Shane: An opposing point of view

By Shane from Centerpoint

Every year around the first of August I crack open my copy of Lindy’s SEC Preview magazine. This year’s version is loaded with details, and informative to say the least – especially the segment that highlights what opposing coaches (who chose to remain anonymous) think about other SEC teams and their potential for success. The results are surprising.

We’ll begin with the coach who had some ideas on how to beat Alabama: “You’ve got to make them one-dimensional. They’re so big and physical, you can’t let them get started running the football. It probably makes it even truer with their (new) quarterback. They’ll have to run the football in game situations to win early.”

He continues: “They’ll be really good on defense. If they can get their offensive line to jell and the quarterback takes care of the football and manages the game, then they’ll be good. But, they won’t win the West.”

I’ll respectfully disagree with this coach’s assessment, mainly because I think McElroy is going to be much better than the pundits expect; and I think the Tide will roll right into Atlanta to face Florida for the SEC crown.

Next up we’ll see what an opposing coach has to say about how to whip Tim Tebow and his Swamp Gators: “As long as the guy taking the snaps is taking the snaps, they’ll have a chance (for a third national championship) to do it again. Really all you’ve got to do is not give up the big play and create situations where they have to drive the ball. If you can keep them out of big plays (20-25 yards) and keep them at 15 or below, you have a chance.”

More on Tebow: “He’s about as good a leader as I’ve seen in the SEC.”

My take: Florida is talented and Meyer is a very good coach, but Tebow is the difference maker. He can literally will his team to victory.

The coach who comments on LSU’s Les Miles has some surprising ideas: “They don’t need to underachieve like last year or he (Les Miles) won’t be back. They’ve got the best players. I don’t know what happened to them. Maybe they were like everyone else – if the quarterback doesn’t play well, you won’t be very good. If LSU’s quarterback doesn’t get better, Ole Miss will win the West.”

I have a different opinion about LSU than this coach. I think the race for the West is a two-team race. It will come down to the winner of the Alabama/LSU game – just like last year.

As far as Ole Miss is concerned, the coach who talked about their chances loves the team: “I think Ole Miss has great speed. I think you have to watch them. Their quarterback is a very good player and they have speed at wide receiver and tailback. The defense is good up front. Their top twenty-two competes at a high level because of the psyche Houston Nutt has put in them.”

Okay, so I’m buying-in on the fact that the Rebels are good on paper. However, Nutt is famous for choking away a game or two that he’s not supposed to lose. It happens every year.

Auburn fans should be very interested in the opposition’s opinion concerning expectations for the upcoming 2009 campaign: “I think Auburn might be the surprise team of the league. You know Auburn has good talent. Auburn and Tennessee were probably a lot alike last year. For whatever reason, they underachieved. Maybe it was that the high expectations weren’t met early. Auburn always has good ability.”

I have to disagree with this coach. He should know better. Auburn is coming off a losing season, adjusting to a new head coach, and needs two-three years to restock talent.

The coach that breaks down Georgia doesn’t seem to be impressed: “I didn’t think they were close to being the number one team in the country last year. But they had good players. I think expectations exceeded their ability a little bit. I always thought they were kind of soft. They never knock you off the ball and they never intimidate you. Defensively, they have a hard time with big, physical running games.”

Wow! This guy just ripped Mark Richt and his Bulldogs a new one. I have nothing further to add. This coach said it all. Is this an indictment of Coach Richt?

The coach that assessed Tennessee was just about as harsh as the Georgia guy: “ I think they’re a 6-6 team. The 2008 offensive line might be their worst ever; it will be their weakness in 2009. They don’t have an outstanding running back. They just don’t have any playmakers. Their quarterback is not a very good team leader.”

I’ll go ahead and say it. That’s not an opposing opinion – that is a hatchet job. The Volunteer Nation better hope he’s wrong!

Anyway, it’s always educational to hear honest evaluations, coming from professionals who actually coach in the league against the teams they are talking about.

Before I wrap this column up I want to add a few more interesting quotes from some of the coaches who commented. One of the best comes from a coach talking about Vanderbilt’s state rival: “Lane Kiffin said all this about Florida and Alabama. He better be concerned with Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt will be a better team than Tennessee.”

The final quote comes from a coach talking about South Carolina: “I don’t see them being a very good football team. You’ve got to recruit, and Steve doesn’t care too much about recruiting. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if he (Spurrier) called it quits after this season.”

