UCLA looks to follow Auburn blueprint

With the NCAA’s 4-year investigation finally complete, the USC we have all come to know and love (sort of) will soon be no more.

Lane Kiffin will soon look like Lame Shula, and the once proud Trojans will feel the effect of 20 scholarship losses (reportedly) and a two year bowl ban (again, reportedly).  The actual penalties should soon be revealed.

USC’s run on the left coast and nation is over, with its Pac 10…or 11…or 12…brothers now poised to jump on its back once USC is crippled and humbled.  Which also means one thing:

UCLA will capitalize in much the same way Auburn did when a similar fate met the Crimson Tide earlier this century.

UCLA has been USC’s whipping boy for some time now, with the Bruin defense looking as un-masculine as the baby blue uniforms it wore.  With the Trojans on their knees, Rick Neuheisel looks to settle in to a Tuberville-like state…where you don’t have to actually win anything to keep your job.  You just have to beat your crippled brother across the state; or in UCLA’s case, across the city.

It will just be interesting to see if UCLA admits or attributes any of the success it enjoys to the obvious reason: USC isn’t USC anymore.  Because we know one faction of football fans who will never admit that Alabama wasn’t Alabama during the supposed “streak”.

How long it will take USC to get back to dominating and winning championships again remains to be seen.  But in case you haven’t noticed, Alabama is Alabama again.  How long will it take USC to find itself?


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    Brian Caldwell

    ‘Because we know one faction of football fans who will never admit that Alabama wasn’t Alabama during the supposed “streak”’….HAHAHA, such arrogance is hilarious.

  2. 3

    Don’t worry, USC. You can always call ITK for Bama’s Blueprint for excuse making, such as:

    1. Manage to beat the other 3 dominant teams in your conference by 3 or more td’s during your probation, but blame succesive losses to UCLA on the effects of crippling NCAA sanctions that magically appear mere weeks after such victories.

    2. Blame the losses on the fact that you have an incompetent coach, hoping that no one will remember that you were the incompetent idiots who chose to hire him.

    3. Operate under a bizarre rationale that losses with an incompetent coach don’t count while wins with a good coach do.

    4. Blame your sanctions against the rat coach who turned you in all the while ignoring that your own gross misconduct is solely to blame.

    These steps, along with the strong power of denial, should provide you with comfort during these difficult times.

  3. 4

    I thought this was an Alabama site, yet it seems the first 3 comments have come from Auburn fans. Is this the Capstone Report or the People’s Farm Comune Tribune Report?

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    In order Julio, by your rationale:

    1. Ignore that “said victories” came at the start or middle of the season when depth and injuries aren’t yet an issue, then try to draw a parallel line to the 12th game and act like that time of year is the same.

    2. Ignore that circumstances shallowed the hiring pool, making incompetent coaches the only candidates.

    3. Rush to the assumption that coaching competency (due to #2) plays no factor (and hope so since you have the Chiznik)

    4. Ignore that a rival who is given a pass to point out many of the same sins he’s committing but yet turning you in for stands to directly gain from the demise he’s helping create for you.

    UCLA, these steps should manufacture and,or fabricate quite a run for you. Just follow Abarn’s lead and get those snappy sayin’s ready for bumper stickers and such.

    Of course, karma’s a bitch, and you’ll one day still find yourself in the muck and mire of 7-5’s while your rival returns to dominate the landscape of college football, shelving championships like they’re groceries from the day’s trip to the market.

  5. 6

    ITK, you’re slippin’. You forgot about Fran goin’ to TAMU.

    There was a shallow hiring pool?? I thought we were talking about THE University of Alabama. Ain’t that the most prestigious job in the country??

  6. 7

    Not when you’ve just been handed the stiffest penalty since SMU. The Bear may not have come under those circumstances.

    And you know that. It’s just more fun to play stupid and argue. The question is, are you playing? 🙂

  7. 8

    So nobody was available?? What about that guy from Bowling Green that Utah hired at the same time Bama hired Price (Urban soemthingoranother??). I guess the Utes AD saw something Mal didn’t. Or do you seriously believe that Meyer would have chosen Utah over Bama?? How bout Jim Grobe?? Paul Johnson had already won 2 NC’s at Ga. Southern and completely tured Navy around at the end of 2002. You really think those guys wouldn’t have jumped at the chance to come to Bama at that point in their careers??

