UPDATE: Texas A&M and the SEC

There is growing chatter about Texas A&M and the SEC on this Thursday afternoon. And now we hear that money and not traditional rivalries is the most important aspect for A&M during this critical period. This combined with Gene Stallings’ statement could mean a break between A&M and Texas is more likely.

From an AP report: The Pac-10 is reportedly interested in inviting Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech to form a 16-team league, while the Aggies could also head to the Southeastern Conference. …

Former Texas A&M football coach R.C. Slocum, who now works as a special advisor to school president Bowen Loftin, said football programs are carrying increased financial burden to support other sports, so they’re drawn to potentially massive TV contracts for more revenue.

“You look at the level of funding that all programs need to have, and it’s a business decision that universities now have to make,” Slocum said.

Slocum said any decision A&M makes will be based purely on its financial impact, and not on more intangible elements, like preserving traditions and rivalries. (Read the entire report embedded below.)


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    I think Miami and Clemson are the least likely on your list and FSU the most likely. However, I would watch Oklahoma and A&M tonight and tomorrow. They might go to Pac-16, but maybe the SEC is interested in them. I’m not ready to say the SEC won’t land a team or two or three from the old Big 12. I’m not going to count Slive out.

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    GT & Mia offer big TV markets, FSU has a big following and a rival of Fla, Clem just due to location and rival of USC.

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    Miami has horrible support, and that television market is already penetrated with Florida. Atlanta is already owned by the SEC.

    Clemson fits with the passion and tradition. However, there isn’t a real reason to take them in terms of dollars.

    FSU has a decent following. I could see the SEC taking them. I wouldn’t be opposed to Ga. Tech either. However, I don’t see value in it.

    I’d oppose Miami if anyone asked me. No real value at this time. They are horrible at everything outside of football.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I kind of like Tech and of course they are the Atlanta market, which Bama has already penetrated like a cheap whore. But they seem to lack the enthusiasm and attention to sports that the SEC schools have. Have you checked their Rivals site? It’s dead, dead. You’d think they are in the WAC. And UNC would not come without bringing Duke, which aint gonna happen. Maybe if the ACC was going to breakup they would. But not in a raid. My choice to balance possibly 2 Big 12 teams in the west would be FSU and Va. Tech. Man the Hokies have the best following in the ACC, the SEC passion, and the Virginia, DC, and southern Pa. markets. But if only A&M comes, then I think we should look at Houston. But don’t bet the house on all those teams going to the Pac 10. Many of them don’t like the logistics of the left coast, much less the 2 time zone difference. RTR!

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    And on another note. God, A&M! That’s all we need in the western division along with Abarn and damn Miss St. is another freaking Cow College. Texas treats A&M worse than we treat the Barners. Sheese! RTR!

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    Ii do not understand some of the decisions being made by some of these A.D.s and universities.

    I would have thought that the Big 12 would have had as much t.v. revenue as anyone outside the sec. But appearantly I am wrong. Is it the distribution of these funds that is the sause of the dissention in the Big 12 ?

    The Pac 10 or 12 or 14 or whatever it is now would suprise me if they had the reveue and the following of CFB in comparison to the Big 12. But I am probably wrong on that again.

    My dream teams to join the SEC would be : Put Texas in the east and put V.Tech in the west.

    If we went to 16 teams, put Clemson in the east and FSU in the west.

    That would be a kick butt conference in the highest order. Be it revenue or competition.

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    Basically, Texas was a hog of revenues. While A&M is in debt, Texas is flush with $125 million total athletics budget.

    The fact that Texas dictates to others is one big reason for the hard feelings.

    If you ask me, Texas arrogance is pushing A&M further away from the Pac-16. It is hard to judge Oklahoma, but my guess is that the Sooners are somewhat resentful of being second class citizens too.

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    Refresh my memory, but how does the SEC distirbute our T.V> revenue. I know it isnt a 12 way split , but it is pretty fair from what I remember. Of course Vandy and Kentucky dont deserve the same amount of money that the Floridas and Alabamas ger. They arent televised near as much.

    But from what I remember, it was definantly fair.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    The SEC is close to an equal split. Relative to the umpteen millons each school gets, the small differences are insignificant. For example, last year I believe Miss. St. actually recieved slightly more than UA. The PAC 10 has the smallest revenue of the big 4. Their promised payouts to the expansion teams is based soley on projected revenues after expansion. Which is speculation and a really stupid reason to leave the Big 12. Texas would never consider it if dumbass Nebraska and Colorado hadn’t abandoned ship and left the conference listing with a bad leak.

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