Shane: Tigers trapped, Tide keeps rolling

By Shane from Centerpoint
Separation Saturday has always been a day when the best SEC football teams begin to separate themselves from the rest of the pack. The competition gets brutal and every game presents an atmosphere filled with urgency. Survival of fittest becomes realistic fact.

The Auburn Tigers traveled to Fayetteville, Arkansas, undefeated and ranked 17th in the country. War Eagle faithful entered the stadium expecting to see a BCS bowl–type performance. Instead Gene Chizik delivered a product that cloned the lackluster offensive and poor defensive efforts of former coach Tommy Tuberville’s 2008 squad.

Losing “big” to a 2-2 Arkansas team – whose coach Auburn once coveted enough to cut a deal behind Tuberville’s back – is a hard dose of reality for the Auburn “family”. By the way, Tuberville predicted Auburn to beat Arkansas by three TD’s (a little bit of animosity there?). Chizik’s coaching staff appeared to be dazed and confused, while Petrino’s assistants had apparently prepared their players for the kill.

Have you ever seen a hog slaughter a tiger?

In fact Auburn’s offense made the Arkansas defense look much better than it really is (having allowed 52 points to Georgia), while the Tiger defenders are probably still trying to catch Michael Smith. By the way, this Tiger defense may go down as the worst in the history of Auburn football.

The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Pat Dye might need to stop worrying about playing mind games on the radio with his pathetic attempts to motivate Alabama’s opponents, and get out on the practice field with Chizik and Coach Roof (Auburn’s defensive coordinator). Honestly, somebody needs to teach Tiger defenders how to tackle.

It will be interesting to see how Coach Chizik responds to a loss that could possibly shatter his team’s confidence.

One thing’s for sure – Auburn will face much tougher competition from this point forward, and those teams will definitely use the game film from Saturday’s outing to develop their game plan in preparation for the Tigers.

Actually, Petrino’s Razorbacks aren’t very good — at least not when compared to top–tier SEC programs. That doesn’t bode well for Auburn’s potential success down the stretch.

Perhaps Chizik will surprise everyone with an ace up his sleeve, but I doubt it. His opponents’ defensive coaches now have a blueprint to stop offensive “guru” Gus Malzahn’s “razzle-dazzle” offense. On top of that the Auburn defense is simply devoid of talent.

Speaking of defense, the University of Alabama – led by “all-world” linebacker Rolando McClain – accomplished something Saturday afternoon that you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it happen.

The Crimson Tide held 20th ranked Ole Miss to 19 yards (only one first down) of offense for the entire opening half. They robbed quarterback Jevan Snead four times, blocked a punt, and even grabbed a fumble over the course of the game. The Mississippi offense never had a chance. They were lucky to score three points.

On the offensive side, tailback Mark (“Emmitt Smith Jr.”) Ingram continues to prove that he is one of the best football players in the nation – period. He is a special football talent. Ingram is my mid-season pick for the lead in the Heisman race.

Alabama’s quarterback, Greg McElroy, had his first experience against a very strong defensive front. The Mississippi defense is very good. He responded with an average performance. Nevertheless, Greg’s pedestrian–like day was easily off–set by the beauty of Bama’s power–running game.

Of course, with a defense that has NFL size, speed, and film knowledge, the Alabama offense can afford a slow day.

However, I think some credit for the Crimson Tide’s low score Saturday goes to the superb red-zone defensive game that Ole Miss played.

Is this Alabama defense championship–caliber? Ask three of the best offenses in the country. Ask Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Mallet, or Jevan Snead. They will all be having nightmares about what happened when they faced that relentless assault designed by Saban and Smart.

At this point in the year, coming off two impressive SEC road victories, the Crimson Tide has established itself among the top-tier of the nation’s elite.

