REPORT: The Texas math

Penalty dollars helped save the Little 12?

CNBC reports: “Perhaps one of the most understated appeals — the promise of some nice penalty cash from Colorado and Nebraska. Originally speculated as a $10 million penalty, it looks like the Big XII thinks they are entitled to much more. Beebe says that the lawyers have led him to believe that they can withhold 80 percent of the money that Colorado and Nebraska would make in the next two years. That includes one year in the Big XII, where the two teams combined will earn at least $14 million. And one year in the Pac-10 and the Big Ten, where the money made will depend on exactly how much of a first year share the teams will be getting.”

According to the report, Texas, Oklahoma and Texas A&M were the chief beneficiaries of the penalty funds in the deal. Of course, what happens when the penalty money expires? Will the television partners really pay for the reduced product the Little 12 offers?

Update: Sports Business Daily says FSN is willing to pay more in exchange for additional rights. According to the report, “But sources say FSN has told Big 12 officials that it would increase its annual payout to as much as $130-$140M per year. It currently pays $19.5M per year for the cable TV rights, a deal that ends following the ’11-12 season.”

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy farfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Boy did the powers that be do a head job on the Big 1 Little 9 conference or what? Nothing but empty promises for all that money they’re supposed to get. One network has already said they doubt they will up the ante from what they already pay. Fox, like a moron is raising theirs from 15 million a year to 150. For what? To watch Texas-OU and Texas-Texas A&M? What other games there does anyone really care about. I used to watch Texas, OU, Nebraska and Colorado all play each other plus the Big 12 CG. Some years that was 8 games. Now there’s only 1. And the other promised revenue is coming from 20+ million in fines to Nebraska and Colorado. Right! I can just see that actually happening. There will be lawyers up the ass fighting that and tying up that money for years. What a clusterf**k! A&M should ditch that mess and come over here and if we don’t want to raid another BCS conference to balance out we could invite Houston. RTR!

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