Shane: Trouble on the Plains

By Shane from Centerpoint

When Auburn head football coach Gene Chizik took the job he said he was prepared to step up and do whatever it took to establish authority and gain complete control over the football program. Chizik promised an almost militaristic (drawn from years spent as military brat) approach to team discipline, vowing that Auburn players were going to do things the right way.

Apparently sophomore tailback Eric Smith forgot everything Coach Chizik taught him on that fateful night when he decided to use the “classless” tactic of a blind assault to disable an individual before allegedly kicking the man after he downed him.

This incident was nothing more than a brutal result of Chizik’s allowing a thug to play for his team in spite of the risk involved.

Talk about going off the rails – Smith committed the assault directly in front of police officers. Eric’s blatant display of cheap aggression and lack of concern that the authorities were present not only cast a dark cloud over the Auburn program, but his actions served notice that many tough decisions await Chizik in the future.

Before we go any further, let me state that this early–morning episode had several questionable subplots surrounding it that give rise to a legitimate inquiry.

Why did the Auburn police department only charge Smith with disorderly conduct in the original arrest? If they witnessed the ambush first-hand, why didn’t they immediately apply the assault charges they later filed? This type of activity (actually inactivity) gives credence to long-held beliefs that football players receive special treatment from the local authorities.

At least two other football players were allegedly involved. Ironically, like Smith, they are sophomores. I point out their class because the players involved with the assault situation are alleged to be members of an internal gang (or group) of sophomores who call themselves the “Swag Team”.

According to a lawsuit centered on the case, Smith and/or two others knocked one man unconscious (inside the building) prior to Eric’s blind-siding the young man outside.

Truthfully, we may never know the complete story about the entire incident. I don’t think a police report was even written on the guy inside who was knocked unconscious. And, judging by the fact that Smith was only arrested for “minor” charges originally, one could easily believe that solving the inside issue was not a priority for the police.

Nevertheless, there are no “campus police” at Auburn. The city police department covers the school. That alone could present perception problems when combined with perceived procedural blunders like those associated with the Smith attack.

To his credit, Coach Chizik initially suspended Smith after his arrest. However, he never mentioned any other players being involved. In fact, the Auburn coach has failed to acknowledge anybody else as taking part in the beating of the guy upstairs, even though two of Smith’s teammates could possibly be added to the lawsuit at any time.

It is fairly clear to me that Chizik couldn’t afford to lose the other two individuals. They are starters. Auburn’s depth problems are well-known and the loss of these two “key” players could’ve spelled disaster this year.

The depth issue – although it’s not a valid excuse – may also serve to explain Chizik’s reasoning when he decided to allow Smith back into the line-up, especially after only a one-–game suspension! After all, Ben Tate has been the only healthy running–back available on a consistent basis. Chizik needed a body.

I find it uncharacteristic for a man of Chizik’s caliber (if you don’t believe me, just ask Pat Dye) to allow Smith to continue to be part of the team. The way Gene handled this deal almost gives the appearance that he was willing to forget the vicious nature of Smith’s attack, mainly because Eric catches passes well and is an excellent third–down back.

Actually, Coach Chizik might’ve already played his last card when he put Smith on the field. His actions didn’t send a resounding message to the team stating that, if you go too far, you’re off the team. Instead, Smith’s teammates might be thinking that their head coach is soft, or even worse, a sell-out.

In direct contrast to his public claims of transparency, I’m of the opinion that Gene Chizik’s handling of the entire Eric Smith (and others) case has been disingenuous at best.

Just the idea that three (maybe more) of his players were ignoring curfew, partying at some motel, and jumping civilians in late-night brawls should indicate to Chizik that his disciplinary system has failed.

Auburn fans might need to start thinking about whether the current Tiger commander has the capacity to realize that his team’s apparent lack of discipline off the field may be transferring over to game-day.

In fact, Auburn’s inability to stop committing crucial penalties and turnovers has cost them two or three games this year. It’s ironic that both errors are a result of lack of discipline.

Alarming evidence is beginning to stack up against Chizik’s reputation as a tough disciplinarian, and his actions pertaining to Eric Smith did nothing to help his case.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1

    I’m sure Shane’s view is fairly representative of the entire bammer nation. Knock our coach because you know he’s a threat. Coach Chizik isn’t the coach you bammers were hoping for. He hasn’t rolled over for Saban, and won’t. While an assistant coach, his defenses never lost to Saban, and once he gets his players to Auburn, y’all will see more of the same. And you know it.

    If we had hired a Shula, the bammers would sing his praises. Trust me, I know from experience!

  2. 2

    A threat? That’s good! He’s 100% the coach I was hopin for! Sadly he won’t be around long enough to get “his” players in. Would love to see more of the same!

  3. 5

    how can any bama fan, and yes i’m saying fan not grad, cause i’m sure shane nor any of you other bama posters never actually took a class at tuscaloosa, let alone graduated (along with about 80% of bama nation) talk about another school’s player being arrested? Hasnt bama had 10-12 arrests since saban got there? didnt c. upshaw hit, push, or whatever his girlfriend like a day before smith got arrested? bama is the most hypocritical fanbase i’ve ever seen. Plus i’d rather a guy get in a bar fight with another dude, than hit his girlfriend anyday. you put both those guys in jail, guess which one the inmates are going after??

  4. 6

    ken, I’m a 1987 grad of the U of A, not that that matters to be a fan. Schools like Alabama, Michigan, Notre Dame, etc have large “subway” alums because we have championship traditions. Auburn on the other hand, has only won one probation-tainted NC 52 years ago and only 6 SEC Championships(4 of them with the help of Alabama coaches). With such a pathetic tradition, no wonder you have no subway alums. No one wants to be associated with a loser. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  5. 7

    nope, bammer has soo many sidewalk fans cause grandmas and grandpas decided to jump on the winning bandwagon..oh i never went to college, let me pick a team..hmm..this coach name bear is winning, guess i’ll go with them. i asked my bama friend the other day how he became a bama fan. he said his parents were and raised him that way. when i asked if his parents graduated from he said no. grandparents? no. his parents chose a team cause they were winning, which is like 80% of bama “sidewalk” fans. i dont mind being a fan of auburn cause i actually attended and graduated. I dont need championships to choose my loyalty. by your logic thats just dumb. btw you never answered my question about bammer arrest..ever heard the saying dont throw stones from a glass house? truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  6. 8

    When did it become a problem being a fan if a school even if you didn’t attend said school? I must have missed that. I do have to say though, most of the aubie fans I know did good to graduate from high school, much less attend college. The few aubie fans/friends I have that did attend school at auburn, most of them didn’t even make it through thier freshman year, mostly because it was too hard to stay up drinking and partying all night and then stumble out of thier singe-wide trailer and make it to class.