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    In the first place Julieta, Bama doesn’t hire head football coaches from places like Bowling Green. In the second place nobody knew Urban would become the coach he is today. Besides, I’m not so sure that even I couldn’t win coaching at Florida. Beeper, how many undefeated seasons and national championships did Alabama have after Dyeper Rash beat us the first time? Answer – none. Why? Because Bear was in poor health and Bama was in a state of decline. Witness his death 30 days after he retired. It’s not like Dyeper Rash ever beat one of Bama’s best teams. Much less on a regular basis. You fuckers need to get a life. Oh that’s right, sorry, you’re Barnies. RTR!

  9. 10

    At that point in time, no. The Bama job was radioactive. Which again illustrates the amazing job Nick Saban has done. I still have a hard time believing how dominant we are, and how you and most barners agree you don’t really believe Abarn will beat us for a while. The dipsy doo gives you hope, I guess out of the sheer novelty of it, as does getting a good class in. But deep down you know it’s all a house of cards ready to fall, while the band just keeps playing on in T-town.

    The point is, UCLA can and will look good in the coming years going head-to-head with USC, but only as a result of USC being crippled rather than UCLA actually rising to the level of its rival. It’s the abarn blueprint.

  10. 11

    You still have not tried to explain the Dye years…..My childhood was filled with memories of Auburn whooping Bamas ass regularly..Also winning the SEC. Thats why I chose to be an Auburn fan. Bama was not on probation during my childhood years, so what gives ? During my lifetime, we hold the series lead. Yes your team has 2 Nat Championships, and thats great. But we have two undefeated seasons. One of wich happened during probation. So, by your logic, do I count that one ? We were put on probation (even though we deserved it) , by the evil NCAA.

    Yall just dont seem to understand the reason people get put on probation. Its because you CHEAT !!!!!!!

    USC followed Bamas blueprint of cheating, and the NCAA used the blueprint they invented for Bama on USC.

  11. 12

    BPI, thank you for illustrating what I’ve held about Auburn fans my entire life.

    “Yes you have 2 National Championships, and that’s great. But we have two undefeated seasons.”

    You have been sold a bag of lies by your “Awhbuhn Fambly” that championships don’t matter because Auburn can’t do it.

    In a similar case, it’s no big deal to dunk a basketball (because I can’t do it). See how I did that? I downplayed the accomplishment because it’s not possible for me to soar above everyone else 10′ up and slam it home.

    In your lifetime, you will NEVER see Auburn do what I witnessed Bama do to Texas on college football’s grandest stage last January. Never.

    Since you threw it out there…in MY lifetime, Bama holds the series lead, 21-17. And Bama has three undefeated seasons.

    But more importantly, Alabama has won five (5) National Championships and eleven (11) SEC Championships.

    You know, being the best. And while when we are at full strength, which we are now, typically we wipe the field with Auburn for long periods of time.

    Now, you asked for an explanation of the Dye years. It’s fairly simple actually.

    1. Dye cheated; we saw that as he retired, didn’t we?

    2. He was a good coach and just the right catalyst for that program at just the right time.

    3. That “right time” was one of the greatest coaching legends in college football history retiring then dying suddenly, leaving a void that several power hungry nincompoops in Tuscaloosa at the time didn’t know how to manage.

    Auburn was a force in the 80’s, there’s no doubt. But now they’re back to their old ways of smoke and mirrors.

  12. 13

    Look man, I am NOT trying to put Au on the same level as UA in a historical sense. It aint gonna happen.

    But, does that mean that I cant pull for and support my foavorite CFB team ? No. Does it mean that I feel like less of a man because my team does not have crystal ? No. Does that mean that Bama is the standard that I wish Au could live up to , but according to you, never will ? No……

    Congrats to your teams success….You have earned it. But , when you say “Full strength” , realise that historicly speaking that means that your cheating….And then you will be in a “weakened state” because of your own actions. All while bitching and moaning that your not on a “level playing feild”…This is the premise of your above article…downplaying UCLA, a program on the rise at the moment. When they win, and they will win much in the future under rich Nuhousal (sp)… you will atribute it to NCAA sanctions on USC…Much like you dillweeds did with Auburns success.

    Bamas problems were much more related to the decisions from the higher ups than anything the NCAA did to them. Not to say that the NCAAs sanctions did not affect your record. But IMO they didnt nearly as adversely affect your teams performance as badly as your higher ups lame decision making. Mike Shula for crying out loud ????

    That is the pattern in wich your team operates.

    If the roles were reversed, in 93 and 04, your team would undoubtedly claim that those two undefeated teams earned a n.c. “on the feild”….

    Our fanbase , however , does not.

    I am proud of what AU has done in my lifetime. We not only beat your tails regularly throughout the 80s , but some of the 90s and definantly in the 00s….but we also whipped a lot of the other teams with regularity in that same span. What is there excuse ?

    We have a long way to go to get back to that level. Time will tell.

