Tim James is a socialist & other thoughts

Tim James is a socialist. We know this because socialists like to punish the successful and reward the incompetent. Hence, Tim James campaign promise to harm the successful Alabama Crimson Tide and coach Nick Saban in an attempt to help the incompetent Auburn athletic department and hapless coach Gene Chizik.

When you can’t win in the marketplace (or on the gridiron) fool people into voting for you and win in Montgomery.

But James might be even worse than a simple socialist. He might be a liberal too.

Since James is an Auburn athletic supporter, we should ask the question if he approves of the gayness going on in the football program. Does James support this type of behavior between Gene Chizik and his football players? “What we love the most about Coach Chizik is that he gets in our behinds every single play …” Bynes said. …“He’s a players’ coach. He’s in the drills. He’s in our faces. He’s getting in our behinds. He’s pushy.” (source: ESPN; H/T EDSBS).

This Brokeback love might be fine at USC with Lane Kiffin as one of the sexiest women in the world, but it has no place in Alabama.

I’m not saying James encourages the gayness. I’m just asking if his support for Auburn is tacit approval of all that gayness.

If he does that makes him not only a socialist but also a liberal.

Alabama doesn’t need a liberal socialist as governor. Voters should remember that as candidates are on the hustings.