Bigger dumbasses than BP

Watching CNBC today showed that Congressmen/women are bigger dumbasses than BP. To see demagogic morons lecturing a Ph.D. about well engineering was enough to shake anyone’s confidence in the American experiment. (And yes, I still own stock in BP. It is smaller than before and I will likely move some into Royal Dutch Shell or Total. Any suggestions?) But, just when you think that nobody could be more idiotic than Congress along comes the Knight Commission.

Here is the pinnacle of dumbassery: “Reduce the funding provided for winning and link new funding to academic success.” But, it doesn’t end there.

The commission wants to “Reallocate some postseason football revenues on the basis of academic values. Currently, revenues for FBS postseason football activities and media contracts are controlled by the participating conferences, not the NCAA. Consistent with the principles in this report, we believe a portion of the revenues from these activities and contracts should be allocated to restoring an appropriate balance between investments in athletics and academics. Thus, as a starting point, we recommend that at least 20 percent of the overall funds available for annual conference distributions from the BCS be allocated equitably to each FBS conference and designated as the Academic-Athletics Balance Fund.The conferences then would take this allocation and distribute the funds to its members according to the criteria specified for the Academic-Athletics Balance Fund discussed below.”

If you are a glutton for bad ideas, here is the AP report on the topic.


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