Shane: A theory on Lane’s latest comments

Tennessee’s Kiffin praising Saban’s staff for a reason
By Shane from Centerpoint

Question: When does an SEC head coach help another conference team recruit? Answer: Never.

On Wednesday, October 14th (out of the blue), Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin decided to lavish praise upon Alabama coach Nick Saban and his staff.

Tuesday, in the middle of the SEC coaches teleconference, Kiffin laid the love on Alabama. He said, “They’ve done an unbelievable job with back-to back national recruiting titles. They’re playing unbelievable. They’re so well coached. I would think they’re the best coached team in the conference.”

Come on Lane! Your statements are “unbelievable”.

Why, after basically challenging Saban to a recruiting duel earlier in the year, are you suddenly enamored with Saban and his staff?

Is it because you are buttering them up for the kill? I doubt that.

Were your comments designed to discredit your mortal enemy, Urban Meyer? I don’t think so.

Or, did SEC commissioner Mike Slive bring down the hammer over your “rogue” recruiter, Lance Thompsons’ comments to a recruit from Georgia? Probably.

Were you forced to issue the statement because a member of your staff convinced that recruit to de-commit from Alabama because the Tide was going to be on probation for years to come?

In fact, using the “iceberg theory”, what else did he tell that young man? Perhaps the concern – voiced by the player himself – that surfaced recently was just the tip of the iceberg.

What else did your man tell him? I can only imagine and only the shadow knows the truth.

Rumors about the situation over in Georgia have been stewing, and Kiffin’s sudden love for the Bama staff is too convenient.

Was Lane’s (very public) praise of the Tide staff payback for the method used to sway the young player’s mind?

Say what you want about my theory, but I guarantee you it makes a great deal more sense than any other reason I’ve heard.

Everyone knows that SEC recruiting is the most negative, brutal business there is – excluding Washington politics of course.

I may be dead wrong with my theory on why Kiffin suddenly decided to help Alabama reload the barrels by claiming they are the best staff in the conference, but I doubt it.

Lane Kiffin is smarter than that – I hope.

I know Commissioner Slive has had to nail Kiffin to the wall previously.

Has he done it again?

Like I said in the beginning, SEC coaches don’t help other coaches recruit without a good reason.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1

    Hey Shane, the iceberg you should be concerned about is the thought that Lane might have told that kid things that are actually true.

    It’s just a theory, based no more in fact than yours but if you think about it, this theory could hold water too.

    I mean, how many times have we seen this cycle?

    Bammer’s getting slammed by AU (whether it be 4 in a row in the 80s or 6 in a row this decade). They hire a guy to change things up. They suddenly start gaining steam and winning lots of games. 1991-94 following a dreadful 80s. 2002 following an embarrasing 00-01. And now 08-current after a dreadful 06-07 and 6 years of IB losses. In 1995 we found out that bammer was cheating in recruiting and then again in 01 we found out that they were funneling money to high school coaches.

    So this could just be a new beginning of the Tide winning without cheating. Like I said, I’m just a fan. I have no proof of anything to the contrary. But maybe Kiffin does. All I’m saying is, I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Prior to getting busted in the 90’s you guys managed to at least get something for your troubles that you would face due to the sanctions. A championship in 92. You were on track to get the big payoff in 2000 for the payments you would make this decade but that failed bad with a 3-8 record and a fired coach.

    If you do get busted in the next few years, you would no doubt pay a heavy heavy duty for the transgressions. That along with the millions of dollars your paying saban had better yield you a championship before that time or else it the years of payments will be harder to swallow.

  2. 3
    E.G. White

    Tiger go FUCK YOURSELF! I’m sick of listening to the Battle Buzzards and Volunqueers horseshit about Bama and cheating! The football program has only been hit once in all of history with a serious violation, which was Albert Means. And that was done by a booster an agent and Means coach, not by Bama’s coaching staff or administration, irregardless of their knowledge of the transaction. The other two football violations were extremely minor and the 4th violatiom was against the basketball team. You bastards best look in your own G**damn closet before you call the kettle black! You Son’s of Bitches are the 3rd dirtiest school of all time when it comes to NCAA violations. No telling how dirty you were before there was an NCAA to keep an eye on you! You worthless cocksuckers paid Gene Jelks to lie to the NCAA about Bama, you fabricated bullshit about Gadsden and Mobile and now you have a fucking booster buying gifts for three of our stars to try and get them off the team and Bama on penalized again. (cont.)

  3. 4
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Although IT IS INTERESTING that Kiffen has said what he has, let’s not overlook South Carolina. They’re next on the list, not Tennessee. The Ol’ Ball Coach ALWAYS HAS a few tricks up his sleeves.

