REPORT: Alabama vs. UCLA game in 2012?

LA TIMES: “The Bruins still want the game (against Nebraska), but an opportunity to play defending national champion Alabama in a neutral-site season opener in 2012 has developed. Playing Nebraska and Alabama in the same season would be a brutal nonconference road, especially if Texas and Oklahoma join the “Pac-Whatever.” But if the Cornhuskers opt out, the Bruins and Crimson Tide probably will have a date.”


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    Good I want some f*cking payback for 2000 and that meltdown we had against them at Bryant Denny in 2001.

  2. 5

    Its okay Little Aubie.

    You can go ahead and schedule another game with Arky State now. Bama will save the state’s honor and play UCLA for you.
    We understand UCLA might mess up your big opportunity at a 7-5 New year’s day (minor-type) bowl game. So we will take that bullet for you…
    Just give us a call when another middle teir powerhouse wants to play you. We will take up the slack.

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