    I am glad that I found out about the new rule of only being a fan of the school where you attend though, I will be sure and tell all the aubie fans I know at the iron bowl party that they are no longer allowed to cheer for auburn, since they didn’t attend school there. I am sure they will all understand the logic, you know, since aubies are known to be smarter than everyone else and so able to be reasoned with.

  7. 9

    maybe i should just drop all of my teams now and become a fan of the yankees, lakers, and gators since i should pull for teams that only win championships..but i’ll give you props, if you graduated in 87 from ua, you at least remember some championships for your team. people my age, 27 and under, were outside playing outside in ’92 and damn sure weren’t around for any others, so for them to scream got 12, yada, yada, yada, makes no sense to me.

  8. 10

    I do need some help figuring out if I am ok to pull for the Tide. I attened UAB, does that mean I am only able to be a Blazer fan, or since they are technically apart of the same system, is it ok for me to continue my life pulling for Bama?

  9. 11

    rtr053: hmm..sounds like you didnt go to school at uat. i’m right arent i? and i’m not saying there is anything wrong with being a sidewalk fan, but just the large number of bammer sidewalks is amazing. and i’m pretty sure bama was top 5 a couple years ago of top party schools, so not sure where the party remarks comes in. another hypocritical remark. but i’d rather stumble out of my trailer in auburn, instead of running out of my crummy run down apartment cause someone just wakled in at gunpoint to steal the stash of weed and cocain under my couch in that crime-infested city called tuscaloosa. seriously hows the view of the homeless guy on the corner while looking between he bars on your windows?

  10. 12

    You are right Ken, I did not attend The U of A, I was just wondering why that should effect my fandom? I personally don’t have a problem with auburn, I’m sure the cow pastures are just as nice down there as any cow pasture in America. I am just new to the whole idea that you can only be a fan of the school you attend, and why that rule only applies to bama fans and not all schools.

  11. 13

    And I don’t know how the view of the homeless guy looks though window with bars on them, I personally don’t live like that, but I do know that if you are in auburn, you may wanna watch your back for any football star that may go rogue and try to attack more locals.

  12. 14

    ha, okay..i’ll watch out for the sucker punches and you watch out for the football players such as Jeremy Elder robbing you at gunpoint. Also, dont let your sister date a bama football player, i heard they’ll get roughed up, heard that from Upshaw’s g/f. Wonder what section her dad’s season tickets will be in next year?

  13. 15
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! I’ve GOT TO CHIME IN on this subject. So you can only be a fan of a school’s athletic teams if you attended said school. WHAT A CROCK OF *#@%! Interestingly enough, “Ken” is not the first I’ve ever seen make a statement like this. I live next door to some AU fans. Its gonna be hard telling them that they can’t root for AU because they never went to college there. I work with & have worked with AU fans in the past who never went to school at Auburn. Well, I guess I’m gonna HAVE to give up my season ticket package because I went to a lowly Community College. GET REAL, DUDE! A large percentage of UA & AU supporters who buy season tickets, spend money for gas and food to follow their respective teams NEVER ATTENDED A SINGLE CLASS AT EITHER SCHOOL! “Ken,” that type of thinking is ASININE.

  14. 16
    Alex Hamilton

    Hmm. I tailgate with people that all lived in Burke Hall, Ken. I graduated cum laude from THE University of Alabama.

    However, Ken, I also know of dozens of wealthy, self-made individuals that did not attend classes at Alabama, whom happen to love The University and would have loved to attend Alabama but for something in their life prevented them from doing so.

    I suppose the point here is that one does not have to attend a school or be a “legacy” to use some of your elitist vernacular to be a fan of a paricular school, or of its athletic teams. However, being a college graduate does not keep people like you from making dumbass comments.

    And, quite frankly, I wouldn’t be so proud to have attended Auburn. After all, if Carnell Williams and Brad Lester can pass classes there, my dog could get a degree from that place.

    Well, then again, I doubt that any Auburn Sorrority girls would sleep with my dog and write his papers for him.

  15. 17


  16. 18


  17. 19
    E.G. White

    Ken must really, really be boored today. Look fool. For the namesake school of the state to have more fans and more sidewalk fans is the national norm. Fla has more than Fla St and Fla St is in the capitol. Ga more than Ga Tech. N. Car more than NC St. Miss more than Miss St. OK more than OK St. Texas more than Tex A&M. And when the namesake is a national power as in the case of nearly all of those mentioned, they get an even more disproportionate following. In most cases both schools had a similar begining but the namesake always is the State favorite. Now in Auburns case that’s not true. Auburn started out as an insignificant college which changed its name several times from East Alabama Male College to API and so on. Consider yourselves lucky that you have the following that you do. You could easily be like La Tech or Arky St or Vandy/Tenn Tech! And what the hell is wrong with sidewalk fans anyway? Just that the penis enviers need something to run their mouths about. How useless! You won’t be on (cont.)

  18. 20

    I must say that I don’t agree with Aubs much…but Ken’s basic argument is right. I graduated UA in ’92- College of Communication, and nothing is worse than those that the only building they have been in is Bryant-Denny. Seriously, I would never wear a shirt of a High School I didn’t go to. Its the same thing. I paid tuition, room and board, and tickets…they just got the T-shirt.

