Auburn Gets This Guy…

Today Abarn got this guy…

Some random thoughts here…

He (Dismukes) may turn out to be a good player (a center); only time will tell.  But tell me, who honestly wears a doo rag on their head?  With a suit?  On the day they make their commitment?  In front of cameras?

If you are a white dude, don’t wear a doo rag.  Ever.  Nothing  looks sillier than a white guy with a doo rag on his head.  Black guys pull the look off well.  Crackers cannot ( illustrated above).

It’s sad, but there’s a trend here…

Does the poor guy not have any friends?  Will anybody be real with him? Is it still 1993 in Spanish Fort?

Quote of the day:
“The first spring practice I went to at Auburn, that’s when I really started to feel like it was the place for me,” said Dismukes. “It was that trip that changed things. After that, I really started to see myself at Auburn.”

“After visiting spring practice at the barn, I realized that I could play as a freshman. That was a totally different vibe than the one I got when I visited Alabama, where I found myself wondering if I would ever play at all.”

Is Dismukes any relation to this guy?

There is a strong resemblance.

Other Abarn “looks” I’m fond of:

“Mommy, look at the balloons!”

“I like hats!”
(With the empty stands, this shot obviously taken during an AU home game last season.)

I don’t have words.

AU quarterback, Kevin Bacon.

AU fan who’s eaten too much bacon.

AU player who ate everything on the spaceship but Sigourney Weaver.

“I gotst me a Cokee-Colee! War damn eeeeagle, ya’ll!”

Just wrong for so, so many reasons.

Today’s tool has company.

But back to the original subject.  If you know someone who wants to don a doo rag, please do them a favor…show your real friendship to them, and tell them no.  Tell them you care too much about them to let them look like a complete fool.  Tell them, like Dismukes, it just looks like they have boxers on their head.

They may not appreciate it at first, but later they will thank you.