Those last two paragraphs bring a question to mind. Which one of those two, Kiffin or Spurrier, will depart first?
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    “Maybe they were like everyone else – if the quarterback doesn’t play well, you won’t be very good.” (Annonymous coach regarding LSU….and any team in the SEC)

    This has been a central premise of Shane’s prognostications for as long as I can remember. When Auburn was picked to win the West last year, Shane pointed out that with their inexperienced QB, the chances for success in the SEC were very slim. He was right.

    In true bammer fashion, he has revised that thought this year.

  2. 2
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Well. Aurox , you must understand that no Bama team since Shanes conception has had any weaknesses. Not even the 3-8 Dubose team. That was just a fluke that year.

  3. 3
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Experienced QB play is probably more important than anything else. McElroy is a junior, but only in academic credit hours, not in on the field experience. That’s the 800 pound gorilla the bammers are all trying to ignore. Unless he turns out to have Tebow/Heisman type abilities, bammer will not make it to Atlanta. Not saying Auburn will. But bama won’t.

  4. 4


    Tell us who will then, your modern Nostradamus-hinus? I’m not saying Alabama will make it, but never in my life will an Aubarn fan make an unbiased opinion on what ALABAMA of all teams won’t make anything.

    I predicted Aubarn to win the West last year, while all you Barnies on here swore we’d finish 5-7, or 6-6 at best… I’ll leave you at that!

  5. 5
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Hey “suck on this”……I didn’t say bammer would suck. I’ve said quite the contrary for the past several weeks. And I’m not saying Auburn will be in Atlanta either. As much as it pains me to say, it will probably be olemiss or lsu that loses to florida Dec 5.

    My post made fun of Shane’s method of madness, that changes from year to year.

  6. 6

    Well guys one thing is for sure, in about 30 days or so we will begin to find out. A lot of big IFS out there could cause many strange things to happen.

    I think one thing, anyone with a pea sized brain can understand is the FACT that the vols will SUX, and I mean SUX bad. Other than that the west is going to be very interesting while the east with Florida set to run away from everyone else will be a race for second, probably between Georgia and Kentucky.

    It is soooooooooo funny that the Sux vols will probably be, at best, the third best team in tennessee. Get your head out of the toilet indiana sux vol and do the jammer, rammer for us. You my friend are anout to get one rammed to you, as well as all the Sux vols, and I LOVE IT!

    EAT it Sux BOY!!

  7. 7

    the five worst columnists on this blog:

    (5.) shane korn.

    (4.) shane korn.

    (3.) shane korn.

    (2.) shane korn.

    and (drum roll) (1.) itk…………, shane korn. (cymbals clash)

    shane, freshen my drink.

  8. 8
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    I think that Ole Miss has lost too much. I also think that LSUs coach is starting to show his ability or lack thereof. LSU is the most talented team, Bama may be as talented in the WEST….The one thing that Bama has that no other team in the West has is a defense that is second to none. It hurts me to say this, but if Saban can finally figure out the spread option offense, or how to defend it, they are IMO the only team that can beat Florida. You Bammers just better hope that Saban pulls his yearly choke against an eastern team….Maybe Tewnnessee… It will be better to lose to a team liek that instead of a Western rival like OLE MISS or LSU…. Ill go as far as to say that I dont see anyone scoring over 30 on Alabama this season. over 24 would be impressive. With a defense like that , well anything can happen. dammit.

  9. 9
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    I hope you’re right about LSU. I believe Les is a moron as well. An abundance of talent can cover for ineptitude for only so long. “If Saban can finally figure out the spread option offense, or how to defend it, they are IMO the only team that can beat Florida.”
    Never been a more true statement. I don’t think it will get figured out this year. Saban will be too busy breaking in a new QB.

  10. 10

    BP, I know it must have been painful for you to write that, and like you said anything can happen. I hope the choking is a thing of the past, but who knows.

    You being a fan of the university of awbeen, have you considered the real possibility of La. Tech winning in your opener? Don’t think it can’t happen, think about the choke, one Bama folks know all to well.

    I agree with most all you said above, except the tennessee choke. There is no way Bama will not run lame and his sux vols out of the Mecca with their heads tucked between their legs. The team that I’m really concerned with is Vandy. If Bama has a slip, I think that could be the one. After all they WILL be the best team in that sux state.

    The university of awbeen had better be worried about La. Tech, West Virginia, Georgia, Ole Miss, Miss. St, LSwho, not to mention the others, before they give much thought to Bama choking on one game.

  11. 11

    finebammer, I’m hurt you didn’t leave me at #1.

    And Ballsplay, I agree with you. Dang, that was hard to say.

    One of Abarn’s biggest tests will be against La.Tech. An upper classman-led team and a cohesive coaching staff spells trouble. But who knows.