  19. 21
    E.G. White

    (cont.) this site running your mouth after Friday Afternoon and that’s a fact! As for me, I have known many, many Auburn fans in my life; especially since I grew up an Auburn fan in an Auburn family. But with the exception of my Father and his brother, the only other friends of whom I am positive actually attended Auburn are Fob and Bobbi James and their children. One of my brothers attended Livingston, two never went to college. My sister attended Montevalo. My uncles sons never attended college and his 3 daughters are attorneys from Troy State. All of the above are sidewalk Barners. I on the other hand threw away my childish things and went to both UAB and The University of Alabama, graduating in ’71. Thank God! So come over here and rant if you want too. We can take it because we have the tradition and the records to put Awbarn and nearly anyone else in their place if they are stupid enough to flame with us. Bring it fool! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  20. 22

    I would think that being an 4th generation Alabamian – that all those pennies, nickles, dimes, tax dollars paid over the course of 150 years – by my ancestors and now myself – for an University Owned by the People – Shit Comrade ! Does this not give me some rights ?

  21. 23
    E.G. White

    Bamaferg, you’re an idiot! Every Jr College, College, University and yes even High Schools have sidewalk fans! You’re a damn lier too! You just like me, if you move to a new town or community you will eventually pull for that High School team if they are not a rival of some other school that you have ties to. Idiot! If people didn’t root for teams they have no actual ties to, there would be no proffessional sports in this country. Now what is the difference in being from Alabama or living in Alabama and rooting for The University of ALABAMA, and living in Dallas or anywhere in Texas and rooting for the Dallas Cowboys or the Texas Rangers? Next time think before you open your mouth agreeing with a Barner removing all doubt that you are a fool! RTR!

  22. 24

    Yes Indeed. Class Warfare is alive and well.
    You can take em’ out of Plantation but you can’t take the Plantation out of em’

  23. 25
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Alex…….Keith McCants…..Alabama graduate…..End of story…

  24. 26

    graduated in ’71 using “ROTFLMAO”, thats classic. You’re like the titans owner flipping birds. aren’t you a little old for that?

    Look if you read my previous posts, I said that there is not a thing wrong with being a sidewalk fan. I have friends who pull for auburn, who never attend auburn. but if you were to look at percentages of the two schools, i’m betting it wouldnt be close. People like to jump on a winning bandwagons, so if you have no ties to a particular school, why not jump on the one that’s winning. thats how bama acquired so many fans that. E.G. if you wanna pull for the ‘namesake’ school, why not uab, uah, usa? like someone mentioned above its all the same school system. And i dont know where this high school stuff comes in. I didnt start pulling for auburn or opelika high when i moved to auburn. pretty sure i wont either, unless i’m still here and my kids start attending the school.

    As ferg was saying, most of the most obnoxious fans never even went to school there.

  25. 27

    ha. i was just about to address alex. You do know that Auburn’s average ACT among incoming freshmen is higher than alabama’s right? au:25.5, ua:24 Average GPA is higher as well, au: 3.69, ua: 3.4 you can find those numbers on princeton review. you’re just spouting out at the mouth without knowing facts. Unless you’ve graduated from vandy, no other SEC school should even bring up academics as an arguing point anyway.

  26. 28

    hey alex, i wonder if an au sorority girl would have courtney upshaw beat on them and have their dad throw them under the bus like the sorority girls do in tuscaloosa? what you think?

  27. 29

    I think that most of the People Posting on this ALABAMA Blog have been around for the long haul for years. I know that I have. You are right about some Fans that pull for whatever or whenever . I hate them too.
    Sadly – they come and post as Auburn Fans on this ALABAMA Blog. Ken – you have said your “piece” and I am confident that I speak for most of the ALABAMA Bloggers-
    Don’t let the door hit you in the ass.

  28. 30

    We could discuss the graduation rates of SEC schools Ken. You would not like the results. Perhaps Auburn could fill up Jordan-Hare if it was more welcoming to sidewalk fans. As for obnoxious fans no part of any stadium is worse than the student section, last time I checked they did attend classes at their university (Jeff Burger and Charles Barkley being exceptions).

  29. 31

    By the way who in the world with a job and wife/girlfriend waste time reading the Princeton Review. What was your degree at Auburn in wasting time?

  30. 34

    how is reading the princeton review wasting time? it has useful information about colleges that i can reference when researching grad schools. Of course it probably is wasteful for someone who has no need in furthering they’re education or help their kid with a college decision.

    and pluto, the reason i stumbled on this blog is because i did a search to find out the latest on eric smith and what do you know, shane has written yet ANOTHER article regarding AUBURN. this situation has nothing to do with alabama, so why write about it. So after reading this, i had to comment because of all the hypocrisy. How can any bammer comment on the troubles of another university? There have been at least 10 arrests since saban arrived. And to talk about chizik’s lack of disipline?? this from a fanbase who’s coach was going to sit a player a full game, but let him return at half because they were down to la monroe, come on now. When i read stuff like this about my university, of course i’m going to have something to say.

    i’ll give you the student section comment. you’re probably right, they are the most obnoxious..but at least they actually have true ties to the school.

  31. 36
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    You idgits need to go back about a week and read carson browns rundown of UA transgressions over thelast three or four years on the smith blog and get back with me.You spastics have not a leg to stand on with your the behavior of your crimson clad animals. Shut up, and look in the mirror.

  32. 37

    Another good point someone brought up, why are so many aubies always posting on this site? It is not just after Shane writes something, but after every story. Is there not anything good to read on the aubie pages, no good news about your team? Wait, maybe I just broke the code, there is no good news to report in auburn.

  33. 38

    We have had 1 arrest since last year, so I think Saban has his ducks in a row. I like Bama 31-10 this week, maybe 38-10 if the backups score again. We have a bigger game next week, so i look for us to get ahead and get our starters out, if we can. RTR

  34. 41

    BallPlay I do not read a bunch of blogs and only post occasionally. I do not think what Smith did should be pardoned because Jimmy Johns is also a thug. The vile guy has no room to post his program recruited someone that they knew going in was a rapist.

  35. 42

    Taxman, it is hard for aubies to find thier way to class, with the maze out of the trailer park, then remembering which cow pasture to turn at to even get to class, it’s difficult, it takes them a little linger than most.

