SHOCK: Auburn workers allege race discrimination

BIRMINGHAM NEWS: “Six Auburn University custodial employees who work in Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum have filed a charge of race discrimination against the university with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. All of the complainants are black.”

Kevin Scarbinksy outlines the claims of racial discrimination at the link above. You’ll have to click it. A sample: “All white employees (at the coliseum) were offered (football) tickets with no restrictions” while black employees had to sign their names to a list and only five of them could receive tickets to any single game.”

Just what kind of family is Auburn?


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    Ok Cappy, where to begin??

    1. Make up your freakin’ mind. If you want to continually rant at the top of your lungs about how Kevin Scarbinsky and the Bham News are nothing but shameless AU hacks, and repeatedly encourage your readers to boycott the Bham News, then your’e nothing but a total hypocrite when you post a negative AU article based solely upon a Scarbinsky article from the Bham News. (I can’t wait to read your response trying to justify this, I’m sure it will be a classic.)

    2. Do you know who Julian McPhillips is??? Scarbinsky obviously doesn’t, or he wouldn’t have posted an article based upon an EEOC Charge filed by that guy. This is a 65 year old guy who has commercials of himself in wrestling tights doing “battle” with some other poor schmuck on a mat as a metaphor for him being a “fighter”. He also has some classic commercials of himself in a football uniform (full pads) running for a hypothetical td against opponents with “big insurance company” posted on their jerseys. He is, without question or competition, the single biggest joke in the Montgomery Legal Community.

    3. The only reason the Bham News even knew this EEOC charge was filed is because McPhillips faxed a copy of the charge to every news organization he could think of. You pride yourself in being an investigative journalist, so here’s a project: Get records from the EEOC and see how many charges of racial discrimination have been filed against both AU and Bama over the last 10 years. They’re public records. I bet you’ll be real suprised at what you find.

  2. 2

    I do not agree with pretty much anything McPhillips says or does, however, to call him stupid is well stupid. I have a feeling Julio would happily change houses and bank accounts with the man he calls an idiot.

  3. 3

    The NY Times is a liberal paper. It doesn’t mean they don’t produce something worth reading or linking to every so often.

    And you suggest it is odd that a lawyer would file many and some of them frivolous lawsuits or administrative actions?

    Where the hell have you been? I think every lawyer has done that.

  4. 4

    1. Sorry. I missed those articles where you encouraged your readers to boycott the NY Times and a particular writer from that paper.

    2. You suggest that the guy who does commercials in wrestling tights and football uniforms is on par with “every lawyer”?? No, the question is where the hell have you been.

  5. 5

    1. I have also said in my policy that I released back in January or February that I would cease linking to unless there was a story there not available from another outlet.

    2. I suggest that is about typical for lawyers. 😉

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    JULIO JONES FOR HEISMAN ! i predict he will throw at least 37 key blocks this year with 22 catches for 457yds and 2tds JULIO JULIO JULIO!

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