    But I do not see Ole Miss living up to the hype, nor do I see the hat being able to come close to anything he did in his first couple of seasons. Bama is the West’s only hope to take down the Gators, and trust me, Saban has figured out the spread by now. What do you think he was doing at Lake Burton this summer?

  12. 12

    Truthfully, he figured it out in the Sugarbowl…we were just down 21 at the time. They scored a fieldgoal and a cheap TD on a short field between the end of the first quarter and the end of the game. But it was too late. By then our offensive line was in shambles and we couldn’t move the ball.

  13. 13

    finebammer –

    Me thinks thou doest protest too much.
    Or, do you just like to write Shane’s name?

    Come on now! You must be a big fan, since you frequent his column with comments as much or more than anybody.

  14. 14
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Carl—you are right about latech, it could be a problem. If Tubs was still the coach, I may even predict a loss. He was notorious for choking the first game, especially if it was early in the day. We don’t know yet what Chizik’s tendency will be. The night game factor should play very much into Auburn’s favor. Auburn does not lose at night very often, especially against teams it shouldn’t lose to. Bammer may not have gotten their ass handed to them by latech if it had been a night game!

  15. 16

    Rox, do you really, I mean deep down, heart felt, really, believe the chezzit is a better coach than tubs? Maybe he is, I just can’t see it. One thing we all know is his 5-19 record, and tubs didn’t lose that many in 6 years playing against SEC and other top 10 teams.

    I’m afraid for y’all that when his tendencies are known, at least to the point that y’all will admit to, you aren’t going to be happy.

    If they stumble out the gate against La. Tech it may be a very long season. I know my views are crimson colored, but I believe one of the biggest, if not the biggest, mistake I have witnessed as for as the university of awbeen football is concerned is when they let tubs get away.

    With his record against Bama, I have to admit I was glad though.

    On the other hand, chezzit, man I just don’t know. But right now I’d trade you two chezzits for one tubs.

  16. 17
    Indiana Vol

    Carl the Crimson Turd Moron and Shane the Crimson Turd idiot are shining examples of how stupid Bammer fans really are!

  17. 18
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Where did I say Chizik was a better coach than Tubs???? I said he lost games at the start of the season that he shouldn’t have lost. As for Chizik’s tendency….nearly every coach has one. Saban has trouble with spread offense teams, tubs did well against highly ranked teams but dropped eggs against inferior opponents, richt rarely beats Florida, whether he’s ranked higher or not, ohio state loses to the sec, I could go on.
    If I had to guess, Chizik will not be a better head coach than Tubbs was. Will his supporting cast be better?? I have a feeling it will.
    Really a chick, yes, 2. Point?

  18. 19

    I dont beleive there was a “COACH” I think it was Shane SHADOW arguing with a MAKE believe “AUBURN FAN” and other schools.
    Sorry I had to… I will give you this SHane it was an interesting argument!
    You do good alone uhh?


  19. 20

    Oh come on Sux vol, where’s the jammer, rammer? Guess you finally figured out your the one that is going to get one rammed then jammed up yours, at least 5 or 6 times this year and maybe more. How is it going to feel being Vandy’s step child?

    I’m sitting here right now watching your beloved, tomato selling fulmer get beat by non other than the Shula lead Tide. If you will hurry and turn it on you can hear the rammer, jammer in about 15 minutes.

    Rox what makes you think chezzits support staff will be better than tubby’s was? I don’t recall tubs going 5-19 at anytime. As for as your tendency theory goes, I haven’t seen many defenses that can contain the spread if they have the right people at every position in the spread. Best way to control it is with ball control with your offense. If you don’t you can get so far behind so quick, there is no catching up.

    It can be defended though with ball control and the right defense, trouble is no one of late has been able to put those two together against Florida. You could say that about a lot of people besides Saban.

    Urban’s first visit to the Mecca would prove that, he didn’t have the personnel he does now, and his vaulted spread was put to an idle that day.

    I also believe your theory of the 800 pound gorilla will be put to rest after about 2 quarters on 9-5.

    Theoretically or realistically, Bama is the only team that has a chance with Florida this year and about mid October, though I don’t expect you or anyone with ties to the university of awbeen, to admit that.

    Hey inspector sux vol, I have some puke orange shit in my toilet. Could you tell me what that might be? Never mind I see now, it was that orange jersey I wiped my ass with. SUX BOY!!!


  20. 22

    Hey Sux vol, hey sux vol….
    Y’all just lost to Shula again.


    And now you have lame.