  36. 43
    E.G. White

    I’m beating my head against a stone wall! There are a hell of a lot of hating, misinformed, jealous, penis envying rivals posting on this board who we will never hear from again after Friday! And yes I am a little old for posting in text abbreviations. But does my age keep me from being computer literate? Let me tell you something you little whippersnapper tit turd. I was using computers when you were still shittin’ green! I had my first PC when they weighed 100lbs, took up a whole table and used IBM DOS 1.0. Before any Bill Gates, much less Windows. The only multitasking was Sidekick, and everything was in your choice of colors – gray/white, green/white or yellow/white. The word ‘internet’ did not exist. People communicated on bulletin boards with 2024 dial up modems. Then came Compuserve, Prodigy, AOL, Windows and the Web in that order. The first Windows was a serious piece of shit in pink and white and nonstop hangups requiring reboots that lost working data. You fuckers have no idea how spoiled you are!

  37. 45
    E.G. White

    That’s cause you were only 10 years old I was 35! That was just a superficial sketch. I could tell you things about the birth of the computer age that would make your hair stand on end. Probably more so than Bill Gates. He was on the cutting edge with a silver spoon in his mouth. I was at the bottom of the food chain trying to do my job and or entertain myself with everybodys fuckups and no tech support whatsoever.

  38. 46
    E.G. White

    That’s cause you were only 10 years old and I was 35! That was just a superficial sketch. I could tell you things about the birth of the computer age that would make your hair stand on end. Probably more so than Bill Gates. He was on the cutting edge with a silver spoon in his mouth. I was at the bottom of the food chain trying to do my job and or entertain myself with everybodys fuckups and no tech support whatsoever. Back then you didn’t just turn on a computer and go to work or play. If you used a PC with any seriousness you could do at least some minor programming. You could format, partition, write batch files, customize your memory. No plug and play. You had to manually set all the switches. You could set up the software, install and setup the hardware and basically build or rebuild the damn thing. And oh hell there was always new software that conflicted with different versions and or manufactures of DOS. There was IBM DOS, MS DOS and PC DOS. Then came Windows and Jesus Christ the conflicts quadrupled.

  39. 48
    E.G. White

    Yeah he was a Mississippi misfit and the day he was arrested was the last day he set foot on campus. A hell of a lot different than beating someone half to death and maiming them for life, then only sitting out 1 damn game. Anyway, Johns wasn’t exactly the campus cartel. He was just selling it for personal use. And don’t give me that innocent bullshit. With the huge percentage of people that use recreational drugs, either you, someone in your family or some of your friends have used Cocain, Marijuana or pills at one time or the other, and were damn glad to know someone like Jimmy Johns! That’s not justifying what he did. That’s just putting it in perspective. Another thing. Changing administration and making an effort to straighten things up is a hell of a lot different than making excuses for them like at the Barn and UcheaT. Except for Johns who was doing his shit under Shulas’ watch, all the legal problems since Saban arrived have been very minor. RTR!

  40. 49

    The problem with that argument is that except for lack of depth Chizik has had little to straighten out. Tubs ran a clean program, and it drives you Bammers crazy. Small stuff happens…fights, etc. Chizik hasn’t made any excuses, at least he suspended him for several games. Who was that player Saban let play the second half he was supposed to be susupended and then said ‘It is what it is?’

  41. 53

    Once again Ballplay justifying your thugs by pointing out ours does not address the situation and is quiet childish. The guy administered a beatdown on an innocent student, if it was your son/brother would you still be defending Smith.

  42. 54

    My cousin almost died from Coke. I think EG’s point is drugs have touched us all. If he meant to condone pushers and using then I misunderstood him, drug use is tragic.

  43. 55

    I don’t think EG has much of a POINT. He’s just justifying what Jimmy Johns did, he’s defending a drug dealer. You don’t hear me on here defending Robert Baker…he was a scumbag just like Johns.

    When you have a hundred kids in a program, having one guy defend himself after getting sucker punched isn’t that big of a deal. Despite Finebaum and Shane and an ambulance chasing attorney trying to fan the flames.

  44. 56

    Taxman… have no f’ing idea if the kid Smith beat up was an “innocent student.” No idea. And I don’t either.
    What I do know, is the attorney representing him, Wendy Crew, has made a fat living off of defending and suing on behalf of politically correct “victims.” Remember the knucklehead who led police on a prolonged high speed chase through Birmingham, endangering countless people, hyped up on coke? Yea when the cops caught up to him, they put a beat down on him. And more power to them. Well Ms. holier than thou Wendy Crew represented him in his civil suit against the police department. This is not much more than a high profile shakedown, because the attorney knows there is big money on the line because it was a football player involved. Now put that in perspective.

  45. 57

    So if you get beat up do not hire a high profile attorney hire someone you never heard of. By the way, just because the attorney is no saint does not mean their client is wrong. Would you rather have a lawyer who was really a soft spoken nice guy or a ruthless pit bull?

  46. 58
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Tax, I am not justifying ours by pointing out yours. I am dissappointed with ours and yours. Therein lies the difference between most AU fans when compared to UA fans. I say, if its true, boot the kid permanantly. Send as message and move on.

    Now remind me how many times I heard that during the dozen or so incidents that your CURRENT couch allowed.

  47. 59
    E.G. White

    Randall you’re about a dumb SOB. I specifically said that I was not justifying Johns conduct! I was putting recreational drugs into perspective with beating someone half to death! I do not use drugs, but I defend yours and every other adult age persons right to use them recreationally, just as you have the right to get shitface drunk and or be an alcoholic. It’s bureaucratic and social bullshit. There’s no difference between the two! You other idiot. Don’t try to compare Halls breaking of an unspecified team rule, to trying to beat someone to death, you ignorant bastard! (Not you BPI). You’re not a bastard! Bwwaaa haaww haaww! Another thing. The reports of an underclassman football gang who purpotrate violence and other illegal activities, does not sound to me like this is an isolated incident, or that Chizik has his program under control as you would like us to believe dude! RTR!

  48. 60

    Which dozen events are you talking about at Troy (Alabama fan Troy Grad). However, to your point Saban has cleaned up. How much police blotter has Bama had in the last 18 months?

