Oh for the glory days of even Bill Battle!

Gridscape can be an entertaining place. During the Lane Kiffin days the delusions of grandeur were more entertaining than a classic Seinfeld. These days the site isn’t as much fun. It is kind of sad. When a thread was posted outlining one alleged report from the Alabama Crimson Tide’s Coaches Clinic, the responses were downright depressing. If you are a Volunteer fan. It probably is good news if you are an Alabama fan.

From Gridscape:
Keeping up with the enemy……………………
I know some won’t like a post of this topic, but they are a rival and we play them every year, so it does have some relevance.

A buddy of mine went down to the Bama coaches clinic last week, and he told me a few thing ( that again, you probably won’t like ).

1. He told me that Bama is one of the most impressive LOOKING football teams he has ever seen. Just absolute BEASTS everywhere. He says their starting LB’s will all go in the 250-270 range, and can RUN.

2. Says that Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson are so cut that they are almost cartoonish.

3. He’s not all that impressed with McElroy, but says that McCarron kid is going to be a stud. Can make all the throws with ease.

4. Thinks the defense may not be as good as last year early, but will be by the time the season is half over. Overall better talent than last year.

5. Offense will be good. McElroy won’t blow you away throwing the ball , but is a good leader and doesn’t make many mistakes. Says the RB’s are OUT OF THIS WORLD good. Says that the 3rd string RB….Lacy I think…may ultimately be better than Ingram and Richardson..

Anyway, thats a few things. Won’t be popular here I am sure, but thought you might want to see how the enemy is doing.

And the replies were interesting too. Tennstud was resigned to mediocrity.
Re: Keeping up with the enemy……………………
“Appreciate your info, post. No, it doesn’t make me feel any better but it’s up to us to improve-recruit harder to obtain better athletes-but with Alabama, Florida, LSU, Georgia, and now even Auburn pushing even harder on recruiting- it makes our job at UT even more difficult to stay even, much less catch up. Oh Lane, why did you leave us? Or a better question, why, Mike Hamilton did you not have a better plan in place upon Fulmer’s departure? Oh for the glory days of even Bill Battle!”

Oh for the glory days of even Bill Battle!

What words! Are these the days that Volunteer fans pay for their horrible treatment of men like Battle and Johnny Majors? Are these the days that Volunteer fans pay for their stupid love affair with Lane Kiffin? A quick view of the program finds many negative things said about the new Tennessee coach. Complaints about access to the program are cover for a fundamental division over the direction and leadership of the football team. The discontent will make the new coach’s job that much more difficult.

It is sad to see a once proud program knocked so low.

But it is entertaining to watch.


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    Not that it matters, but there’s no way anyone outside of Hightower and the Jack (most likely Stinson) will go for more than 240lbs. Seems like a hyperbole to me. I’m sure Patrick, Johnson, Harris, Atchinson, Smith, and others have gained some weight, but certainly not 30 to 40lbs.

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    I think it captures the mood of things in Knoxville in the post-Lane Kiffin era.

    Of course the report could be an attempt to stir the UT fans, but if so, you have to take the context of the replies as evidence of how forlorn the Volunteers feel right now.

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    Hope Indy Vol reads this article and will show his hate for the crimson tide!! After what Fulmer tried to do to us it is funny to
    watch the vols become a bottom feeder like Vandy and Kentucky!! RTR

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    BamaCLT, Upshaw is at around 255-260, Johnson played at 235 last year and he’ll play t 240+ this year. Chris Jordan came in at around 230 and Jalston Fowler is around 250.

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