Alabama’s Nick Saban to the NFL?

Why not?

Yahoo provides some interesting thoughts on the subject.

According to Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner, “There’s no official weight to a Saban-to-the-NFL story just yet, but don’t be surprised if there is in the future. After all, why else would Nick Saban apologize for anything?”

Oh. Saban apologized! Ergo, he wants to coach in the NFL.

And there is more evidence too.

According to the blog, “Your average big-time college football coach has as much of a concept of fidelity to the home team as a mob informant. In just the past few seasons, we’ve seen Bobby Petrino’s ‘Pig-Sooey’ debacle, Pete Carroll’s dine-and-dash at USC, and Lane Kiffin’s subsequent Leap into Disaster from Tennessee to the ‘death penalty’ version of the Trojans.”

Coaches lie; it is another big hint that Saban wants to return to the NFL.

With such proof out there, Alabama better begin its replacement plans right now.

Get those fax machines ready. I hear Tommy Tuberville regrets his Fear the Thumb campaign, and this catapults him into being a leading candidate to replace Nick Saban. All he has to do is apologize.