  49. 61

    Coaches CURRENT (what is with the capitalization?) or otherwise do not allow this stuff to happen at any school. If you are going to recruit top flight talent (85 scholarship players) and then will not be allowed to house them in athletic dorms so the staff can supervise them then the coaches should not be held responsible for the actions of a few bad apples. The exception is when the coaches try to cover it up like what happened in Colorado a few years back.

  50. 62

    That’s my point EG…but your aren’t going to get it. Using recreational drugs is illegal you dumb Bammer!!! I don’t condone it! On one hand you don’t defend it but you defend the rights of others to use it?

    If Shane and a ambulance chaser qualify as “REPORTS” of Auburn having an illegal gang operating within the football team, I need to come with some “REPORTS” about Alabama. It’s stupid, immature, and ridiculous. Why in the hell can’t you just enjoy the good season ya’ll are having?

  51. 63

    I will be on the A Tix bus watching quietly the moves of the roundtable crew. LT will state several times how he doesn’t pull for either school. He doesn’t know that I know what will happen in the next 2 weeks and the January reorg of Jox. It’s critical the te insiders here know what’s going on. The winds will blow out of the north as a fresh breath of air arrives and the carpetbagger will be released. Please rebuke thee if you must!

  52. 64
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Tax , since you do not know , when someone uses all caps they are trying to EMPHASIZE something…..But if I didnt know better , I would think you were just being a smartass (sarcasm)….Anyhow. The head coach hands down disciplin for rule breakers, correct ? So, by not punishing rulebreakers, its safe to asssume that many more young men will break the rules, right ? If you have kids , you know what I speak of. Nick Saban did not suspend or punish any of the 12-14 thugs that ran amuck in T-town when he arrived in year one, or last year. Yes , I am aware that the text book crew got suspended, and if you think that Saban would have suspended then on his own, your nuts. that came straight down from the NCAA. As far as Hall, a half game supension against LAMO ? Oh wait, they beat you , didnt they….Lot of good that one did , right ? I get your drift about dorms. I think its something that should still be instituted. Your defensive end wouldnt have gotten shot if he were in a dorm…

    All Im saying is that Nick Saban has let PLENTY (yes, all caps), go on in his tenure….Chizik suspended Smith for a few games, wich is much more than your guy that hit a security guard got. But IMO it isnt enough, and I feel once all the legal things are figured out, Smith will be gone.

    Egg, You know the “swagga” gang is just a lawyer looking for an angle, right ? And please tell me your kidding about recreational drugs…

  53. 65

    Taxman, since you’re a bammer you might not have a good grasp on how higher educational systems work. Maybe you quit after 9th grade. I graduated auburn at 23. I chose to work a couple years, (i’m 26 btw not 27). Now, i’m thinking about grad school. I must have missed that rule that you have to go to grad school before the age of 27. In fact a lot of companies will pay for grad school, including mine, so its in my best interest to work a few years and take advantage of that. I’m guessing being the fry boy at mcdonalds doesnt have those type perks huh?

    RTR053, this is my first time posting on this site or one of shane’s articles. The fact that shane wants to write about auburn all the time is funny. Not to mention he brings up auburn daily on finebaum. The only reason i commented in the first place is because it was a hypocritical article since a bama person wrote it. Had this been on the vandy site, i would have read it and move on.

    E.G., i can assure that kid wasnt beaten half to death or maimed. ha. the police report said he had a cut over his eye. And by the way didnt Rashad Johnson get arrested after scuffling with a cop? I guess that’s more excuseable than getting in a bar fight with another guy, beating up authority. hitting your girlfriend is okay too probably. I live in auburn and my first time hearing of this so called gang was when wendy mentioned it. You think i would have noticed something by now. I see the players out from time to time, and i’ve never noticed anything remotely close to what she described. i cant wait to see this case get laughed out of court. I dorespect your computer knowledge though Mr. E.G. Being an engineering grad, i appreciate where technology has started from and is now.

  54. 66

    Let me say something about this wendy crew for a second. Do you guys not find it odd that she is this guy’s lawyer? All the attorney’s in alabama and they happen to pick the one who is good friends with finebaum? or one that is seen in a pic with joe namath? i’m not saying its an alabama conspiracy or anything. But when you have thousands of attorney’s out there, how do you end up with this one? The incident took place in auburn. Don’t you think an attorney in lee county would be more familar with the police/judges/court systems in the area. Hell, even one from Montgomery would probably be more familar. Something just doesnt feel right about this. And why go on finebaum of all places to talk about the suit? Wouldnt an actual news program be more appropriate? Wouldnt not going on the radio at all be more appropriate? Something about all this just doesnt sit well. Take off the crimson glasses for a minute and think about it. If courtney upshaw’s g/f decided to sue and sought counsel from an attorney that lives in Auburn or Opelika, i would think that was strange as well.

  55. 67
    E.G. White

    Prophet, STFU! Randall, it was Shanes article. Not his testamony, moron. One of the defendants and their atty reported the gang. So, we await the outcome of the trial to learn the truth. And I don’t give a shit if drugs are illegal or not. Don’t try to play that dumbass double standard shit with me! Alcohol was illegal during prohibition and it was the national pasttime finding ways to drink anyway. There are many dry counties around this country right now, as if that’s not stupid as shit! There are absurd numbers of laws in this country that are pure bullshit and interére with a persons right to control their own body. These include prostitution, abortion, touching in an affectionate manner in public, restrictions on things a married couple can do during sex, how and when you choose to die, how you buiild your house and what you can have on your property. The list goes on. All selfrightous, bureaucratic, social bullshit! I do what I want to do, and I don’t hurt anybody. So fuck ’em. I’m Randy Weaver reborn!

  56. 68

    EG….we are going to have to agree to disagree on drugs. But Shanes “articles” are supposed to come with some kind of journalistic liability. I understand he is writing columns, which contain opinion but he still has to worry about ‘slander’. All I am saying is he better have a source other than a lawyer who goes on Finebaum.


