NCAA getting tough?

The AP proposes the possibility that the “NCAA’s harsher penalties could become new norm for rule-breakers.” This tougher stance comes in time for interesting rules cases and investigations. The AP points out these cases:

“The New York Times reported last month that the NCAA is looking into the academic history of former Kentucky guard Eric Bledsoe. The school claims Bledsoe passed an extensive review process by the NCAA, and Bledsoe is now headed to the NBA after one college season. Kentucky has won more basketball games than any other Division I program, and Wildcats coach John Calipari has twice had to vacate Final Four appearances at other schools.

“Michigan has an August hearing in front of the infractions committee for five major infractions in the football program. The Wolverines have already admitted to making mistakes and have self-imposed some penalties, hoping the NCAA doesn’t hit them any harder. Michigan has won more football games than any other Division I school.

“Oklahoma officials said last month they had shared phone records with the NCAA showing former assistant coach Oronde Taliaferro made contact with Jeffrey Hausinger, a Tampa, Fla.-based financial representative who reportedly wired $3,000 to former Sooners center Keith “Tiny” Gallon and his mother. The NCAA has issued a statement indicating Gallon had not complied with its requests for cooperation.”

With the tough USC decision will the NCAA adopt a lighter stance? Or will it keep the pressure up on the majors names like Michigan, Oklahoma and Kentucky? Read more about the NCAA and its enforcement policy below.


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