FORCED: Texas reverses; Big XII could survive

Tokyo Rose, err, the voice of the Texas Longhorns Chip Brown reports that the University of Texas “has been convinced…to stay in a 10-member Big XII.” According to the plan “might also stop what appears to be an impending avalanche of college realignment across the country, depending on how conversations between Texas A&M and the SEC might be affected.”

Cue derision. The vassals forced Texas’ hand. The king is dead.

Texas was the driving force in scuttling the Big XII, but thanks to the independence of Texas A&M, that plan appears to have failed. It also raises the question, was Texas afraid the Oklahoma Sooners were beginning to seriously consider a move to the SEC?

Of course, saving the Big XII with a 10-member conference might not stop the Aggies move to the SEC. The Aggies were concerned about revenue inequities including the launch of a Texas Longhorns network. Would the Aggies agree to allow Texas to launch its own network now to save the Big XII in a reduced form?

Another factor that could prevent the Big XII plan is the lack of a championship game. While this could be popular with coaches, it would seem to lessen the television appeal of the conference—despite what the conference commissioner or the voice of the Longhorns might say.


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    Why in your opinion is Joe Schad & ESPN so adamant that there is no truth to this latest report and that the move to the PACX is still imminent?

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    Because nobody knows what is going on. Every leak is done for a purpose.

    The Texas leak could be a trial balloon to make A&M look bad for continuing to explore a move to the SEC. Or, it could be a real attempt to meet some of A&M’s demands, and the leak is the best way to negotiate.

    Schad could be hearing from different sources than Brown. Remember, Brown is like Izvestia–the official state voice. You have to understand that to utilize the information.

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    So true on UT making A&M look bad but I don’t think A&M are feeling bad about their decision — more cash flow for them if they join the SEC. That’s what it all boils down to now in these days.

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    Kevin in Dallas

    Something to keep in mind is the Texas legislature meets Wednesday to address this issue. There is growing consternation in the State of Texas concerning the Big 12 South teams going their separate ways. Newspapers like the Houston Chronicle are openly campaigning for Gov. Perry to step in and make UT and A&M go to the same conference.

    Texas’ coming announcement of loyalty to the Big 12 is definitely a way to gain some moral high ground on the issue. BUT it’s also a response to the increasingly unpopular idea of joining up with the PAC.

    Last night Chip Brown appeared on local dallas news for an interview, and in said interview he spoke negatively of the merger with the Pac. Stating that Texas wouldn’t join the Western-based conference and “lose all its rivalries”. It was a pretty amazing reversal!

    It appears ATM’s flirtation east has blocked UT’s proposed move to the west. Who knows what happens from here. It’s getting crazy in Texas!

    Keep up the good work Bama! Capstone is one of the best sites for legit info I’ve seen.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy farfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Kevin, I don’t think Cap has any information sources that aren’t available to everybody. Nor does he have a one of a kind crystal ball (well maybe a crystal football, ha ha). I think most of the Alabama fan base who actually went to Alabama, after all the bluster and ranting is over, try to consider things logically when it gets serious. Some fanbases in this area, (both with the color orange) can’t seem to comprehend that. It’s not too difficult to sort through all the BS and come up with a logical result. RTR!

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