  57. 69
    E.G. White

    BPI, that’s why I said let the trial clear it all up. And you other morons don’t try to change it and say he wasn’t beat up. There are witnesses and security camera videos. What do you think an Auburn cop is going to put in his report about a star football player? Especially since he only chose to call it ‘disorderly conduct’! LOL! As for Rashad, I do believe it was a security guard and not a cop. I have been in several scuffles with stupid $5 an hour thinking they’re all badass rent-a-cops myself. Probably happen again too. I’ve backed some down and made em get out of my face. Don’t like em and don’t put up with em unless I’ve done something criminal. They’re untrained and extremely uneducated in the nuances of the myriad rules or laws they’re trying to enforce. For that matter so are some cops. I’m kind of an anarchist. Ha ha!

  58. 70
    E.G. White

    Omnipissant would probably fall in love with me if he read my last two posts. LMFAO! Anyway, I’m a little easier to get along with than I sound on here. It’s just an Awbren, UcheaT, Corndog, Gayturd thing. Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!

  59. 71
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    I sure hope so…You sound a little like Adolf Hitler / Ted Bundy….

  60. 72

    “TPD officers then moved in and took Johnson into custody after a brief struggle. A large crowd
    had gathered during the incident and additional officers with TPD and UA responded to assist
    with crowd control. Johnson was not injured.
    One TPD officer received a minor abrasion to his knee during the arrest, but did not require medical attention.”

    found that online. Unless TPD is short for security guard, it soulds like Johnson got in a scuffle with a cop. That minor knee abrasion doesnt happen if Johnson doesnt resist arrest.

  61. 73
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    What about Jeremy Elder ? Yall memba him dont you ? The SABAN recruit that held up the pizza guy at gunpoint ?

  62. 74

    Coulda, woulda, mighta, ifa, whena,theya, and all the other bull crap that comes from you university of awebeen folks, and that sux vol. Its bout 48 hours until kick off and then the woulda, coulda will start up again or some offical will have been paid off.
    Fact is aubs, Bama is 11-0, soon to be 12-0, and sux vol your team suxs so bad no body other than toilet dwellers like yourself even know what their record is.
    BAMA-43, Aubs-3

    Tick,tick, tick, tick…………….

  63. 75

    Ken if you had read all of the post you would have found that I mentioned in one that I graduated from Troy University. I also have a masters degree and I am a CPA, hence the name taxman. I grasp that you come on a rivals site flame and then get thin skinned when called out. The fact that you found old archived police blotter from a newspaper and straight copied it reinforces my opinion that you have a lot of time on your hands (along with the KY).

  64. 77

    hmm..and the fact that you can find time to post on this blog like everyone else implies that you have a lot of time on your hands as well. and the name taxman implies nothing. hell, i could put my tag as CEO, NFL star, or president of the usa, doesnt mean i really am.

    troy university..ha figures..thats like an extended high school..could you not get in at your beloved alabama? TROY??? ha. way to dream big!

  65. 78
    E.G. White

    You think Saban phsyco-analyzes every recruit? Maybe that’s why Curry didn’t like to recruit in the projects? Did you see Elder playing after that happened? No? I thought not! Did you see Smith play? Yes? I thought so! Janzen J. was in the get-away car and watching out, or why did he go to the robbers and say we gotta go and left with them. Is he being indicted as an accomplice? No? I thought not! I rest my case! “Adolf Hitler/Ted Bundy”??? A facist dictator/mass murderer??? I picture myself a little more reserved than that! Maybe, Mad Max/Conan The Barbarian! LMFAO! RTR!

  66. 79

    are you really comparing elder (armed robbery) to smith (bar fight)? its not even close. If you rob someone with a gun you should be in jail and not playing again. Let me ask you, hypothetically speaking, lets say some guy was being rude to your wife and you got in a fight with this guy and knocked him out in the process, should you never be able to work at your job again? Some crimes are just more tolerable than others. Not condoning smith, but a bar fight and armed robbery is comparing apples to oranges. Now the Janzen kid, i’m not really sure. The cops said he didnt know the others were about to do that. but i’m with you, if thats the case, why would you ever get in the car and leave with them. He should have used better judgement after the fact.

  67. 80

    Hey E.G. — I was reading your post earlier about the old school days of computing. I’m 28 years old and I know about the BBS’s and I remember when the 9600BPS modems came out — we thought that was going to be the fastest thing ever from a 2400bps. Then the 14.4 came out and we thought that was the final straw. THEN the 28.8 came out which was almost $300 — I got it — and I was smokin on local BBS’s — remember back in the day of DOS and 5.25 floppy’s and when 3.5’s came out — it was amazing — hell I remember when the CD-ROM came out and if you had a 4X speed — you were smoking — ahh the good ‘ole days —

  68. 81
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    And your 28 ? Where you computing at age 4 ? We got oursleves a little Doogie Howser here….

    Egg…. My point is, yall daaaaammmmmmnnnn shore dont want to start throwing rocks about that subject, as your very brittle glass house will come tumbling down…There were two times that Saban has “suspendied” a player for more than a game….Jimmy Johns and Jeremy Elder….Man, hes a hardass……A mean it was only distibution of Cocaine and armed robbery !!!!

    BWAHAHAHAHHAHAH AA!!!!!!!!cough, cough,,I gotta quit smoking those cigars…

  69. 82
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Egg… Maybe the Hitler / Bundy was a little harsh…

    more like Richard Simmons meets Hank Williams Junior ????????

  70. 83

    News flash……I don’t give a fuck about Eric Smith or the “5th year engineering student/cool guy playing with fire when you play with another man’s girlfriend” or the “swag”. Do any of us, really? Are you bammers not just trying to find something to bash Auburn about? Really? Hardly any of these guys are saints, on ANY team.
    Friday afternoon the real bragging rights will begin, one way or another.

    WAR EAGLE!!!!!!! and let THE GAME begin.

  71. 84
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Absolutly AUROX! That is exactly what it’s all about. Bash the shit out of Auburn! You hit the nail on the head! This is a Bama board! You know kinda like what ya’ll do to us on Tiger Sports Forum and The Gold Mine and such! RTR!

