USC accuses Alabama, Florida of cheating

Remember when Lane Kiffin was at Tennessee? He made stuff up about Florida cheating.

Now USC is accusing Florida and others including Alabama, Oregon, Washington and Fresno of cheating, according to Joe Schad of ESPN via twitter. According to the tweet, “USC RB Dillon Baxter has told his compliance dept that five schools illegally contacted him June 10.”

Fresh off USC’s condemnation as a cheater, it is clear that USC has adopted Lane Kiffin’s strategy to divert attention. USC is now the most pathetic organization in college sports. The NCAA should have done us all a favor when the Trojans hired Kiffin and given USC the death penalty. Now the loudmouth cheaters at USC will scream that everyone else is cheating in a futile attempt to distract from the sanctions.

It won’t work. USC is on major NCAA probation for cheating. No amount of calling Urban Meyer a cheater will change that. USC cheated. It was caught. It has a buffoon and a cheater as a coach. Lane Kiffin was a walking NCAA violation at Tennessee. Does anyone think he has changed?

It is clear from USC’s latest action that the situation is bad at Southern Cal. Too bad the NCAA didn’t do enough.