Expansion: All eyes on Texas A&M

What is next in the conference expansion drama? It seems Texas A&M dominates the conversation tonight. Meanwhile, Texas is like a suzerain as it leads its vassals Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech to the Pac-10 or Pac-16. Here is an update on the Texas A&M situation.

From the AP: Texas A&M, which is reported to be considering a move to the Southeastern Conference, has not scheduled a regents meeting.

A&M president R. Bowen Loftin told The Associated Press on Friday that the school was content to stay in the Big 12, but the rapid changes are forcing A&M to consider other options.

“We’re still working through the issues,” Loftin said. “We’re also waiting to see what happens with other schools. We were very happy to stay in the Big 12, the way it was. It’s changing now, and we need to figure out what that means.

“The Big 12 is not what it was, and we have to think about its future, and ours.”

Loftin would not comment on speculation that A&M is considering moves to the SEC or the Pac-10, or say if the school was leaning toward one league over another.

“We have not made any decisions at this point in time,” he said. “I can say that the first consideration in any decision involving conference realignment is the athletes’ well-being. Geography has to be a part of the equation, and then, maintaining a strong academic program and keeping that in place will be paramount.

“We’re also a school that has a very strong consciousness for traditions, and that’s a part of this, too,” he said. “You have many factors in play here, none of which I would say is dominant.”

Loftin said he would like A&M and Texas to continue their annual football rivalry, even if the teams end up in different leagues. (read the entire AP story on the Big XII (12) situation below)