenienced you in any way.

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    yea i have dubbed him sir marcel dumbass! he knew damn good and well not to go to that party. selfish and greedy enough said.

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