OUTRAGE: Aggies furious at administration

Texas A&M fans believe the school’s administration missed its best chance to improve its product, revive energy and snub its chief rival. Fans are leaving some interesting messages on the Facebook page of Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin.

College Station was already filled with a decade’s frustration. Poor coaching hires, and pitiful leadership plagued the athletic department. Can A&M recover from the new level of discontent? The A&M administration has played with fire. Will it get burned?

A sampling of the discontent:
Robert Hunter: Dr. Loftin,
Please melt down your Aggie ring down and turn it into a nose ring so the sips can lead you around easier.

Carsten Pedersen: As someone who took the presidency under intense scrutiny involving greater communication between the faculty and what makes A&M (the student body), I implore you to reconsider your decision with some student input. As you have no doubt seen by now, the support for a move to the SEC is overwhelming and I believe this …

Craig Cook: No other football program in the country squanders its inherent resources and opportunities quite like the Texas Aggies. There’s no point in investing financially or emotionally in a program that obviously lacks vision and so blatantly ignores the wishes of such a super-majority of its fanbase.

Danny Wardlow: Attitude reflects leadership. Please step aside and rescind your job. You have failed miserably and clearly lack the ability to move the university forward.

James Cockerham: during my senior year at a&m I will not attend a single sporting event, I support our athletes 100% but I can’t force myself to financially support this decision in any way…shame is flooding my view of my university….long live a&m….

Hank Molina: you, the board of retards, and anyone else involved in the discussions for the past week or longer, are all idiots.

each and everyone one of you combined to take an enormous shit on the reputation of texas a&m.

how you are president is beyond me.

Brady Allen: Dont worry. We all knew you and your cronies didnt have the balls.

Nate BrownBear Broughton: Dr. Loftin, I will admit, I was one of the Aggies that supported an A&M move to the SEC. However, I am willing to support you and the Board of Regents in your decision. I hope that all of my fellow Aggies will see the light and stand strong behind you as well instead of pointing fingers and criticisizing where it is no…

Matt McCabe: When I heard SEC I knew it was too good to be true and A&M would screw it up.