Pac-10: No animosity toward Texas

Why don’t I believe this? Oh, that’s right. I’m cynical.

From the AP: Pac-10 commissioner has no animosity toward Texas

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott tells The Associated Press he has no animosity toward Texas for declining an invitation to join his league.

Scott says when the news came down that Texas and the rest were not joining Pac-10, he called Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe to congratulate him for saving his conference.

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    Who cares about the Pac11 fudge conference now? USC is in the shitter and they have a decent Utah squad. Oooooooohhhh! I am shivering. The PAC11 will be irrelevant in the years to come. Only the Big 10, 11, 12 now will give the SEC a workout.

    Penn State gave LSU all they wanted and more, however I think their Senior QB graduated.

    The SEC will set up their own network after the billion dollar TV deal expires and I for one will be first in line to purchase my subscription.

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