Right now Nick Saban is in the middle of conducting a clinic on the validity of a proven principle: defense wins championships.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1

    Shane, you continue to out-do yourself! Each time I read your articles I feel that it is the best piece of literature to grace us mortal creatures upon the earth. That is, until I read your next installment.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Take heart Barners.Y’all have a great team.Arkansas would have beat any team in the country Saturday.They are really good.Bama was just lucky to beat them 35-7.

  4. 4
    Indiana Vol

    Get ready to rumble with Tennessee’s D, Bammer Morons! Your Crimson Turd has not seen a D of this strength this season!

    Vols in a close one:

    Vols 10
    Crimson TURD 7

  5. 5
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Indy……..Bama will gut you like a deer in front of the entire world. If you really think that you have a snowballs chance in hell, then you are beyond hope.

  6. 8

    Hey Vol, in case you haven’t noticed, Saban has owned UT since he’s been here.70-26 in 2 years. If Auburn can beat you at home, we’re gonna give you ass-whoppin #3 in a row next week. Crompton against our D, in T-Town, now I can’t wait to see that. Dream on dude! RTR

  7. 9

    How you COW COLLEGE people doing today?

    36 – 0 In T-Town and Bama will kick your AZZ in “Toilet Paper Stadium”!!!!!



  8. 10
    E.G. White

    Nice, BP. I like that, gutted like a deer! Or flattened like Blue Tick Hound on the interstate! Volunqueer, where did you go after the UCLA game? After a lucky win over a bad team who was disheartened by the ‘celebration penalty’, your back like bad fart in the air conditioner. And you think that suddenly you can beat the best team in the country? You are a delusional schitzophrenic retard. We have medicine for that condition at the U of A med center. Why don’t we just give our offense the day off. We’ll let let the best D in the nation since ’92 take 45 points away from Crompton and your fine O. ROTFLMAO! Oh yeah, and Nico is playing Will position now. You know, the guy who ran Bryce B. down 3 times in the Army AA game! LOL! Yeah we’re scared shitless of that D you had in the Auburn game! Missed about 40 tackles and left their recievers ten yards in the open. And I seem to remember Berry tripping over his dick about half a dozen times too. What a tard you are, and your team too. Beatdown in T-town fool! RTR!

  9. 11
    Indiana Vol

    Lots of Bammer Moron BS, EGGHEAD.

    I want you to promise me that you will come here 2 weeks from today to take your medicine when the Vols upset the Crimson Turd!

    Remember, Florida is a better team than Bammer and the Vols D was awesome!

  10. 15

    That might be true, BUT IT CAUGHT UP TO YOUR AZZ FIRST, bamahate.

    Just like I thought IT WOULD. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

    How you COW COLLEGE people doing today?



  11. 16

    Vol, I’ll be here with bells on dude, like I’ve been all year.Funny how you show up after beating a Georgia team thats played the hardest shedule in the SEC so far. We ain’t Georgia and we ain’t Auburn and we ain’t Florida. We’re ALABAMA and we’re gonna beat the hell out of you! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!RTR

  12. 18

    Saban and Smart are gonna teach Monte a thing or two about defense. UT won’t score a TD on us because they won’t run on us and Crompton is a joke I say 31-0. Thats next week though, first we’re gonna warm up with Spurrier!!!!RTR

  13. 19

    As I always suspected, the bammers are more concerned with Auburn doing poorly, than bama doing good. What else explains nearly no mention of Auburn by Shane since the season began?? We lose our first game, and Shane starts knocking Auburn. And not just Shane. Most of you bammer posters have been AWOL for the past several weeks……and your team is ranked 2nd and 3rd in every major poll!!!! The same can’t be said of me or many fellow “Aubies”……we’ve been on here the whole time, giving credit where credit is due. Strange….

    By the way, how will it be explained when Chizik surpasses saban’s first year record in his first year?? When, according to most bammers, he had much less to work with, and inherited a team with a much worse record the previous year??? My challenge to Shane: The weekend Chizik surpasses the 7-6 mark of Saban’s first year (and he will by the first week of Nov.), please explain how “Mr. 5-19” out did the mighty saban.