  4. 5
    E.G. White

    Everybody knows about Lowder and his failed bank that the Feds are investigating for fraud and embezelment. Everybndy knows your AD Pat the Pimp Dye was caught cheating, and yet he’s still there, in charge of everything. Everybody knows how your Prez went behind the back of Tubbs, your best coach ever, and tried to hire Petrino. It’s no wonder Tubbs let the program decline. He knew his days were numbered. He just wanted gouge you, grab his money, and get as far away from that incestual, dysfunctional, garbage dump as possible. You bunch of inbred bean farts had best straighten out your damn cluster fuck over there, and fast. Cause your starting a war you can’t win, assholes! RTR.

  5. 6
    E.G. White

    Shane, your theory is very plausable. Kiffin comes from that moraless and valueless cesspool called California. He will do anything to help his cause. He, like the Trojans doesn’t think the rules apply to them, him. There’s no damn way he volunqueered that supreme compliment about Alabama, without some sleezy, underhanded motive. Impossible. It actually ought to piss the team off to know that the arrogant SOB thinks they’re gullible enough to believe him! RTR!

  6. 7
    Shane's Got Swine Flu and must have passed it on to EG

    Question for all the outstanding, model citizen Aubies out there! I know Auburn was in a bit if a down cycle last year but as Finebaum said, “Chiz has turned the program around”. My question is this, Are we Aubie fans as paranoid as these Bammer fans seem to be about every little comment made from anyone out side of their own little circle of Bama bliss? EG is so defensive of these silly little comments and really, they seem scared to death of Lane Kiffin. (They really should be afraid of Lane’s father, he’s the real genius on Rocky top) EG is so defensive it makes you think he may somehow be involved in some of Bama’s repetitive cheating. Maybe he and Shane have pooled their money and……nevermind.

  7. 8
    Shane's Got Swine Flu and must have passed it on to EG

    And look at the times of his posts! Is EG the night watchman at Piggly Wiggly or has this whole cheating thing got him up all night fighting nervous tension or just praying to God that nothing comes to fruition! Looking at his posts, I doubt he’s spending his time praying. Maybe he’s just up trying to come up with more “witty” phrases and terms like Battle Buzzards and Volunqueers. For his sake and health, I hope it’s the latter!

  8. 9

    Tiger, how many National and SEC championships have you won during these “streaks” against Alabama? Not many, of course. The SEC titles that Auburn won under Dye were because of coaches with Alabama ties(Dye-9 years on staff at UA, Wayne Hall & Neil Calloway-former players at UA under Bryant). You’ve only won 1 more SEC title than Ga Tech-6 vs 5- yet Tech hasn’t been in the SEC in 46 years! You’re record against Vanderbilt all-time is 20-20-1, a very embarrassing statistic. I could go on and on, but the fact is that Auburn is a middle of the road SEC team. And the fact that you’re even on this Alabama forum shows your obsession with UA.

  9. 11

    No one knows why Kiffin does what he does, least of all Mike Slive. Alabama is the best coached team in the SEC, I agree, but it doesn’t hurt that Saban’s got the best players that money can buy. That’s for you, Shane.

  10. 13

    “Saban’s got the best players that money can buy”

    Oskie, let’s see the proof. Otherwise, it’s just B.S. Put up or shut up. You have NO PROOF of Saban cheating. So just go back over to 3sib and argue with Dr. Collins about Fat Phil.

  11. 14
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    A few observations : Shane, you are a psycho…..Paranoid doesnt even describe you man…..I mean, what sorts of evil can possibly come from a COMPLIMENT !!!! At worst , people will think he is full of it and not pay one ounce of attention to it….. Get a life dude. Do you also believe in alien abduction and “probes” ?

    mojo……Are you a thesaurus ? Who gives a misquito fart about regardless or irregardless ? Appearantly just you …

    Egg …..FOr the love man. lay off the thorazine.

  12. 15

    To E.G. White:

    Why don’t you just say what you mean? Stop beating around the bush…


    p.s. I love it when you talk like that, but I’m surprised it got past the censors…

  13. 18
    E.G. White

    I’ll guarantee you that after staying close and embarrasing Florida and then whipping Georgia and having two weeks to prepare for us, they really think they can win. Not! I think Arky and UcheaT are gonna give us the opportunity to beat 2 common opponents worse than Florida and change everyones oppinion. Most people know Kentucky doesn’t count because of the 40mph wind and our failed experiment with replacing Hightower. If Nico had played in that game Kentucky would not have run or thrown the ball nearly as effectively. RTR!

  14. 19

    “Kentucky doesn’t count…..” You mean to tell me, it was “mother nature” and a failed substitution plan from the Most High, Saban Christ, that led to the less than spectacular win against Kentucky?!