  21. 23
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Carl, Tubbs and his staff lost their fire about 2006. Even though they went 11-2, that beating by Georgia at the end of the season was the beginning of the end. With an at large Orange Bowl bid in hand, Tubs was on the verge of solidifying Auburn as an elite team year after year. But that went up in smoke. I can tell you first hand, Tubs hated Richt. He hated losing to him even more. If you didn’t notice a change in Tubs starting in 07, you don’t keep up with Auburn football. As for his staff, several needed to be gone years ago (Knox, Ensminger, Nall). Auburn will coach by committee this coming season, and I do believe that group as a whole, is better than the previous.

  22. 24
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! SHANE; Athlon is a BETTER pre-season magazine. Check it out. As Carl has said, anything can happen and I agree with Carl when he says that realistically Alabama is the ONLY team in the SEC that has a chance to beat Florida. Hey, OMNI! I appreciate the “shout-out” in your post to that “Blah-Blah” GOOB in Shane’s previous column. What were you drinking? Sounds like some good stuff! Anyway, back to SHANE’s latest ATTEMPT in journalism. SHANE, you wrote that “its always educational to hear honest evaluations, coming from professionals who actually coach in the league against the teams they are talking about.” OKAY. The anonymous coach had KIND WORDS to say about Auburn and you TOTALLY DISMISSED what that coach had to say about them. YES, they are coming off a 5-7 season. True, they don’t have a championship-caliber team like they had a few years ago BUT THEY CAN BE DANGEROUS. MARK MY WORDS, SHANE…DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THEM. If they don’t get bit by the “injury bug” that defense WILL BE TOUGH. Remember 2001? Alabama was coming off the DISASTROUS 3-8 campaign of 2000. Some expected us to win at the most 5 games that year. We went 7-5 and the only team that REALLY WHIPPED US that year was LSU, 35-21. The rest of the losses of 2001 were CLOSE games that could have gone either way. Let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR; I’M A BAMMER THROUGH and THROUGH, TRIED and TRUE, and would take CRIMSON OVER Navy Blue ANY DAY OF THE WEEK, but are you so NAIVE not to take YOUR OWN ADVICE about how “educational” it is “to hear honest evaluations, coming from professionals who actually coach in the league against the teams they are talking about?” Have a great day. Later!

  23. 25

    Rox, you hit one nail on the head, I don’t keep up with awbeen football. I stay to busy to keep up with Bama the way I would like.

    I do however read quite a bit and one thing we all seem to agree on here is there is a lot of unknowns out there. Wont be that way for long though, and I’ll be the first to tell you if I’m wrong about chezzit, but when you come in with a resume like his, well what else can you think.

    I hope for y’all he does a good job, the fact is though, he is yet to do that and based on that and what I have read, and not on here, but the so called experts, they question weather he can get it done as well.

    We shall see.


  24. 26
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    What a lot of you , except St Clair fail to realize is that Auburn is NOT devoid of talent. Our defense has top notch talent. Our defensive secondary is as good against the pass as anyone. See Georgia and Ole Miss last year. While we lost those games , it was not to do with our defense. It had to do with Frankilns joke of an offense , and a T-total meltdown of our coaching staff. They continually put the game in Burns hands, and he continually couldnt do it. Lost both those games on there goal line in the final couple of plays. Anyhow. Our defense will probably be better than last year. No Blackmon to deal with. I believe that Bynes is a lot better. Stephens at the other linebacker…Hes great…..Eltoro will live up to the hype…He came in and is on the first team ….Strong linebacker group. Not as strong as Bamas but in the top three in the SEC IMO. Our defensive line is also great . both of our ends are all SEC material. Tackes are good too.

    Offensively …I honostly believe our O-line will be better than Bamas. Thin, but our front five will be better. Keep in mind that three of these guys started as freshman….Tight ends are solid…Running backs solid…The wuestion is at quarterback…

    Some seem to believe that Auburns woes last year had something to do with talent…Yes, Tubbs didnt recruit like he could have. But…..He still got some stalent to sign with us…Any class in the top 20 will have talent….We had a coaching meltdown last year of epic proportions…That was athe reason for our lackluster year. Not players. If Chizik can bring in discipline again, to the coaches, not just the players. We will do well. Again, I see and 8-4 year. We must run the ball ….run the ball ,,, run the ball,,,,period to have a good season. I like the offense that Mahlzan is bringing..It compliments our defense well….

    Before the year is up…Lets get a schedule and predict a preseason W / L schedule. Then week to week . That would be interesting.

  25. 27
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Don’t forget the Arkansas, Vandy and LSU games….those losses had nothing to do with defense. One extra offense field goal instead of a turnover, and those were wins. Just about ANY improvement to the offense will produce 3-4 more wins.