  14. 20
    E.G. White

    First place asswipe you haven’t passed that record yet and playing like you did Saturday I wouldn’t bet a leaky condom that you will either. But just to set the record straight nutcup, Saban’s first team was depleted from 5 years of scholarship reductions and poor player attitudes. Cheezdick inherited a team that had been expected to contend for the national title in ’08. The ingredients were there. Besides, we don’t give a shit what Cheezedick does. He’s still gonna get a 40 point beatdown in his own house! In all your 6 wins you were lucky to beat us by around 7 or so every time. Pathetic. RTR!

  15. 21

    Please bama fans read your own comments. They make no sense. Am I the only one in the world who can see the idiocracy of the bama fans and their worship of little saint nick? Keep bashing Auburn all you want if it gives you something to do and makes you feel good . Us Auburn fans will continue to cheer on out team without sounding like a bunch of rednecks with no brains and loud mouths.

  16. 22

    I think that it is called payback. You are going to hear it in fucking stereo from now on and the humiliation factor is showing with each pathetic post.
    Get me a Beer Bitch.


  17. 23
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Been away for awhile BUT I’M BACK! The FIRST GOOF I’ll deal with is INDY VOL. Dude, don’t hold your breath. Your beloved Vols have to travel to T-TOWN, or did you forget? Ballplay said ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE SAID. AUROX, you’re talking like a true Aubie; as long as AU was undefeated, you spoke of the POSSIBILITY of 9-3 or 10-2. NOW THAT REALITY HAS SET IN SOMEWHAT you’re more concerned of Coach Chizik having a better record in his first season at AU than Coach Saban had in his first season at UA. Its the old “my dad is better than your dad” syndrome. GIVE IT UP, DUDE! CDUB or whatever, everytime Aubies like YOURSELF have a loss to cry about for a week its guys LIKE YOU that refer to all BAMMERS AS REDNECKS! Keep cheering for your team & crying in your beer, buddy. AS FOR OL’ SHANE its all about the “flavor of the week.” As long as AU was winning he couldn’t bash Auburn but let’em lose one and their defense is “devoid of talent.” Shane tries to “stir it up” like his buddy Paul but there’s a difference. FINEBAUM’S AN EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY BASHER AND A PROFESSIONAL AT THAT SKILL. Shane’s good at making himself look like a fool while causing outsiders to lump all BAMMERS into one group.

  18. 24
    E.G. White

    Ole Shane did kind of jump in there with both feet didn’t he? Quite the opportunistic one isn’t he? Love it! Kick em when they’re down! My hero! ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  19. 25

    St. Clair… were right on the money about Shane. He gets on the “bash Auburn bandwagon” as soon as they lose a game. Pathetic journalism.

    As for Auburn’s record this year, I still stand behind 9-3. 10-2 will be considerably tougher now, but 9-3 is certainly possible. Don’t forget, y’all were the ones to build up saban into a god-like figure. All I said was let’s compare the 1st year accomplishments at the end of the season.

    Eggy… ain’t about what AU was expected to do last year, it’s about what they did. Chizik inherited a worse team than saban did, if wins and losses mean anything to you. We shall see what he is able to do with it.

  20. 26
    Indiana Vol


    “We ain’t Georgia and we ain’t Auburn and we ain’t Florida.”

    You are correct, BAMMER IS NOT FLORIDA. In fact, Bammer is nowhere near as good top to bottom as the Gators. If Bammer and Florida play for the SEC title; Gators win!

  21. 27
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    A couple of things…..Indyvol….Im an Auburn fan. If you think for a second that Tenn. will keep it within 20 points you are smoking crack.

    And yes, Auburn could easily win 8 maybe even 9….Georgia is winnable. We wil see what we have Sat, against LSU. If we win that one 10 wins is unlikely but not impossible with an additional win over Ole Miss. *-3 likely 9-3 not impossible. 10-2 highly unlikely.

