UCLA looks to follow Auburn blueprint

With the NCAA’s 4-year investigation finally complete, the USC we have all come to know and love (sort of) will soon be no more.

Lane Kiffin will soon look like Lame Shula, and the once proud Trojans will feel the effect of 20 scholarship losses (reportedly) and a two year bowl ban (again, reportedly).  The actual penalties should soon be revealed.

USC’s run on the left coast and nation is over, with its Pac 10…or 11…or 12…brothers now poised to jump on its back once USC is crippled and humbled.  Which also means one thing:

UCLA will capitalize in much the same way Auburn did when a similar fate met the Crimson Tide earlier this century.

UCLA has been USC’s whipping boy for some time now, with the Bruin defense looking as un-masculine as the baby blue uniforms it wore.  With the Trojans on their knees, Rick Neuheisel looks to settle in to a Tuberville-like state…where you don’t have to actually win anything to keep your job.  You just have to beat your crippled brother across the state; or in UCLA’s case, across the city.

It will just be interesting to see if UCLA admits or attributes any of the success it enjoys to the obvious reason: USC isn’t USC anymore.  Because we know one faction of football fans who will never admit that Alabama wasn’t Alabama during the supposed “streak”.

How long it will take USC to get back to dominating and winning championships again remains to be seen.  But in case you haven’t noticed, Alabama is Alabama again.  How long will it take USC to find itself?