Pac-10 promises newer, bolder league

Here is a piece on the new face leading the Pac-10. You can find some interesting information in the piece below (beyond what I quote.) One of those interesting tidbits reinforces the idea that it was greed that prevented Texas from joining the Pac-16. With all the talk about the bold steps, no word on the chances of a conference championship game.

From the AP: “The Pac-10 that people got to know over the last week is the new Pac-10,” Scott said Wednesday in a 45-minute telephone interview with The Associated Press, his first since Texas and four other Big 12 schools turned down a chance to join his conference.

“I think you will continue to see innovative, bold steps that we take to make the Pac-10 and our schools the best they can be.”

A year after Scott left his position as head of the Women’s Tennis Association to become Pac-10 commissioner — a hiring that made few national headlines — he nearly changed the landscape of college sports.

“There’s a reason they brought me in,” he said. “There’s a reason they didn’t go with a traditional candidate from college sports.” (read the entire report below)