    Egg… really need some help. I’m “tongue in cheek” 81.89% of the time on this site, but now I’m being serious.

    Your team is heading for an upset, and the next 2 weeks should be the test. If y’all make it through without a serious close call, or a loss, the Iron Bowl should be very interesting.

    Could this be upset Saturday??

  15. 21

    No offense to the rest of the SEC fans who frequent my blogs, but I have to say that my opinion from August – that Alabama would win the national championship this year – is looking solid at this point in the season. The offensive line is proficient in the run blocking department. Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson make a dynamic one-two punch. McElroy is a very talented, intelligent quarterback, and the defense under Saban/Smart is absolutely incredible. They resemble an NFL defense.
    Where is they Achilles heel located on the defensive side of this Tide team? A New York Times columnist interviewed pro scouts and analyst who were of the opinion that 10 of the first 14 in the front seven would eventually be drafted, with 4-5 going in the 1st round. Throw in Javier Arenas, perhaps the most prolific punt/kick returner in the history of NCAA record keeping, and you have a “game changer”, that can almost produce favorable field position every time he touches the ball. Most importantly, this team shows no fear and exudes the number-one trait of a champion, confidence.

  16. 23
    E.G. White

    Here’s a comparison of Bama and Florida. Battle Buzzards and Volunqueers, read it and weep! Not gonna compare the UK game because both teams beat them down, and beatdowns are not good barometers. To me the most important comparisons are 1. The two defenses are 1 and 2 and almost identical in yards allowed. The difference being that Florida has played no one with an offense, much less an offense comparable to VT, Arky or Ole Miss. 2. Florida has two games in which they only won by 10 points and in both games their offense sputtered. And neither Tennessee nor LSWho are as good as VT, the only team to hold us to a 10 point win. Folks, Florida just plain and simple based on first half seasons performance; simply is not as good as Alabama! They will not beat Arky by 28 like we did, and remember we killed the clock in the 4th quarter. We will beat both Tennessee and LSWho much worse than Florida did. And we’ll beat USC worse than Florida will. After the LSWho beatdown in BDS, there will be no more doubt. RTR!

  17. 24
    Big K

    Maybe he is lowering expections. If he gets his ass kicked he can go back and talk about how good Bama was, and if he wins or has a moral victory he can spin it to make him look better than he is in the eyes of the vols

  18. 25

    EG — Yeah that Florida win over Charleston-Southern or what ever the hell that was in week 1 was one of many quality wins Florida can pump into the BCS formula. They have absolutely played NO ONE. Okay — I’ll give them LSWho.

    My only wish is that Alabama quit scheduling bullshit teams like Tennessee-Chattanooga and North Texas. The better the non-conference schedule — well…you know the rest.

    It’s hard to believe that the season is half way over. I believe it’s because of these inferior teams that raise no buzz and “waste” Saturday’s. Whenever real SEC play happens and quality non-conference games happen — makes the season so much better with it’s longevity.

    On another note: perfect example this week. Everyone is looking forward to the Tennessee game NEXT week. What about THIS week? Why can’t we just focus our attention on South Carolina this week? I admit that I had this type of attitude during the Kentucky game (why are we playing this doormat…why can’t we just get to next week….blah blah blah) I caught myself and I got it together. This is for REAL a trap game and there are a lot of Alabama fans who don’t believe that. ONE WEEK AT A TIME PEOPLE. Simple as that — you know everything will take care of itself if the fans (not to mention the players) focus their energy on the game at hand on any given Saturday.

    Another thing — some of you peeps need to get a little louder in Bryant-Denny. When you can hear the whistles from the referees very clearly — that’s a problem. We need to be RELENTLESS in every possible way of intimidation to our opponents. And you wonder why Saban calls out the fans. I hope all that made some sense. My 2009 frustrations.

  19. 26

    Bama will go 14 o win NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and you delirious mad hysterical tenn and aubbie fans can kiss our BAMA AZZZZZZZZZZ….. RTR

  20. 27

    cRIMSONBLOOD we will smack SC azzz just like we do teams every week.This team is not looking over any one taking it one game at a time.Just like last year.This team is a lot better and i mean a lot better than last year.They know what is at stake and want to prove it to nation.Bama should be number one in the morning when BCS poll comes out.ARK is giving FLORIDA all they want.Gators not looking to good this year.Every one knows who the best team in college football is .BAMA NUMBER ONE SUNDAY MORNING….RTR

  21. 28
    Tiger Delusions?

    The Tiger,

    So handing out free class credits for little or no work at all is not considered “cheating” but handing out free textbooks are?

    Forgive me, but I guess it does take an Aubarn degree to comprehend that logic.

