REPORT: Texas A&M turns down Pac-10/Pac-16

Tokyo Rose, err, the mouthpiece of the Texas Longhorns Chip Brown reports via twitter: “Texas A&M turned down invite to join P10 in mtg today with P10’s Larry Scott and Kevin Weiberg in College Station, a Big 12 AD confirms.”

With this report it appears Texas A&M is determined to join the Southeastern Conference. Reports of Mike Slive being in College Station over the weekend have fueled talk that a deal is close for the Aggies to join the SEC.

It appears Texas is in a panic and could try to save the Big XII as some form of Big 12 Lite with only ten teams remaining. Brown floated this possibility on This idea appears stillborn.

A revised Big 12 with only ten members would create a less attractive property. It would not have a conference championship game. While this might be popular with some, it has been a significant benefit to the SEC. The SEC Championship Game in Atlanta has been the de facto national semifinal over the last few years. It would inevitably reduce interest in the television rights for the conference. How much of a reduction is uncertain, but it likely would increase tensions over money—something at the heart of this fight between Austin and College Station.

Another drawback to saving the Big XII is the fact that it would not address funding inequities in the conference. Money is a big issue for Texas A&M.

When asked via twitter by a fan, Billy Liucci, the reporter close to A&M who broke the Slive in College Station story, indicated A&M would not be interested in staying in the Big XII Lite. The tweets said: Question: “Any chance A&M stays in the Big 12 Lite?” Answer: “no chance.”

It doesn’t provide many details, but the short answer would indicate relations between Austin and College Station have frozen in the last few days. It is clear, the Aggies are tired of Longhorns telling everyone what to do.

UPDATE (4:25 p.m.): Not so fast on Texas A&M turning down Pac-10?
Billy Liucci via twitter reports: “Just received word from two sources that Aggies have NOT turned down Pac-10 and are still weighing P10/SEC option.”


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    Only a Texas Ex = a Longhorn

    The Aggies are tired of being bossed around by that school in Austin?? Wait until they join the SEC as the low man on the totem poll! Alabama and the rest of those schools are gonna push around A&M too. It will probably take A&M an entire decade in the SEC before it can fully leverage its position as “the only Texas team” into something worthwhile.

  2. 3

    That isn’t how the SEC works. Unlike the SWC and the Big XII, SEC schools work together. Not one school is as selfish as Texas.

    Some might be as arrogant, but nobody dominates revenues in this conference.

  3. 5

    As pointed out previously, the very fact Austin has floated the possibility of saving the Big XII in a form of a Big XII lite.

    Texas was trying to scuttle the Big XII for the last several months, and now it was desperate enough to try to save the Big XII? That isn’t suggestive of panic to you?

  4. 6

    Something Texas ( UT ) has yet to learn. A Conference working TOGETHER for the benefit of ALL.

    Texas 2. Conferences 0. Still undefeated.

  5. 7
    Help Please

    The official Texas position has been, for the past several months, that its preference is to see the Big XII continue to exist. Deloss Dodds and the University President have each indicated this repeatedly, both a recently as yesterday.

  6. 8

    Preference for it to exist for the Longhorn Network. Revenue not shared.

    I’d want it to continue to exist also.

  7. 9
    Help Please

    “Our goals and hopes all along have been to keep the Big 12 Conference intact. The league has been great for its members. We also have been honorable, up front and forthright with regard to our work and responsiveness to all the possible and now definitive changes to conference landscapes. We are entrusted with the responsibility of administering our university athletics programs. That requires careful examination of any and all options. It is both premature and inappropriate to speculate on what our UT System Regents will discuss at next Tuesday’s meeting. But, as the dynamics of the Big 12 continue to change around us, we will utilize additional time to continue our work and evaluate our options.”
    Deloss Dodds, June 12, 2010

  8. 13
    Help Please

    Save your limitied credibility A SINGLE piece of evidence could do it, and you can’t provide one? Instead, start making personal attacks towards me – I know you can do it.

  9. 14

    I’m telling you what is happening because anyone not blinded by orange comprehends the unfolding situation.

    Texas tried to force A&M to kowtow to its will. It didn’t work. Now Texas is considering something so foolish that it is comical.

    But go ahead and believe your leaders. If it makes you feel better.

  10. 15

    I went to a PAC 10 school and I am secretly hoping A&M goes to the SEC and the PAC keeps it at 15 members for it means less revenue sharing. Let’s be truthful here. What the PAC-10 really wants are Texas and OU, in that order. A&M came along with it. With Texas, the TX market will be delivered. I think the SEC is secretly worried about this too, hence, the desire to take OU with A&M (since it appears DOA Texas will go with A&M). Maybe the SEC talk about wanting A&M was really a cover up to get A&M plus OU or Texas?

    From an objective standpoint, A&M shunning the PAC-10 is a very risky move. Who’s to say SEC will truly want A&M by itself? A&M needs to wake up to this reality. Letting their dislike of Texas cloud their objectivity and judgment can prove disastrous.