  22. 28
    Indiana Vol

    Here is a Typical Bammer Grad Story:

    A pediatrician accused of child
    pornography and raping a teenage patient had been fired by three hospitals in Tennessee; including the Lawrenceburg hospital. But that didn’t get in the way of him setting up a practice in northeast Alabama. A review by The
    Associated Press found that, despite Dr. Michael Roy Sharpe’s troubled history, no state has taken disciplinary action against him. A graduate of the University of Alabama medical school, Sharpe was first licensed in Alabama in 1974. He was also licensed in Connecticut, Georgia and Illinois as well as Tennessee. But court testimony showed Sharpe was fired from a hospital emergency room in Lebanon, TN, in 1992 after a woman complained he touched her inappropriately, and a hospital in Lawrenceburg, TN, fired him in 1994 after a woman claimed he fondled her breasts. The doctor was fired from another hospital in Shelbyville, TN, after a woman complained that he hit her son during an emergency room visit, although testimony didn’t indicate when the incident occurred. However, there was evidence the teenage boy was extremely drunk and provoked Sharpe, Dixon said.

  23. 29
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    And what does that have to do with football ? Maybe if you inbred Tennesseeans would have locked the pedifile up in ol RAWKETAWP he wouldnt have come here and done what he did.

  24. 30

    EG, you’ll always go back to those sanctions, won’t you?? Even when you are trying to justify that pathetic coaching job Saban did in 07. You say Chizik inherited a team that was expected to contend for the NC in 08?? Saban inherited a team that was one year removed from a 10 win season and final top 10 ranking. You do realize that JPW, Andre Smith, Antoine Caldwell, and Glen Coffee were on the team in 07 don’t you??

  25. 31
    E.G. White

    Yeah, well I guess he made the mistake of fondling a couple of lesbians and it pissed em off, cause there’s no mention of the 10,000 slutty wives and co-eds that loved it! LOL! Anyway that’s why of all the States he was licensed in, he chose Tennessee for his prabtice, over and over and over again. Cause we all know how easy those Hillbilly girls are! Bwwwaaa Haaawww Haaawww! And another thing Indiana Volunqueer, thanks for helping me to not waste my time watching the Alabama – Florida SEC National Championship Game. Thanks to your all knowing and infallable expertise in the face of 200,000,000 idiots nationwide; I now know that Alabama doesn’t stand the chance of a snowball in hell against Florida! So I guess I’ll just watch the Spice channel instead. Or maybe the Discovery channel. That week they are showing something titled ‘Perversion In The Tennessee Hills’. Maybe Saban will just keep the team at home and forfit! LMFAO! RTR!

  26. 32
    E.G. White

    Yeah those guys sure were, nutsack, and they lost 7 games in ’06 anyway! That’s what Saban inherited. Ever heard of coaching up, syphilis brain? Are you guys bored over at the Volunqueer sites, or have you been banned from all of them? RTR!

  27. 33
    Indiana Vol

    “And what does that have to do with football ? Maybe if you inbred Tennesseeans would have locked the pedifile up in ol RAWKETAWP he wouldnt have come here and done what he did.”

    Hey dimwit,

    He is a Bammer Grad. Is this the kind of people put on the street to practice medicine on children by the Tuscaloser Medical School??

  28. 34
    Indiana Vol

    “Maybe Saban will just keep the team at home and forfit!”

    Hey EGG Head,

    Nice spelling of “forfit” and “prabtice”! This shows your Bammer education.

    Hopefully, Nicky Satan will keep the Crimson Turd home and forfeit. The less of that ugly red, used tampon color worn by the Crimson Turd on the TV would be a blessing.

  29. 36
    E.G. White

    Obviously your limited Volunqueer education has caused you to run out of words, since you’re posting the same thing under different topics. What a puke orange tard! RTR!

  30. 38

    Indiana Vol, you didn’t reply to my post in the other thread where you tried to talk about perverts.

