Arkansas has ‘no interest’ in Big 12

Arkansas denies interest in leaving the SEC.

According to the AP, “Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long says the school has “no interest” in joining another conference amid speculation the Razorbacks could be a candidate to move to the Big 12. Long said Wednesday that Arkansas is happy in the Southeastern Conference. The Big 12 recently lost Nebraska to the Big Ten and Colorado to the Pac-10, leaving it with 10 members. Arkansas left the Southwest Conference and joined the SEC in 1991. Some of its old rivals from the Southwest Conference — such as Texas and Texas A&M — now play in the Big 12.”

As mentioned in another post here, the reports on the Big XII indicate the conference cannot afford to add more teams and make the numbers work.

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    The problem is this Dead Weight in this League.
    I could drop 5 Welfare Clients and add 5 that would create the Super Conference.
    Keep on Tripping.

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