  13. 14
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Maybe he didn’t explain it numbnuts, but I did. And since I was in jr. high school Bama has won 8 national championships, been cheated out of 2, and played for 14. And won 21 SEC championships. I can’t give you the record against the Barn since 1961 but it’s a huge difference. And that’s why I am a Bama fan. On a different note: I hate to say it, but Scarbuttski had a pretty damn good column this morning on the USCw sanctions. Of course he had to put in a plug for the Barn and the ’04 national championship. You know, I hate to say it, but I think Abarn deserves it. Let me clarify that Abarn could never have beaten USC even if Bush hadn’t played. And I think the Oklahoma loss was an anomaly. They were not that bad of a team and I think they would have beaten Abarn. Nobody can think an undefeated Oklahoma could ever be as pathetic as Cinncinatti who lost to Florida by an identical score last year. Or maybe USC was a super team? However, if the title is stripped, Abarn would be the lone undefeated team. (cont.)

  14. 15

    I went ahead and read your nonsense ( though I know better)…..Did you not read the FIRST sentence in my post ?

    Chokelahoma is the BCS runner up. They would deserve the title. Great for them.

    I just dont get the whole ” the barn is irrelevent” and the ” barn wishes they were Alabama”….

    We dont care…Do we want to be an SEC powerhouse again ? Yes..

    Do we wish we were Alabama ? No……

    My whole point is that you people look at UCLA as if they are irrelevent. They are not. They have beatn SC when SC was really good.

    You look at the past infractions at UA as if they were somehow justified, and your team was unfairly punished for your infractions.

    Im just glad that they gave USC the same deal you peckers got, or it would be absolutely unbearable…

  15. 16
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    (cont.) And Beeper, don’t act like a stupid motherfucker. Your whole fan base including you claim the ’04 nat’l champ. I already explained why Dyeper Rash won more than his share of games against Bama, and you can add to that, he was trained by the Bear AND he was a documented cheater. The Smurf was a good coach too. He should have been. He was trained by his daddy Bobby and had the advantage of Dyeper Rash et. al. providing him with the best teams money could buy. Meanwhile Bama had never recovered from Bear’s waning years and some less than remarkable coach selections. However, unlike the rest of the SEC, with a good coach on staff Bama is always a dynasty waiting to happen. To wit, the arrival of Stallings, an immediate yearly spot in the top 10, a NC, and an end to the Abarn bullshit. Then with his departure came probation and another string of dumb coaches. To wit, Abarn crawled out of the cow dung once again. Now enters Saban like Bryant and Stallings. Whatcha gonna do Barnies? Bwaa Haww Haww! (cont.)

  16. 17
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    (cont.) Actually I can’t believe you said that Beeper. If USC has to abandon the NC then the team who finished #2 should be awarded it, unless that team has been stomped by 5 td’s. Anyway I think Abarn finished #2, not OU. Right? My contention though is that SC should have to forfit the games, but not the title. Why you ask? Because Reggie Bush did not make a 5 td difference in the game. There were 23 other starters on that team including a Heisman QB and a FB and backup RB’s who actually out performed Bush against Texas in ’05. Additionally Bush was never paid to go to SC. He was already there 2 years when this stuff occured. The money and benifits that he and his family recieved, while definitely against NCAA rules, was paid by agents and parties who wanted Bushes contract to represent him to the NFL and media advertising. Sure it was wrong, but he was legitimately at SC and they won the NC and would have beat OU without him playing. So if they strip it then give it to the Barn. But don’t strip it. RTR!

  17. 18

    No ITK, the point is that UCLA will fare better than USC over the next few years because:

    1. They chose to hire a competent coach in Neuheisel, whereas USC chose to hire an incompetent idiot like Kiffin. (and yes, there are plenty of competent coaches that would have taken the USC job for 4 million dollars despite the upcoming sanctions.)

    2. USC will suffer from the effects of NCAA sanctions due their own gross misconduct, and it’s no one’s fault but their own. It doesn’t matter who “turned them in”. If they wouldn’t have been cheating like crazy, there wouldn’t have been anything to turn them in for.

  18. 19

    What bites Abarn on the ’04 USC championship is the definition between the Trojans “vacating” wins and “forfeiting” wins.

    The wins Bama vacated didn’t award the win to the team they were playing. Those teams still have losses in their record books. Bama just can’t add them in our record books. Which is fine; everyone knows what really happened.

    If I slap you to the floor but am forced to “vacate” that action by someone in authority, forcing me to say “I’m sorry”, everyone still knows I slapped you to the floor.