    Your football team recruited a rapist. Is he still on the team?

  31. 39

    Indy vol,

    Just as expected you have been lost somewhere, I guess with your head in one of those toilets you inspect, and after about two more weeks, you’ll be gone, and not to be heard from until sometime next year.
    You are one sick person, with no life, and no football team. The sux vols have become the laughing stock of the SEC and maybe the Nation. Like I told you earlier the sux vols at best are number 3 in their own state.
    Get a life and talk to some of your sux vol buddies, you might make some of them believe your crap.
    At best you might beat a team from Alabama in 10 years or so, unless you add UAB to the list, they are certainly more the sux vols speed.

  32. 40
    Tennersee Viles are the joke!

    Indiana Vile,

    You’re not Alabama. Your coach isn’t Nick Saban. Your quarterback is not Greg Mcelroy. And your fanbase picks banjos and lives in trailer parks atop the “Tennersee” mountains.

    Bring it, white trash. You’ve got two weeks to let your delusions get the best of you, because after Alabama (for the 3rd consecutive year) does what a lowly UCLA (2 years in a row), Florida (5 years in a row), and Auburn (six straight) has done to you, we’re going to save the best just for your half-brained, trailer park ass.

    If you seriously believe you stand even the slightest chance, then you desperately need to put down the crack-pipe that’s being passed around the hillbilly trailer park.

    Lame Kiffin is the younger version of Phillip Fulmer in his latter years so I’m sure you’re already accustomed to the mediocrity of being a puke orange Vile.

    Don’t let false hopes interfere with reality, idiot.

    Be sure your knees are clean in two weeks because you’ll be bowing down to your two father figures (Daddy Alabama and Daddy Nick Saban) for the next year to come until Alabama cleans house with you for a third consecutive time.

    Got Saban?

  33. 42
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Its funny how we never heard from inyvol until they finally won a game of a little relevence. Be it not much rlevence. Georgia must really suck. But hey , its a win.

    I predict a total beat down in T-town. To the tune of 38-10 or so. It will be ugly.

  34. 43
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    YOu see. Here is the deal with Bamas style of play….Saban says hey Tennessee , we are going to run it right here….Then he does , and gets 5 yards. There is no way to defend a team that will just physically beat you. That is what Bama does.

  35. 44

    Add Finebaum to the list…..have y’all read his latest column, “Reviewing the SEC?” He’s another bammer that talk’s out of both sides of his mouth. He actually had the audacity to criticize Tuberville for his prediction of the Arkansas game. So what about Paul and Shane’s predictions about Tuberville? For as long as I can remember, they have both said Tubs was looking for another job, and couldn’t wait to leave Auburn “high and dry.” Then he got fired. Paul, I hope you read this and address it. You are a pu$$y. You don’t have the balls to say any of your shit to anybody’s face. Tubs let the recruiting going to hell at Auburn for several years, but as for him not having a “day job,” he will most likely have one by season’s end, and Paul will once again kiss his ass for interviews. Paul, be a man, and have some pride for once in your life.

  36. 45


    Did you read ANY of the ITAT posts concerning CTT’s comments? Your fans done more than just criticize him so I seem to think Finebaum was playing more toward your crowd with that. If you don’t believe me head over to ITAT and dig through Sunday/Saturday night’s posts and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    And Ballplay, I totally agree with you. All we heard after the beatdown on a PURELY TERRIBLE WKU team was how Lame Kiffin was going to own the SEC this year and how he was the next best thing to hit college football… and then came UCLA…. then they hid. Later on down the road after squeaking by Ohio along with losing to Auburn and Florida, they beat a PURELY TERRIBLE UGA team (the worst Mark Richt has ever fielded) and now LAME KIFFEN IS BAK!!! HE WAZ JUST PLAYIN ROUND NOW HE IZ 4 REAL!! HE WILL WIN NASHUNAL CHAMPONCHIP THIS YEER!! GO VILEZ!!!

