It’s official: UAB athletes dumbest in NCAA

The UAB football program has long been a complete joke on the field.  Now, the joke follows them off the field as well, and the basketball program is just as funny.

The Blazers’ basketball team scored an 825 in the Academic Progress Rate (APR), the second-worst among 343 Division I teams, behind only Chicago State. UAB’s football team scored an 887, up from an 875 last year but still the lowest out of the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams for the second consecutive year.

Okay, stop what you’re doing…don’t miss this:

  • Out of 120 schools competing at the “D1” level, our very own UAB Blazers are the dumbest, ranked at #120.
  • Out of 343 basketball programs, 341 are smarter than the Blazers.  Thank goodness for Chicago State who comes in at 343.
  • The basketball team will lose two scholarships and 16 practices as a result of the poor academic performance, but avoided a post-season ban from the NCAA. So the possibility of another “special season” capped with an NIT berth appears safe.
  • The football pro­gram was granted relief from penalties pro­vided it finishes the summer term above 925 for the 2009-10 school year.  So no post-season ban?  What a relief!  As if…

So with consistent pitiful performances on the field/court and in the classroom, is there any reason to continue athletics at UAB?

In a related story, according to

“Only four BCS teams, other than those at Colorado and Syracuse, face penalties: men’s outdoor track teams at Auburn and Cincinnati, the men’s indoor track team at Auburn and the women’s rowing team at West Virginia.”

So Bama’s track team gets in trouble a couple of years back over textbooks, but Auburn’s track team is in trouble for apparently not reading them.  Thank you; that is priceless.


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    Thanks for bringing this important report to our attention ITK. UAB continues to show a disgusting lack of interest in academics. Since I hold a degree from that institution, I am ashamed.

    UAB should end athletics today. It has no choice.

  2. 4
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Well I guess if you have no qualification restrictions for your athletes and you can recruit the really talented but really dumbass athletes that Alabama can’t; then eventually you will beat Bama once in a while. But only in the insignificant sports. The universe will last long enough for UAB to beat Bama in football. RTR!

  3. 5

    every year we don’t play them, they lose.

    is there anything in this story we didn’t already know??? (or at least I didn’t already know)

    as i have said before countless times: uab athletics was born of spite. it’s intent no more than to jab a finger in the eye of tuscaloosa who outsiders

    uabaybees in their heart of hearts don’t care about this news.

    textbooks!?!?!? we don’t need no stinkin’ textbooks!

    anyone recall the underage girl the football team was raping? swept that under the rug didn’t they??

    this is certainly no big deal to them.

    (it does make me think on a new reality show though: are you smarter than a uab athlete?)

  4. 7

    There was no “sweeping under the rug” of the rape allegations and the media did give it a lot of coverage, including a Sports Illustrated article about it… a decade ago. But you are right: Bama would have received more coverage, just as a nationally recognized program with 100 years of history and 13 national championships should expect.

    The bigger question is why do a select few Bama fans care so much about a program that should mean so little to them? Bama doesn’t play UAB in football or basketball. The only sports the two compete in are the sports UAB has no APR issues in.

  5. 9

    We don’t care, Logic, but when you pick the scabs of a giant it’s eventually gonna come back on you.

    And for every “UAT” I hear, I promise you, facts like the one I reported here will be held high for all the world to see.

    UAB is a joke, and this is just another laugh I’m having at their expense! I love it!

  6. 11

    UAB is a public institution. That is one. Many of us hold degrees or attended UAB. That is a second reason.

    I’m ashamed of UAB. I’m offended by its incompetence.

  7. 12

    “The bigger question is why do a select few Bama fans care so much about a program that should mean so little to them? Bama doesn’t play UAB in football or basketball.”

    and we shouldn’t play them in ANY sport. it sets precedence.

    why should we care???

    we already have one parasite living off our handiwork: auburn. not all in our camp understand the history. not all see history repeating itself in ala/b’ham.

    they’re EXACTLY now where auburn was in 1947. the tigers/ticks then had to have games with us for not only the money, but to legitimize their existence. ditto ala/b’ham today.

    we here are the gatekeepers. we stand on that wall and say, “sleep well tonight tide fans….”

    their athletic dept. is dying on the wretched vine on which it was hatched.

    death to the ticks.

  8. 13

    Let’s look at those same statistics you pointed out and see if you notice a pattern. Not a single BCS program was hit with APR violations in a major sport. Do you think that’s just a coincidence? I doubt it.

    That said, the entry requirements into UAB are tougher than they are into UAT. Go ahead, look it up.

    There is no denying that UAB needs to work on its academics in all of its athletic programs but let’s just say that UAB also decides to play by the rules instead of having a faculty that is on board with making sure its athletes are eligible despite their true academic performance (see the majority of BCS programs).

  9. 14

    Bullshit. Any athlete that can get into alabama can be a tick.

    And further to the point, apr has NOTHING to do with entrance exam requirements. If that’s the case, this looks WORSE for tickville.

    (we require smarter athletes to get in but dumb them down when they get here. Hilarious!)

    and the rape case WAS swept under the rug. Was ANYONE arrested??? Did anyone even Lose their job???

    (didn’t think so)

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