  26. 34
    E.G White

    Aurox, don’t worry about Saban breaking in our QB! That will be done by the end of the VT game and long before the next serious game looms. Ditto with the OL Ballplay. If the Barns OL starts out a little better because of experience, with our talent it won’t be by December. There’s a couple of 5* vying for positions there. And before you say anything about freshmen inexperience you need to think about Jones, Hightower, Ingram and even Cody was no different than a freshman unless you think a Miss. Jr. Col. is any better than playing for Hoover or Prattville. By that yardstick you could predict that our offense could be a 2 Mac attack. McCarron has been super impressive in the teams personal practices. Anyway all questions will be answered long before the first SEC game is played and long, long before Florida comes to Atlanta. The answer to the spread is very simple. Just play all 4 quarters like the first 3 where we held Florida to 233 yards, and the last 3 where we held Utah to a field goal and a 40 yard td drive all the while our offense was in a coma. You know very well our defense has depth, more quality athletes and speed, all of which was lacking last year and all of which spells problems for the spread offenses on the schedule. It’s very possible that #6 VT is the best team on our schedule even with all their 3*. You know, ACC champs, Orange Bowl champs, Beamer coached, #7 ranked defense and all. It’s a miracle we’re favored by 4! Beat them honestly – not get outplayed and win by a mistake or penalty – and it’s all downhill from there, with a couple of speedbumps named LSU and Ole Miss. Everybody loves to hate GMAC. Guess you guys don’t remember the job Jevan Snead did last year in his first ever playing experience. And he was at a new school under a new system cause he couldn’t play at Texas. GMAC knows Bama’s system – better than JPW. Only he, unlike Snead decided to stick it out. He could have transferred at least to Texas Tech who he spurned for Bama and he’d be throwing for 5000 yards this year like G. Harrell did last year. He is a spread QB you know. Ever stop to think that’s why he couldn’t unseat JPW? Typical spread QB problems adjusting to undercenter snaps, reads and handoffs from the pro set? Maybe Maltz Liquor would like to borrow him? LOL! Funny, that both McCarron and Phillip Sims are rated pro style, Sims the #1 pro style in the nation, and yet in all the vidios of them they both operate out of the shotgun. Strange! Anyway I’ve said my piece. I’ll let you wannabees rip me now. Gonna take a break. RTR! #1 in ’09!

  27. 35
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    “The answer to the spread is very simple. Just play all 4 quarters like the first 3 where we held Florida to 233 yards, and the last 3 where we held Utah to a field goal and a 40 yard td drive all the while our offense was in a coma.”

    Damn, egg, you figured that out. I’m seeing a call from Saban in your near future. And Auburn could have gone undefeated last year if they had just played LSU the second half like they played the first, and, and, and……

    Did it occur to you that Florida’s spread attack had worn down the turd defense by the fourth, and that the UTES played prevent the rest of the sugar bowl after knocking the turd square in the mouth for the first 4 drives??????

    Just a thought……

  28. 36

    EG i will tell you..You know how to rip the heart out of these azzzzzz holes.Keep up the good work and you are totally right GMAC is going to be one of the best in league.I will say this ,if BAMA wins first game and O LINE jells by SEC time it will be hands down BAMA will thrash teams they play.This will be the best defense in BAMA history possibly.Really with this 09 schedule i see no one beating them so i say undefeated. ROLLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEE

  29. 37

    Sux vol , the only thing fulmer owns is a tomato stand, that is unless they did to him what they did to you, and ran his ass out of the state.

    As for as Utah, where where the sux vols last bowl season? Same place they will be this year, and next, and next,and next. Why? Because they like you SUX. SUX BOY.


  30. 39

    Sux vol, how can you sux boy claim to own anybody? At last look Bama had the edge in wins against your sux vols by 46-38. That is sure to increase in the next few years as y’all go to a whole new level of suxing under the leadership of lame kidding.

    FACT: Bama has more wins than losses against every other member of the SEC.

    So my question to you, sux boy vol, is who owns who?

    Now go inspect another toilet and leave the football talk to those who know just a little about the subject. If we need to know anything about toilets or suxing, we’ll be sure to give you a shout, SUX BOY!

  31. 40
    E.G White

    Aurox, now what did I just say? We all already know Bama’s D folded in the 4th, run out of steam by Florida’s fast paced spread and our offenses inability to drive the field! Didn’t I just say we have far more talent, with much more speed and quality depth at every position? In other words, we already have the answer to the 4th quarter even without the adjustments CNS is bound to make or the posibility of an offense that can keep up with Florida’s! Our D will never be worn down again! And numbnuts, with the score 21 to 17 and not scoring since it was 21-0, I damn sure don’t think Utah was playing fucking prevent! If you want to argue with me, bring your brain along next time! RTR!