    And everyone knows Abarn would have been met with the same fate as Oklahoma, since the same team basically ran the Tigers in their own stadium the year before.

    But in effect, no one will be awarded the championship from 2004. Oklahoma has a deeper right to it than Abarn, as Oklahoma survived the entire season perched at #2…a much more stress-packed feat than beginning at 20 something and climbing.

    AU had a great year that year, but it’s over, and USC’s vacated win won’t hand the hardware to them.

    And BPI, I just LOVE when Abarn fans claim a title for 1993. By that logic, we deserved the title in 2008 because we finished the regular season undefeated.

    See, there’s a thing called an SEC Championship Game that you couldn’t play in because you were caught cheating, again. And if you had won that, there’s another thing called a National Championship Game. So two more quality opponents were left after your life was made, beating Bama. Oh yeah, you beat the defending National Champion that year, so I guess that’s how you connected the dots (though we already had losses and a tie going into that game).

    BPI, and I’m not saying you can’t root for your team. But look around, bro. You keep coming to a Bama site (and we’re glad you do). But this is still a Bama site. Don’t expect respect here that isn’t earned.

  19. 20
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Remember Antonio met with an agent in the French Quarter BEFORE the ’92 NCG in the Sugar Bowl and that was the begining of Bama’s troubles with the NCAA and caused us to have to forfit the ’93 season. But we did not have to forfit the Sugar Bowl or the ’92 NC. And I personally feel the same standard should be applied to SC. Hell, they’re being curb stomped as it is. Anyway, fuck all of you, Barnies, Corndogs, Condoms and all! Roll Damn Tide Roll!!!

  20. 21
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Julietta, what’s this shit about Neuhausal? Can’t spell that name. The coach that was going downhill at Colorado and ran out leaving them in deep shit with the NCAA from his watch? The coach who couldn’t do diddly shit at a Pac 10 power like Washington? This is the guy that’s gonna bring UCLA back to power and not the demise of USC? Damn boy, lead me to your stash! That must be some GOOD shit. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  21. 22

    Believe it ITK, I really, really, really, dont give a crap if you respect me or not……Really.

    Earning the respect of ananonymous blogger on a message board is not one of my life goals dude.

    I wholeheartedly agree about 93 AU…Thats kinda the whole DAM POINT I WAS MAKING !!!!!!

    We got what we deseved. You did not hear the “waa waaa weakened state” crap you morons spewed for 16 freegin years..

    I even heard that garbage in 08 when you went undefeated….You whiners beat that horse to death….

    We, on the other hand just said “oh well” and moved on.

    The Bammers talk more about the 04 champ crap than Auburn people do. That is a fact.

    And for anyone to compare college teams year to year is brick wall stupid..I thought you were smarter than that ( why I dont know).

    By your logic you should have gotten beat by Florida in the SEC champ game last year and then proceed to get waxed by Utah or Boise in your bowl game.


  22. 23

    Oh , and “look around” at your articles….90% of them pertain to AU….And I am obsessed. Looking at the titles of your colums you wouldnt know where your allegience lied. You would only know you hate AU….


  23. 24
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    ITK does that moron really believe the shit that he spews out on here? Does he actually believe neither he nor his inbred Barnies don’t do or never say any of that stuff? If it wasn’t such a fucking waste of time I could find hundreds of posts on this board alone to refute every single accusation and denial that he made. Fuckin Barnies. And just think; we might end up with their reflection, Texas A&M. God help us! RTR!

  24. 25

    E.G. I know I can always count on you to blow your verbal diahrea …. I wasnt talking to you. So shut your pie hole.

    Go back to the sperm thread you and 77 were so engaged in . Thats more to your taste (pun inteded)…..

  25. 26
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Wow! Don’t hold your breath or blink! This shits movin at lightspeed now. Boise State just bolted the WAC for the Mountain West! That ought to put a shit eatin grin ole Orin’s face. Man those two bedfellows are making huge gains to grab a BCS slot when the Big 12 goes belly up. I bet they go after 2 more so they can have a champ. game. How about Kansas and Missouri, or Baylor to keep TCU company. Look for a wakeup slap from the SEC any time now. Shits obviously been goin on in secret all over the damn place while they treat the news services like mushrooms. You know, keepem in the dark and feedem bullshit! RTR!

  26. 27
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Hey, I just heard that we’re getting rid of Vanderbilt and Auburn so that we can add 6 real teams to the SEC. And Auburn is replacing Boise St in the WAC. That way they can keep La. Tech on their schedule! Must be a bitch going from the BCS to an OTHER. Oh that’s right they already have a WAC offense and can’t compete with BCS teams anyway! Fuck you Beeper! RTR!

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