It’s official: UAB athletes dumbest in NCAA

The UAB football program has long been a complete joke on the field.  Now, the joke follows them off the field as well, and the basketball program is just as funny.

The Blazers’ basketball team scored an 825 in the Academic Progress Rate (APR), the second-worst among 343 Division I teams, behind only Chicago State. UAB’s football team scored an 887, up from an 875 last year but still the lowest out of the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision teams for the second consecutive year.

Okay, stop what you’re doing…don’t miss this:

  • Out of 120 schools competing at the “D1” level, our very own UAB Blazers are the dumbest, ranked at #120.
  • Out of 343 basketball programs, 341 are smarter than the Blazers.  Thank goodness for Chicago State who comes in at 343.
  • The basketball team will lose two scholarships and 16 practices as a result of the poor academic performance, but avoided a post-season ban from the NCAA. So the possibility of another “special season” capped with an NIT berth appears safe.
  • The football pro­gram was granted relief from penalties pro­vided it finishes the summer term above 925 for the 2009-10 school year.  So no post-season ban?  What a relief!  As if…

So with consistent pitiful performances on the field/court and in the classroom, is there any reason to continue athletics at UAB?

In a related story, according to

“Only four BCS teams, other than those at Colorado and Syracuse, face penalties: men’s outdoor track teams at Auburn and Cincinnati, the men’s indoor track team at Auburn and the women’s rowing team at West Virginia.”

So Bama’s track team gets in trouble a couple of years back over textbooks, but Auburn’s track team is in trouble for apparently not reading them.  Thank you; that is priceless.