  32. 43
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Carl, F**K Indivol. His team hasn’t ever “owned” anybody on this site that posts regularly. Except for the occasional Ball State poster. He and his faggot ass boy coach will be permanently relegated to “homecoming team” after this year.

    As for you egg white…..that’s the whole point of the fast paced spread offense! The defense remains clueless (and exhausted) by the 3rd or 4th, and the offense chips away. Call it a gimmick, but it works! As for the UTES, they should not have won. SEC football rules. They de-moralized your team, and coach, from the get go, and won fair and square. The 2008 Sugar Bowl wasn’t about Utah being better, it was about bama folding like a house of cards when times got tough. You can thank saban for that (not the fans!). Should not have ever happened.

  33. 44

    Omni that sounds like some pretty good stuff there.

    Rox, yeah Bama can make all the excuses we would like for the Utes, but the pure simple fact was we weren’t ready to play, and like it or not the Utes had a point to prove, and prove it they did.

    I’m not even going to go into what all I think played into that loss because it don’t really matter. We can wallow in self pity or get ready to play.

    If we all replayed ever loss we ever had, and I mean everyone, we could all come up with a different outcome. In this day of college football you had better be ready to play at the kick.

    This is going to be an exciting season for many and a disapointment for many, average for some, exceed expectation for some, fail to live up to expectation for others. Like we have talked about on here before, for the Bama fan, regardless of what happened last year, be it a 12-2 season or a 4-7 season, we always believe that this will be the year for another NC. I really don’t think people that haven’t won like Bama in the past, and there are a few others, even understand that.

    Smack talking has never won anything, just ask Miami. I enjoy it as much as anyone, but the fact is in most cases the best prepared team will win. Being prepared means having the right players, the right coaches, and lady luck riding with you. It truly is a game of inches, and again this year that will be proved. A missed extra point here, a dropped pass there, a missed assignment, and on and on. That all being said usually the best team will win. And I have to say I believe when all is considered the west could be wide open with the only team not having a shot being Miss. St.

    But in the end it will be Bama and Florida in Atlanta. But again anything can happen, just ask anyone who was in New Orleans last New Years.

  34. 45
    E.G White

    Yeah but a spread can’t do that to an equally fast defense with plenty of superior reserves to keep everybody rested! The spread was designed to take advantage of a normal defense. But it won’t work against a superior defense stocked with plenty of reserves. Example – Florida’s defense shut down Oklahoma’s 60 point a game spread and Florida’s spread didn’t exactly set the house on fire against Oklahoma’s D either. Why, because both D’s were superior with plenty of reserves. One more thing numbnuts. Don’t be blaming Saban for the Sugar Bowl. You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. As intense as Saban is and as well as he prepared a decimated team to overachieve all year, you’d have to be a damn fool to think he didn’t do everything posible to prepare them. After the defense settled down they played well. But what was he supposed to do about Andre Smhth’s bullshit or the injury to his replacement and an OL that couldn’t block old ladies. Only 3 BCS teams had better records than us and they ended up 1, 2, 3. And we lost to 1 and 2. So let it lie, ok! RTR!

  35. 46
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Eggg…Just a couple of issues with your opinions. VT is good , but wont be even close to the best team you will play….They always choke the opener. See LSU in 07…..They cant compare physically with Ole Miss, Tennessee , or even Auburn… LSU is miles ahead…You will beat VT and it wont be close. ZERO defense in the ACC…

    As far as our O line goes…they will be better all year long. O line is NOT something a true fresh , short of o phenom like Smith can step right into and dominate. Wont happen. Also, its the hardest position to jusge and evaluate talent on . That and quarterback……Fluker might work out like Smith, but might not. GMAC is unproven. Those are your glaring weaknesses.

    Also…Bama is built defensivley to stop the run you front 7 are huge with linebackers running in the 250s…That is why your team suffers against the spread….They are quick , but not that quick. Just an opinion. Saban likes his linebackers huge.

  36. 47
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    E.G.—here’s another proverb……the buck stops here……in bammer’s case, 4 million. Saban says the fans and players did not have their hearts into the game, and really didn’t want to be there. News flash…..Saban didn’t want to be in New Orleans, and he let it show. I know, hell Auburn REALLY didn’t want to be New Orleans in 2005, they had one that little game in Atlanta a few weeks before. And it showed with a lackluster performance against VaTech.

