USC accuses Alabama, Florida of cheating

Remember when Lane Kiffin was at Tennessee? He made stuff up about Florida cheating.

Now USC is accusing Florida and others including Alabama, Oregon, Washington and Fresno of cheating, according to Joe Schad of ESPN via twitter. According to the tweet, “USC RB Dillon Baxter has told his compliance dept that five schools illegally contacted him June 10.”

Fresh off USC’s condemnation as a cheater, it is clear that USC has adopted Lane Kiffin’s strategy to divert attention. USC is now the most pathetic organization in college sports. The NCAA should have done us all a favor when the Trojans hired Kiffin and given USC the death penalty. Now the loudmouth cheaters at USC will scream that everyone else is cheating in a futile attempt to distract from the sanctions.

It won’t work. USC is on major NCAA probation for cheating. No amount of calling Urban Meyer a cheater will change that. USC cheated. It was caught. It has a buffoon and a cheater as a coach. Lane Kiffin was a walking NCAA violation at Tennessee. Does anyone think he has changed?

It is clear from USC’s latest action that the situation is bad at Southern Cal. Too bad the NCAA didn’t do enough.


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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Yeah that makes sense, since we’re in a possible oversigning snafu, and already have more RB’s than God, ranging from true freshman Grant, redshirt freshman Lacy, sophomore Richardson and junior Ingram plus others and 2011 commitments; all of which are better than this guy and 3 of which are either a Heisman winner or damn well could be. Yeah, no doubt Saban is stupid and desperate enough to contact this joker illegally. And IF he did he would turn himself in for a secondary violation so that nothing would come of it. And what school said this? A school under Lame Kittens watch! Bwaa Haww Haww!!! Check out who he’s accusing. Poor little Fresno where Jim McElwain came from. Washington where his cohort in crime at USC and with whom he has bad blood is head coach. His mortal enemies Alabama and Florida. And Oregon who has whipped SC’s ass 2 years running. What an ASS. Yep now USC is UcheaT west and needs a diversion. Wonder how much SC paid that guy to spin this shit? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  2. 6

    As much as I am happy about the pounding SCUmbag Lane and the Trojans got from the NCAA, I must point out that the Bammer Nation did the same thing when it was hammered by the NCAA.

    The Bammer Nation accused Tennessee of cheating with not one speck of proof. So before you go mouthing off about accusations from SCUbag U, look at what you did in the same situation!

  3. 7

    Baxter said that Bama and four other schools called him on the telephone. As much as you’d love to say this was “Kiffin” and “USC” making this up, it was Baxter himself that said it happened. So the kid is just fabricating this out of whole cloth?? Strange, when a kid named Aycock makes some vague accusation about not being “aware” of violating team rules, you bammers automatically accept it as the gospel truth even when the kid had a very obvious motive to lie. When this kid Baxter makes a very clear accusation that he was contacted on the telephone, and has no motive at all to lie about it, you bammers immediately start a smear campaign to discredit him. Why would the kid lie about this? Spare me the BS about Kiffin and USC’s PR concerns. I’m talking about the kid himself.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy farfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    ***** you don’t know what the kid said. The post said that Lane Kiffin accused the schools of cheating. Then it said the kid confirmed that 5 schools had contacted him. Confirmed it to whom? To Kittensh*t? To a desperate reporter wanting a story? What legitimate sources do you have? In SC’s cluster**** who knows what might motivate people out there. What the **** would Saban contact the ****** for? We have the best and deepest RB squad in the nation! Don’t make me ***** laugh. Now maybe if the ass**** was a DB I could believe it. Who cares anyway? It means nothing as we discovered with Kittensh*t a both UcheaT and SC. Hey IV you ******, it was because you bastards were cheating! And after Kittensh*t and Orgeron called UcheaT players and tried to get them to come to SC, what business does he have complaining about anything. Anyway the NCAA said they could transfer. How are they gonna know who wants em if they aren’t contacted? It’s all bullsh*t. Fuckem! RTR!

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy farfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    On another note: I told ya’ll to get ready for an icewater bath. It’s about time for the SEC to jump into this cluster****. The truth is you can’t believe a damn thing you hear about expansion because it’s all being negotiated in secret. There are fixing to be more shocks like Nebraska, Colorado and Boise State, with teams going places they weren’t expected to go. This morning there are reputable sources (albiet still possibly misinformed) who are reporting that the SEC has invited Oklahoma and Va. Tech. That OU must bring someone with them and that could be Texas A&M. There was no mention of who the 2nd Eastern Division team might be. I would hope Fla. State. What a conference that would make. But, until the schools themselves announce it, it is nothing more than rumors. RTR!