  11. 16

    Oklahoma is coming with A&M to the SEC…mark my words. It’s a done deal. Texas will either join the SEC because they have to or fade into oblivion. Oklahoma and A&M know they’ve got Texas by the little Bevo balls. Well played A&M and Oklahoma!

  12. 18

    The facts are that Texas wanted to scuttle the Big XII and move to the Pac-10/Pac-16 with its vassals.

    One vassal rose up and threw off the yoke.

    In a desperate move to prevent losing its control over A&M, it has floated the idea of saving the Big XII.

    Now, I have offered an OPINION that this is a sign of desperation. The opinion is based on the erratic nature of this plan and the statements released by the mouthpiece of Texas administrators–Chip Brown.

  13. 19
    Help Please

    “One vassal rose up and threw off the yoke.”

    They have? You can confirm this statement? please provide a single shred of evidence indicating Texas A&M has (as of this time 8:23 Eastern)officially left the Big 12 and joined the SEC. Oh, I forgot, you can’t. You refuse to deal with facts.

  14. 20

    Your own Tokyo Rose has reported A&M has turned down the Pac 10. on the Rivals network has reported, “The Aggies will be the newest member of the Southeastern Conference.”

    Hmmm, while you may disagree with the reports. The evidence suggests you are trying to fool yourself.

  15. 22
    Help Please

    Why wouldn’t I – they have been for over 100 years.

    We’ll all know the facts soon enough – even you.

  16. 23

    How long until the SEC realizes that aTm sucks no matter what conference they are in? Did they not see the shellacking that K-State handed aTm last year with one of our worst teams in a while?

  17. 24
    pac 10

    It’s interesting how A&M fans are thinking they have all the power. They are simply being used as a pawn by both the PAC-10 and SEC to get to OU or Texas.

    Truth be told, A&M’s football program will have a difficult time in the SEC and even PAC-10 but to a lesser extent.

  18. 26

    i don’t know why the pac 10 is interested in Texas A&M over Utah anyways. Geographically it makes more sense and people quickly forget that Utah gave ‘Bama a beating 2 years ago and are a very capable football team. A&M’s future in football is in question and no less than a year ago Sherman’s seat got VERY hot. A&M is not a very stable program right now

  19. 28

    The Sec will want Texas A&M for one thing and it’s not for their record on the field. It’s money and lots of it! Two large tv markets in Houston and Dallas. Not to mention east Texas. The fan base is huge and across the entire state. They’re like the UCLA of Texas. Not the big show in the state, but a large second one. The SEC can gets a ton of new money in tv deals and open up a large recruiting ground. This is why the SEC said they don’t want any ACC school. They have nothing to gain. They already have major powers on the field. They also bring Jerry and his house into a potential conference title game. This gives more money to SEC schools. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Sec can’t get Texas or Oklahoma that they stay put at 13. Who said you have to have an even number of teams? The SEC is smart. It’s all about money for them

  20. 29

    Good reporting. I really do think A&M has the best shot of becoming an SEC member because of Stallings. I dont think they however will be in the SEC, see below. OU will not. They want the chance to have the Red River Rivalry and whip TX again. That is their only concern. They will go with TX to the PAC#. Mark it down. That will make Rick Perry get involved and probably send A&M with TX. The SEC will be forced to gobble up from the ACC. FL State, GT, Miami, and Clemson would be first on the list followed by UNC, Duke, VT, and Virginia. I dont know which teams will go where but the ACC days are numbered. The Big East or Big10 will gobble up them as well. I think they want basketball schools for the Big10 network, so I predict Duke and UNC will go to the Big 10. Other minor schools like WF, NC State, Maryland, etc will go to the Big East. This is about ratings and money, not regional pride definitely.

  21. 30

    I am glad Boise St is going to the MWC. Finally a little competition so they wont ruin a BCS game this year.

  22. 31
    Help Please

    Could it actually have been well played by Texas A&M and The University of Texas?

    It seems to me these two schools played it perfecectly – The remaining members of the Big 12 played up a false interest in the SEC by Texas A&M to negotiate what is reported to be a television contract that will pay the Longhorns and Aggies each more than any team in the SEC will make under their current deal – and with a conference weakend this week by the departure of Nebraska. Just as thought as nothing has been officially announced and we need to stick to the facts. Well played Big 12.

  23. 32

    LOL. A&M beat the hell out of Texas, but leave it to the Longhorns to try to spin it their way. Texas tried to join the Pac-10, but the Aggies beat them at their own game.

    Well played A&M.

  24. 33
    Help Please

    I will now leave the rumor mongering to you and yours, Tokyo Rose of the SEC – Hope you enjoyed being used. Without you and others like you, none of this would have been possible. Great Play Big 12, Great Play.

  25. 34

    I guess Longhorns like being an Aggie’s bitch. Have fun in the Little 12…while it lasts because Oklahoma and A&M will abandon you sooner rather than later.

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