    Let’s look ahead now. I’m done with the past!!

  37. 48
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Aurox…..VT was a lot better team in 04 than this years team. they took USC to the wire in the first game of that year. Really they should have won that game. Our defense was great in that game , though our offense sputtered at times.

    Egg. Again. It doesnt matter how rested you are when you get flat footed outrun by the offense. No 25o pund linebacker can run with a 205 pund reciever or running back. That is the reason for the spread , to exploit bigger , more physical defenses with misdirection and speed. Florida uses it to perfection. Plus they have the added bonus of a power rusher who just so happens to be the quarterback. They are just tough man.

  38. 49
    E.G White

    With all the theories you guys have you ought to be scientists! Ballplay, gimmie a break. Bama has two AA LB’s – neither Florida nor Oklahoma do. We also have the best freshman LB in the nation, Nico Johnson and he is as fast as any reciever. He will play this year as will super fast DB Dre’ ‘The Gadsden Man’ Kirkpatrick. If Florida and Oklahoma can hold each other’s ‘super spread’ offenses to 21 and 14 points respectively with their LB’s – then Bama’s D damn sure can too. What qualifies you to decide VT isn’t as good as the years you mentioned? I’ve been spending a lot of time on the VT blogs. They think that in spite of a heretofore unspectacular offense, that this is the best team VT has ever had. They are predicting a possible MNC. Anyway they are ranked #6 ahead of everyone in the SEC but Florida. They are physical. They are a Beamer team. Aurox, get a life. Nobody in their right mind can say a Beamer team doesn’t have a defense! VT is a perrinial top 10 D! And we don’t know yet if LSU and Ole Miss are better or not. Based on last year LSU is not. As for Ole Miss, will they live up to the hype, or were they a flash in the pan? Auburn? Are you kidding? Auburn and VT’s team recruit rating man for man is a carbon copy of each other. The difference being one is a conference champ, the other is not. One is the Orange Bowl champ and the other didn’t go a bowling. One is coached by Frank Beamer and the other by 5-19 Gene Chizik! LOL! Irregardless of which one’s end up being the best teams we play – VT will be the most difficult because it’s the first game and it will be their top 10 defense against our inexperienced OL. And what an innitiation for GMAC, against a defense that was ranked #7 and returns 9 starters! Let’s not get cocky! Take these guys serious or it will be a long night! RTR!

  39. 50

    Hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ballplay Indian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How’d you COW COLLEGE people like that 36 to 0 AZZ WHOPPING IN T-TOWN??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    How you COW COLLEGE people gonna like that BEAT DOWN BAMA’S gonna give you in “TOILET PAPER STADIUM” in Aubwrn this year???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Gene Ciznick is a GREAT COACH, just wait and see.

    36 TO 0 AZZ WHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. 51
    E.G White

    Sorry Aurox! It was Ballplay that said VT has no defense! My bad. One last comment about Utah. You quoted that Saban blamed the fans and team. You made my point. ‘You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!’ Maybe you should pull up some news archives and check just how many times BEFORE the Sugar Bowl CNS told the fans, the team and the press to take Utah seriously, that they were an excellent team.

  41. 52
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Dude…You are a bammer to the core arent you ? I am completely aware that your linebacker corp is awesome…but man , you pull stuff out of your butt that makes me scratch my head sometimes…FACT IS : Last year Alabama lost two games….Those two games were to spread option offenses….PERIOD…..


    Now Eggy, you can spin it anyway you like….But you lost to two spread option teams…WHY ??????? Because your teams defense is set up to defend the traditional pro set offense….Bamas linebackers are freaks ( one A.A. byt he way)…But if you think Nico will sniff the opening rotation, I think you are smoking crack…. You guys are waaay to solid…Your linebackers are heavy for the postion, but thats the way Saban likes them. And thats alright… Thats just my opinion..

    If you think this is the best VT team ever, you need help. It may be posssibly the best VT defense, and that is a heck of a statement in itself. But offensively , not even close..Im telling you right now they will not score 20 points on you. If they do , it will be because of a gimme 4th quarter score on the 3rd team defense.

    VT doesnt play the same defenses that the SEC sees every week…I would dare say that their defense is as good as an average SEC teams. I bet Ole Miss has as good a defense. LSU for sure. Maybe Auburn. They do not play the teams we play. It will show in week one .

    Does no one remember the 07 dismantling that LSU put on them ? What was it ? Like 55 – 3 ? Keep in mind that LSU lost to Arkansas and Kentucky that year !!!!
    And had several close games in the SEC that could have gone either way……

  42. 53
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Viginia Tech = Ole Miss…Except Ole Miss has a better quarterback.

