Dumbasses: NCAA regulators

The NCAA rulebook is filled with stupid regulations.

How do you make it better? Add rules that are difficult to enforce.

Like this one. According to this AP report, “An NCAA committee announced Thursday that it will back a proposal to prohibit making scholarships offers to recruits before July 1 in the summer between their junior and senior years in high school. If passed, it would apply to all sports.” And even the dumbasses at the NCAA admit the rule will be problematic. According to the same report, “Committee chair Petrina Long acknowledged it would be a difficult rule for school compliance officers to monitor.”

Why make a rule that would encourage coaches to bend the rule? We aren’t talking about new technology that renders an old rule obsolete. In this case we are talking about making a rule that the NCAA already admits would be impossible to police. The only thing it will do is encourage schools like Auburn to violate the spirit of the rule. Violating the spirit of the law is something Auburn has shown itself capable of doing with events like Big Cat Weekend.

If the NCAA wanted to improve college football recruiting, it should classify recruiting fan sites like Rivals, Scout and ESPN as boosters. It could then punish schools that use those sites for recruiting purposes. (If you doubt that schools use these sites for recruiting then ask coaches like Steve Spurrier or Nick Saban.)

You can read more about NCAA legislation below.