  6. 11

    errrr, EG…the kid “confirmed it” to the USC Compliance Dept, that’s who. You’re not denying the kid said he was contacted by Bama are you?? The question (which you didn’t even attempt to address) remains: Why would the kid make this up??

    How are they gonna know who wants them unless they’re contacted?? Did you seriously just ask that freakin’ question??? So I guess you think Saban just sits back and waits for recruits to contact him rather than vice versa, huh??

  7. 12

    Just give me some fucking proof. Evidence . Smoking Gun.
    Otherwise – it is speculative Bull Shit.
    Egg – you are Right. It’s all being negotiated in Secret . The Big One will happen in the next two weeks or sooner.
    One thing that is shaping up – Auburn is going to the East.

  8. 13

    Aycock story = multiple independent sources.

    Baxter story = one source…USC, fresh off a cheating conviction.

    Gee Julio, why don’t you lend Juran Van Der Sloot some credibility too.

  9. 14

    By the way, per…

    “Alabama denied contact with Baxter, joining Florida and Oregon.”

    Phone records are an easy way to verify the story. Join me in sitting back and waiting, won’t you?

    Since unadulterated integrity and maturity follows Lane Kiffin wherever he goes, I can’t imagine anything but the absolute truth from any organization he leads. Can you?

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy farfar away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Ok Julieta you rabid piece of shit. To begin with the guy is a freshman and not allowed to transfer under the sanctions. And if I know that, I do believe Saban and Urban do too. Alabama, Florida and Oregon have officially denighed any contact with him. And that would be categorically stupid to do if it were not true. Why? Because nobody is going to get into trouble for making a phone call if they self report it. Furthermore Bama doesn’t even need the guy and has no room for him. They need experienced DB’s asshole! And yes numb nuts Alabama signs many players without recruiting them. Just this week a top 15 lineman from California signed who had neither been contacted by nor visited Alabama. We are not Auburn you inbred idiot! Oh no doubt somebody called the guy. Anybody on the other end of a phone can say they represent UA. They need to trace the phone numbers if they haven’t magically disappeared. They are probably all from the same area code. Who have you and Indiana Vol been calling? Dipshits. RTR!

  11. 16

    Verified by multiple independent sources???? That’s a freakin riot. So if Aycock tells a lie to his coach, and then Aycock and his coach simply repeat the lie to the Tampa Tribune, then it has been “verified by multiple independent sources.” There’s circular logic at its finest.

    You can try to spin the differences all you want with loopy definitions of “verification”, but your’e still left with this: Aycock said after his dismissal that he was “unaware” of violating any team rules. That was a Barry Bonds “denial” at best, and the kid had plenty of motive to hide the truth if he was kicked off for rules violations. It appears that this Baxter kid point blank said he was contacted by telephone by Bama and other schools. The question remains: If this kid said this, why would he lie about it??

    Phone records…that’s a hoot. Yeah, like somebody from a major football program making phone contact wouldn’t think to cover their tracks on that. Tell me ITK, how does one trace a call made to the kid’s landline from a non-university issued phone??

  12. 17

    EG, I can smell what you’re already cookin…It was an Auburn booster with close family ties to AU who called just to sabotage Bama, right?????

  13. 19

    I understand why they are upset and are throwing accusations around (much better than they throw the football). Since Alabama’s talent is much better than anybody else’s, it seems like it is unfair. We have the father. Father loves us. It simply isn’t fair.

    So I see Kitten’s point of view. He sees Alabama’s football program as something he will never have or accomplish. As a program, USC is a decent bottom feeder. Same goes for allbarn. They are bottom feeders. Texas? Well they are bland. Alabama? They are the most glorious. SoS out.

  14. 20

    “Yeah, like somebody from a major football program making phone contact wouldn’t think to cover their tracks on that.”

    Steven Spielberg doesn’t have your imagination. But how detailed do you get with it? Fantasized about what cell carrier this supposed person was using too?

  15. 21

    So you’re saying it take “Speilberg” caliber imagination to figure out that a call made from an unregistered phone to a landline can’t be traced?? That’s the best comeback you can think of?? Hey ITK, I’ll have to call George Lucas to confirm this, but I think a phone number can be blocked by dialing *67 before making the call, also.

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