  72. 85
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Over on Rivals the Barners are trying to blow out of context something Javier said so they can get some bulletin board material. They know they are already fucked from what Tate said about Ingram. Man, with Aubies run defense, you don’t piss off the Heisman leader! How stupid. Ingy might get 300 and Trent 200! They don’t realize that Javy is klnd of stupid. It’s not his fault that 4 years ago he didn’t know who or where Auburn was! ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  73. 86
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Crimsonite, I love the new name. After Friday, I will go back to plain ole B.I. Its been a long year.

  74. 87

    I hate to state the obvious but since the educated unreasonable must not get it.

    The barneys claim to visit to right wrongs written about their beloved university in the prettiest village on the plains. Is it not the only village in the state?

    I think during orientation the first words spoken must be about how aubarn would be nothing without the school and Tuscaloosa would still be Tuscaloosa without THE UNIVERSITY of ALABAMA.

    aubarn university is an agriculture college. It was specifically built in the country for this reason. It could have been built on any flood plain in the state and thus received its namesake from any small town in the state, but it will never be THE UNIVERSITY of ALABAMA.

    I am proud we have an agriculture college in our state. I love to eat. I need the services of a veterinarian. The timber industry is very important to our state. Our state is full of wildlife that needs management. But, to think there is something truly special about aubarn is delusional. Twenty thousand drunken kids separate aubarn from all other small towns in the state.

    We do not hate your school. We will never understand your thought of being an equal to us in football. Our superiority is not questionable. You lose all credibility on all subjects when you argue things that lack any of the fundamentals of accuracy.

    The argument here is football. We are ALABAMA. Unless you are from Michigan or Notre Dame, you have no reason to argue.

    I have never nor will ever visit your pathetic barney blogs. Who cares what the educated without reason fans have to say. You have chosen your path. Live with your choice, but understand you will always and have always been nothing in football.

    As long as you look at this blog you will never find us treating your football program with the respect you desire. You desire something not given but earned.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger. What sux more is it was the unreasonable choice of many idiots.

  75. 88
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    The Crimsonite has arrived from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away, to assist the mighty Super Tide in their quest to subdue the many Super Imposters in this country. We will begin this week with the Super Imposter Tigers who also pose as Battle Buzzards and then move on to the Super Imposter Gayturds next week. Then we will start the new year off by irradicating the Super Imposter Whorns. Beware the debilitating power of the Crimsonite! RTR!

  76. 89

    That is simply the most articulate and accurate message ever delivered to the Auburn “family” by a Crimson Tide man. Nevertheless, the Aubies will attack you for telling them exactly what all (true) Alabama people think and feel about them. I have no doubt that the cold, hard truth you expounded will strike deep and the pain from your words will cause them to act irrationally. Don’t believe me? Just read the future post by the Auburn contingent.

  77. 90
    alex hamilton

    Ken, you’re a total fucking douchebag. I sincerely hope that one day, when you’re 50, you realize that you were an elitist punk in your 20’s.

    Or are you just one of those good ‘ole Brookies that runs his mouth and feels the need to put down Alabama?

    As long as we are talking stats, here’s one for you. The statistics you cite are flawed. The UA test scores are slightly lower than AU. Why? UA conscientiously seeks out students of all backgrounds to attend our school,,, not just a few who can play ball.

    Furthermore, our ballers are smarter than your ballers.

    Lastly, UA has more National Merit finalists than AU over the last 10 years. In other words, and in laymans terms that even you should understand, the best at Alabama score much higher than the best Auburn has to offer. Our average scores are reduced because we have more students and a very diverse freshman class.

    Test scores are just to get in the door. It is up to each student to stay on campus. I’ve seen just as many flunk out of school that lived in Mallet as those that lived in Burke.

    And, Julia, I did graduate Cum Laude. This is not to be confused with Cumming Loudly, which is apparently what you do when you fantasize about Morgan Fairchild. Really? Morgan Fairchild? Dude she was 10 years past her prime when I stepped foot on campus.

    For the record, I dated at UA and married the 2nd runner up in the Miss Alabama pagent. Julia married his cousin. And the fucked up thing is that she gives him orders.

    Put it to you like this Julia. Show my wife’s picture vs. your wife’s picture to the posters on this forum and all of them would pick mine over yours. However, it wouldn’t really be fair. Most of them would probably throw up in their mouth when they see you with her.

  78. 91
    alex hamilton

    And for the last time, it’s intellectually dishonest to claim that you have to be an alumnus of a University to be a fan. Grow up Bamaferg. There’s nothing wrong with people choosing to spend their money to be a small part of Alabama Athletics.

    People love what they love. And, it’s a condescending fallacy to cast aspersions on others just because they don’t acquire a degree from a school, yet they love a school and identify themselves as a fan of a school.

    And Ken, a “fallacy” isn’t what you had to do to an Active in the bedroom of his apartment so he would approve you as a Pledge to KA.

  79. 92
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    The truth is that Alabama has one of the nation highest athlete graduation rates. Much higher than Auburns, and that’s without having degrees for watching grass grow, or credit for classes not attended. We also are tied for most pre graduate athletes. Furthermore a lower overall gpr would indicate that Law and Medicine are a hell of a lot tougher than Veterinarian and Agriculture!

  80. 93
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Ha! Looks lite those demented shitbags Indiana Volunqueer, zionhippie2, Bama Hate and Delusional Check have already flown the coop in anticipation of the monumental ass whippin their teams got comin in 37.5 hours. There will be others disappearing too. RTR!

  81. 94

    Thanks Shane.

    Mr. E.G., I think they have already hit hit the bottle. (HARD) There is nothing like a drunk on Thanksgiving. I hope the wife and kids left town.

    What does is a barney have to be thankful for?

    It sux, as it always has, to be an aubarn tiger!

    It sux even more the day before the Iron Bowl.

  82. 96
    Shane's Got Swine Flu and must have passed it on to EG

    Congrats Bama on a game well played. I guess that “high school” offense must have caught the Tide by surprise cause it out-performed that bland Ingram lead offense Bama had out on the field. I guess the only hope Bama has for a Heisman candidate now is Arenas. He is far and away the best player Bama puts on the field.