    And I know you enjoy pointing out your streaks over the years (because it’s all you have for bragging rights), but don’t forget you did in fact own us by only 1 game in the 80’s, but we got you back winning seven IB’s in the 90s. And currently we’re reliving our glory days, so those “streaks” will be distant memories, at least until Saban retires, MANY YEARS FROM NOW!

  22. 29
    Tiger Delusions?

    And Shane,

    Please don’t apologize to the idiots who pollute your blog up. You do write some amazingly informative and intriguing articles.

    The problem is our inferior rival fans can’t handle the truth… which is exactly what you spit at them.

    Keep up the good work and Roll Tide Roll!

  23. 31


    Kiffin has dug himself so deeply into Bama’s collective “brains” (I use the term loosley), you all are even wasting time trying to figure out his motives on the most insignificant comments. Maybe he simply meant what he said. He isn’t Satan personified you know.

    Man, I’m glad we hired Kiffin!!!!

    btw: Love the way you guys are BLOWING OUT South Carolina 13-6 late in the 4th quarter. Way to impress the pollsters!!!!

  24. 32



  25. 34

    Only one word to the wise, you university of awebeen folks keep worrying about all that is wrong in Tuscaloosa, and Bama getting caught in a trap, and things are only going to get worse for you.


  26. 35
    Lame Kiffin and the Viles are delusional


    Say it with me now…



    And next week it will be…


    “Man I’m glad we hired Kiffin.”

    I am as well and I hope you puke orange hillbillies keep him for as long as you possibly can!

    Three in a row!

  27. 36
    Bama Fan in NYC


    Because you’re a gigantic pussy who can’t man up to a loss… what I’m basically saying is I know you won’t come near this site after Alabama manhandles you worse than Auburn and UCLA did, I’ll go ahead and say this now: WHO’S YOUR DADDY? Got Saban? And lastly, 41-17! 29-9! And insert next Saturday’s UT Vile score (loss) to Alabama here.

  28. 37
    E.G. White

    Hawes, you better worry about how we ‘dominated’ Carolina asshole. It was all for the benefit of the volunqueers. We were just killing time to get to the beatdown ass whippin you’re gonna get next week! And still we had far and away the most impressive victory of the top five teams. But then I suppose the super volunqueers could magically pull themselves out of the shithole they’re in and beat the whole top five? ROTFLMFAO! If our offense can play that fucked up and still win by 14, and our defense missing 2 all americans can shut out an offense much better than yours, then what kind of chance do you think you have! Dumbass, UcheaT won’t even score a field goal! RTR!

  29. 38

    Another great Sec win.Now we turn our attention to the big orange queers which we will dominate like tonight.We may not put up many points but when you control what a team does for four quarters you do not have to.That is what you call a national championship caliber type team that the queers do not have.So welcome to Tuscaloosa and come on down queers.We gonna beat the hell out of you..ROLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  30. 40

    Y’all deserve the number 1 spot, no question. The re-building at Auburn is on schedule, rather than ahead of schedule like I first thought. We’re 1-2 classes away from being able to compete for an entire season. I believe Tebow’s concussion is a little more serious than we thought. He may be “done” for the year, relative to his normal performances. Florida will have a big dropoff after this year.

  31. 41

    Numero Uno — ’nuff said.

    Time to kick Rocky Flop’s ass. And I mean we are going to kick your ass up and down our field.

    Boy Blunder will leave scratching his head once again.

  32. 42

    I take it the Viles are in desperate need of a big head deflation?

    AUROX, thanks for the positive comment. I’m glad to know we have a few classy rival fans who respect our current state of condition.

  33. 43

    Aurox I was wondering if I was the only one that saw a let down in Tebow. He doesn’t look as mobile and fluid in any of his motions as he did before. I hate that for him and maybe its only temporary.

  34. 44

    I hate Tebow. I hope when we play him , we really hurt him. I don’t care if thats wrong or sounds bad. I’m just sick and tired of his rah-rah shit he does all the time and I loved seeing his dick get knocked in the dirt and I hope it happens again! RTR

  35. 45

    the ncaa said bammer has cheated more than any school in this country. the truth hurts don’t it iceman shane? you have the best team money can buy and still won’t win a championship. keep whining inbred retarded shane you will get yours one day soon. the sags continues

  36. 47

    Oh thou high and mighty who dwell in these airy heights
    Of joyous celebration of victorious gridiron nights
    Consider ye the likely course of doom and despair
    When thy ranking is shot down in midair
    By yon Kiffin child sired of football’s greatest mind
    Who will verily kick thine forlorn crimson behind!!!

  37. 48
    Auburn Man

    Everyone an of the who is a fan of the Glorious Blue and Orange knows that Bammmer is lowlife and cheats. And that is the only reason why a true blue Auburn Man would ever cheat. Bammer does it!!!!

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