Expansion: Missouri leaders meet, talk conferences

AP: Big Ten, Big 12 or none of the above? Conference affiliation in play as Missouri curators meet

Carefully crafted loyalty pledges to the Big 12 aside, Missouri’s interest in joining an expanded Big Ten couldn’t have been more obvious.

But with conference rival Nebraska apparently the top choice to make that switch, and the Pac-10 Conference poised to grab as many as six more Big 12 schools, Missouri now finds itself on the outside looking in — and Tiger fans are starting to worry.

“There’s a lot of concern among alumni about what happens to Mizzou and how this works out,” said Todd McCubbin, executive director of the Missouri Alumni Association.

University curators opened their regularly scheduled meeting in Columbia on Thursday morning with a closed-door session — the first of three scheduled over the next two days. Board Chairwoman Judy Haggard confirmed that the curators plan to discuss conference affiliation at some point. (read the entire AP report below)