    I don’t believe in “moral” victories. i do however believe in “moral” loses and I think that’s what this game will do for Bama. It will set them back. I know the mentality of the Bammers on this blog. Character building, versatility, perseverance, yadda, yadda, yadda, are all the sentiments that will be put forward, but Auburn exposed Bama for what they are…a quality team but one dimensional. Yea they were good enough to pass to a win against Auburn, the 89th ranked pass defense in the country, but Florida and who ever they play in the Sugar Bowl will be much better. Just like last year, they will lose their last 2 games of the year.

    It’s not sour grapes, though I’m sure that’s what it will be called (along with other names most of the trash mouths on this blog seem to resort to).

    Bamas O line against the pass defense, QB and Arenas made the difference. Much admiration for them! Auburn played a very good game and did just about everything they needed to do to win. They did not force any turnovers and thats what they needed to do to win. Defense played good, just not good enough. The Auburn coaches did a very good job…they will only get better.

    Great Iron Bowl!! Congratulations Bama!!

  83. 97

    WAR EAGLE!!!
    Not bad for a “high school” offense and 74 scolarship players! As I said last week, let Chizik get his players in here, and it’s a whole other ballgame. And you know it! Straight-up out coached for 58.5 minutes.

    Enjoy the 2 game winning streak!

  84. 98

    I guess when we had those scholarships losses from NCAA sanctions that was a different matter. Anyways, good moral victory Auburn. You played a good game. Now if you don’t mind I’ll be watching my team in the SEC Championship game. Roll Tide !!!!

  85. 99

    Also, 6 in a row over a NCAA handicapped team and coaching changes because of the turmoil is what Aubies like to brag about…..Good Job ! We’re back, NCAA gave you your day in the sun. An even playing field is a bitch, isn’t Barners.

  86. 100

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda, mighta, ifa, whena,buta, hopea, justa, kinda, leta, nexta.


    Moral victory for the university of awebeen? I think not.

    Enjoy the Liberty Bowl, Losers!!!!


    Talk all you like, make all the excuses you want, FACT is Bama is 12-0! Headed to Atlanta and who knows from there.

  87. 101

    Aubie…you need to be focusing on the PIZZA BOWL, which is a good bowl for au. I here there will be free samples of Pj’s pizza at the game…so go and enjoy. Be sure to watch the SEC TITLE game as your tv will be as close as auburn will ever get to being in a title game! The streak begins…beware of next year’s ring finger!!!!

  88. 102

    Are y’all bragging…..seriously? Bama and the Heisman pretender have NOTHING to brag about after that one.

    UAROX (nice name) you make a semi-decent point. Auburn is behind the eight ball in players, and they have no one to blame but themselves. But that’s changing real quick, like in about one year. You see we want be wandering aimlessly for 10 years like your program did. Oh, and another difference, as bad as the depth situation is, we are still competing with the best of the SEC. The playing field is not even yet, and y’all were REAL lucky it wasn’t!

  89. 103

    >>>Are y’all bragging…..seriously? Bama and the Heisman pretender have NOTHING to brag about after that one. <<< Except being 12-0. Winning the SEC West Division crown. Playing in the SEC Championship game and the winner of that game playing for the national title. Nothing to brag about except doing something Auburn hasn't ever done...back-to-back 12-win seasons. And this season isn't over yet.

  90. 104
    JD Cahill

    I’m wondering how many games FG would have lost in the last few years without Tebow,,,,I wonder if Meyer has considered it. With so many hungry coachs now in the SEC things seem to be heating up again and I’m just wondering if Meyer has considered that. Maybe its time for him to get out, If he waits to long Stoops is going to grab his dream job…and soon he’s going to start getting his ass handed to him by the competition,,,,I’m just saying,,,RTR

  91. 105

    Capstone…..I ain’t knocking the season, just the game. 12-0 ROX! Back to back 12-0 ROX double. If anybody can beat Florida, it’s bama. 3 weeks ago, I would have probably taken Bama against Florida in Atlanta, but now, I’m afraid Florida is peaking at the right time. And Bama, on the other hand, struggled mightily against a 5-19 coach with a “gimmick” offense! Them’s the facts.


    Tennessee……sell quick! The NCAA hammer is coming….more on that later.
    Ole Miss…..sell
    Miss State…, not much, high risk investment
    Arkansas…, buy, buy.
    South Carolina….sell

  92. 106

    I like the stock report you did. I’ve done that in the past, and have already gotten mine ready for 2010. It’ll go up probably next week.

    I think people should buy Georgia and Arkansas.

    I will probably hold Florida since I’ll pick them to win the SEC East next season. (likely anyway).

    I’m still not sure about Auburn. Part of me wants to say buy, but I don’t see the Tigers finishing above 3 or 4th in the West for at least the next three seasons. if I were actually trading the stock, I would probably short it between now and next season. The cover that position during the next season as the price would fall.

  93. 107

    did any of you sidewalk bammers earn a mythical degree from UAT after the win friday? just wondering..

    and Alex you have no clue what you’re talking about regarding test scores..recruit more students than just those who play ball?? what?? athletes make up about the same percentage at auburn as it does at alabama. that comment was just dumb.and you do know that average incoming gpa means just that, average. so the fact that you have maybe 3-4 thousand more students means nothing, except that those 3-4 thousand must not be as smart, or at least arent working as hard as incoming au freshmen. The comment that our ballers are smarter than your ballers is laughable. ha. Do you really think any athlete (i’m talkinb big sports: football, basketball, baseball) is doing their OWN work 100% of the time? When athletes major in something other in PE, general studies, exercise science, etc. maybe we can argue which players are smarter.

  94. 108

    oh and i wouldnt have a clue about KA or any greek for that matter. I dont buy friends or future job opportunities. I like to earn it on my own instead of having Mr. CEO alumni hand it to me because i was a member of a greek system. It seems like you’re knowlegeable in that subject though.

  95. 110

    Yeah Shane. Maybe he should handle it more like Saban handled Courtney Upshaw when he was beating the hell out of his girlfriend. You are a JOKE.

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