  37. 46

    I love this Auburn quote on this site “The same can’t be said of me or many fellow “Aubies”……we’ve been on here the whole time, giving credit where credit is due. Strange….”

    Funny, this is an Alabama Fan site, correct ? Does Auburn has its own version of the Capstone Report? If not, they need to create one so they can talk about their obsession with Alabama over there.

    They get mad at our comments about Auburn, but they come to this site for the abuse! Awesome !

  38. 47

    I say we “try” to ignore the Aubies and talk about the next game, which is the most important. USC seems like a trap game and I hope the team is taking them seriously.

  39. 48

    Honestly speaking, Tennessee and especially Crompton have shown improvement from week to week. However, they do not have the depth to beat Bama. They could keep it close, but where are they gonna get enough points to win? Auburn is in an intresting position where they could go one way or the other. Last year Vandy won and sent them on a downward Spiral. The same thing could happen again, but I don’t think so. Kentucky is a dangerous team, but they are way to beat up right now and Auburn will rebound. I think they go 8-4.RTR

  40. 49

    007…..I got the jist of what both sides were saying. I’ve criticized Tubby about a lot, and don’t regret his firing. He was not up to doing what he needed to do to stay competetive in the SEC–replace most of his assistants, and start recruiting more than hunting birds. But the point is, I get tired of Paul and Shane simply regurgitating the soundbite of the week as if they’ve thought it the whole time. If they want to be cutting edge, go out on a limb every now and then, and come up with an original thought.
    Case in point….it wasn’t too long ago, maybe 6-7 weeks ago, when you could not not find one single word from either one of them that was positive towards the Auburn coaching staff. They both felt it was the biggest joke to hit the SEC, and it was possibly the worst hire in SEC history, despite their being very little evidence to support such a claim. Now Paul says Chizik has Auburn on the right track, among other glowing compliments. Now Paul would probably suck Chizik off while Trooper polished his bald head with a towel, just for an interview.

  41. 52

    St. Claire, in your attempt to sound intelligent while bashing me as a person and my team, you couldn’t avoid mentioning “beer” …my point is proven perfectly in the fact that beer was mentioned in your lengthy paragraph. That sounds redneck to me that you would assume everyone loves drinking as much as you

  42. 55
    E.G. White

    I have to take exception to that. Over 3/4 of the rival posters who homestead on this board haven’t got a clue as to how to think! RTR!

  43. 56


    All of these so called experts (the same experts who are saying that Bama is the #1 team in the country) said that Auburn would be good to be 3-3 or 4-2 right now. As a matter of fact, I believe that you and your boy Finebaum said we would be 6-6. Well, we are already 5-1. We played godawful Saturday against Arkansas. With the lack of depth there, we can’t play like that and expect to win. Nonetheless, we have a winnable game Saturday against Kentucky. That would put us at 6-1 with Furman still on the schedule, giving us a chance for 7 wins for sure. That puts us ahead of where you and Finedoosh said we would be.

    As for your game against Ole Miss, Jevan Snead is an overrated turd of a QB. I know that Bama’s defense is good, but Ole Miss’s offense was horrible. McElroy was also exposed for what he was, an average QB with good weapons around him.

    And Shane, I hate to break the news to you, but the Florida Gators are still 2 touchdowns better than you guys on your best day.


  44. 58
    E.G. White

    Suckbama and Indiana Volunqueer, you guys can get together and suck each other off, cause you sure as hell aren’t gonna screwbama! Just hang on asswipe, the season aint over yet and you still might go 6-6! We’ll be glad to pass on to J. Snead exactly what you think about him, just before you play them. However, the truth is, nobody gives a shit what ya’ll think! Bean farts! RTR!

  45. 59
    E.G. White

    Suckbama, Indiana Volunqueer and Carlos Hosshit. Ustedes son nada mas que Moscas En La Casa! Largate putos! Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! RTR!

