Texas is now reportedly considering a revised Big XII (Big 12) with only ten teams. Ten teams?

Texas Longhorn mouthpiece Chip Brown reports via twitter, “Orangebloods.com: A proposal by Dan Beebe to hold the Big 12 together with 10 teams is in play and being considered by Texas, sources say.”

A ten-team league? Wouldn’t that end the conference championship? That would appear to harm the league’s television appeal.

The consideration of this plan now seems laughable. Texas had done everything in its power to end the Big XII. It has applied pressure to Texas A&M and Oklahoma to force the schools to capitulate to Longhorn demands. It has gone nuclear against A&M with threats to end playing the Aggies if the school refuses to kowtow.

What makes this even more comedic is the admission that this is under consideration after Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma have scheduled regents meetings for Tuesday and Wednesday—presumably the meetings were called to ratify a move to the Pac-10 (or is it Pac-16?). Now the situation is much more fluid that Tokyo Rose, err, Chip Brown led everyone to believe just days ago.

Will Texas keep its powers over its vassals? Or will Oklahoma and Texas A&M assert themselves? Is a ten-team Big XII viable?

It appears Texas is frantic as the possibility grows that the Oklahoma Sooners will listen seriously to the SEC. Can Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive make a convincing pitch?


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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy farfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Hell on O-State Illustrated the vast majority want to come to the SEC. But Hitler Texas has everybody but A&M leash trained. (forgive the pun Revellie) they figure OU has to follow Texas and they definitely have to follow OU. The size of the Sooners balls are the key here and we could get A&M, Ok State and OU. That would be fantastic then if we could fill it out with Va Tech. All 4 of these schools fan bases are leaning heavily SEC. Go for it! RTR!

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    this whole thing has been orchestrated by texas from the beginning and the original “leak” by ob.com was timed (the week of sec meetings and the week before pac10 meetings) to try and force somebody’s hand.

    the line that everybody wants texas like they’re some kind of crown jewel is now being exposed for what it is…..a farce.

    memo to austin: alabama won the national championship.

    memo to slive: sit back and watch.

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    My biggest headache with all this is, what the heck do you begin calling all the conferences? The Big Ten currently has eleven teams, the Big Twelve is about to have 10, and who knows what the Pac Ten would be called.

    Then neither A&M nor Oklahoma (or anybody from the current Big Twelve) is in the Southeast, and Texas sho ain’t on the Pacific (Pac) coast.
    Think I’ll take a nap.

  4. 4

    At first I was totally against the split up. Now goodbye to texas university! Here is a little know fact outside of texas tsips are bandwagon fans. I can remember not all that long ago when you would see more A&M gear on the tu campus than their own. I would love to see us bring OU with us. Texas is scared of the sec. They just want that gimme title every year.

  5. 5

    don’t worry, itk.

    they’ll do focus groups to decide.

    but i’m confident whatever happens, the sec will still be called the south-eastern coference.

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