  46. 61
    Shane's Got Swine Flu

    Isn’t Emmit Smith Jr. 3rd in the SEC (not the country by any means). And that makes him the leading candidate for the Heisman? Wouldn’t that mean Ben Tate would be the leading candidate for the Super Heisman. Opps, forgot, Bama never has had a player win a Heisman, so therefore the “blinded by ignorance” Bammers don’t really know what a Heisman winner really is.

    Shane says a lot of crap on here but that one may take the prize for “Most Absurd)

  47. 62

    I could care less if we ever have a Hiesman winner.I would rather have championships, which Saban is getting closer and closer to doing. It never fails.All Auburn fans throw that up when Bama’s chasing the title and they don’t have a shot.LOOOOOOOOOOOOSEEEEEEEEEERS!

  48. 63
    E.G. White

    No asswipe! Shane is correct. Ingram is under consideration for the Heisman. What’s more, Ingram is tied for 1st place in the nation for a RB averaging over 100yds/game with 10 tds. He is also 1st in the SEC with 10 td’s and with his recieving yards added to his rushing yards he is also 1st in the SEC in total yards among RB’s. Of course we know Tate couldn’t catch his ass with both hands and he can’t run over anybody. He gets his yards while those weak ass defenses are running around like idiots trying to cover your recievers. LMAO! RTR!

  49. 65

    Yes, Saban has owned TN since he got there. TN and Bammer are the only top SEC schools he owns though.

    Fla 2-4
    Auburn 3-4
    Georgia 2-2
    LSU 1-1
    Tenn 3-1
    Ala 4-1

    No wonder bammer’s think he’s so great.

  50. 66
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, “CDUB!” You took ONE WORD from an old phrase & RAN OFF AT THE MOUTH with it! Furthermore, if you would have taken the time to read my various posts over the last 3 MONTHS when you did chime in you would know that I’ve been VERY NICE compared to many of my BAMMER BRETHREN concerning AU. If I like a cold, frosty brew once in a while, WHAT’S IT TO YA, BUDDY? That doesn’t make me a drunk BAMMER redneck! All I’m saying about YOU is that you’re TYPICAL of some Aubies I’ve encountered in the past! Did you CRY when those Hogs spanked your team’s arse? Did you shed some tears because AU got WHIPPED by Arkansas, a team the Tide BEAT by 28 points? Did it hurt that bad little feller? I’m usually respectful to MOST AU fans but with YOU I’ll make an exception!

  51. 67
    Shane's Got Swine Flu

    the swine flu must be spreading to the other Bammer Rammers. EG and ES both missed the point. Shane says ES JR is the front runner for the Heisman. OK I admit he is the front runner of the Bama players for the Heisman. He is ahead of Julio and……well Julio is the only other player anybody has heard of. But that still leaves him out of the top 10 in the nation!!!!!

  52. 68
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    EGG…….Can you tell me who the leading rusher is in the SEC ? Hint: It aint Ingram……

  53. 69
    E.G. White

    BP, don’t make me type that shit again. See my last post above. He would be 1st in rushing yards alone except that in Bama’s system he only has half the playing time of Tate and he’s only played in 5 games. If Tate could catch a pass he might be competative! LOL!

  54. 71
    E.G. White

    Uh BP Indian, let me revise my answer to your question about the #1 RB in the SEC. Unequivocably – MARK INGRAM! And now #1 in the nation! And dipshit Shane Has The Swine Flu, I guess the real Shane must be a prophet! Last night among others 2 ESPN writers named INGRAM the new FRONT RUNNER for the HEISMAN! Now you need to get down on your knees, give Shane a blowjob, do 200 Hail Shanes, and beg forgiveness for your blasphemy, asshole! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  55. 72
    john doe

    Wow you write articles for your own blog and the Call News. Bammer may be in the elite at the present but you never have and you never will. You could never be an objective journalist. You are a self-proclaimed wannabee.

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