    C.B. how old are you ? 12 ?

    Egg….It was Sabans fault for the loss. No one elses.. When ewas the last time a fan played a down ?

  43. 54
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Now C.B. zip your lip and fix me a sandwich , boy !!!!!

    Eggy, Bring me a Coke…

    Dont make me say it again.

  44. 55

    You know how old I am Ballplay Indian, 36 of course. lol

    You still haven’t answered my two questions Ballplay Indian.

    How’d you COW COLLEGE PEOPLE like that 36 to 0 AZZ WHOPPING IN T-TOWN?????????????????????????????????

    How you COLLEGE PEOPLE gonna like another AZZ WHOPPING IN the “TOILET PAPER STADIUM” IN AUBWRN???????????

    36 TO 0 AZZ WHOPPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gene Chiznick is a great coach, just wait and see!!!!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. 56
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Exactly BI. Saban probably had the better team, but didn’t have them ready. Nobody’s fault but his own.

    There is a certain level of expectation and accountability when you pay your head coach 4 million. That’s the reason I have NO sympathy for Tubs.

  46. 57
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    It is kinda hard to have symapthy on a person getting paid 6 mill to go golfing aint it ?

  47. 58

    I read where Bobby Lowders Colonial offices were raided (search warrant) in Orlando Florida by the FBI, etc.

    Does anybody know if they have raided (search warrant) the Colonial offices in Montgomery?

    ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  48. 59
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Ummmmmm…………..Im thinking it has something to do with his baaaank there CB…Just a guess… But hey, thats just assuming that your NOT full of it..

  49. 60

    BP, I like the idea of the pre-season picks and the week to week picks.

    I can’t remember if it was on this blog or on Finebaum’s old blog, but we used to do that, and it was kinda fun.

    One thing for sure, you could go ahead and pick the sux vols to lose every game and you would come out ahead.


  50. 61

    Tennessee is a perineal cheater and refuge for scumbags. The great pumpkin got 1 NC out of that kind of garbage and all that payolla. Now Kippy is apparently set on continuing the tradition. But this aint Kansas Dorothy this is the SEC.

  51. 62
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO, PEOPLE! OMNI, I’d be willing to bet you throw one HELLUVA tailgating party! You’re alright. BALLPLAY & CARL, I’m with y’all on the picks. In the near future I’ll post mine. EVERY SEC TEAM. If we do this every week during the season it will make for some good conversation. ROLL TIDE ROLL!

  52. 63
    hot dawg

    shane as always you never disappoint I have been listening to you on the radio for 10 years every year I mean every year you have picked bama to win it all no one takes you seriousely I am a georgia fan and I want to ask you one question how many wins would alabama have had last year if they lost 18 starters through out the year? You call yourself a writer and you do not attenpt to do any reasearch on the school you are bashing you really are a joke . you listen to finebaum and his opinions to much to form your own, one last thing the dawgs will be the surprize team in the sec this year bama will not make it to the championship game and once again you shane will look like a fool! but hey that is normel for you.

  53. 64
    E.G White

    Barner, don’t come over here stating as fact what is only your opinion about my football team! You’re not qualified to do so! 1st. Rolando McClain is AA. Dont’a Hightower is freshman AA. That makes two. 2nd. Only those two LB’s are guaranteed a starting position and only those two weigh 250 lbs. and they sure as hell CAN run with 205 lb. RB’s and recievers. Cory Reamer is probably safe to start at this point, but Erik Anders – Fanney’s replacement on pass rushing downs, is certainly not a lock. If Nico is only as good as Dont’a, and he theoretically is better, then he damn sure has an honest shot at the Jack or Will, whichever one Dont’a doesn’t take. And all three, Reamer, Anders and Nico weigh 218 to 225 and can run with the recievers, especially Nico who ran down Bryce Brown. Then there’s freshmen Tana Patrick and Petey Smith to consider and Jerrell Harris and Courtney Upshaw with experience. Then when you have speed and depth at CB and Safety with the likes of Javier Arenas, Robby Green, Kareem Jackson, Marquis Johnson, BJ Scott, Ali Sharriff, RSF Robert Lester and Freshmen Dre’ Kirkpatrick and Rod Woodson – there’s just not gonna be any overwhelming problems with the spread this year. You Barners will get your fair warning when we smash Petrino’s version of the spread. You know – the team that killed Tulsa and Malzhan’s spread last year? Then we get a break from gimmick offenses until we burn down JHS. Later we’ll take care of Florida before moving on to either Oklahoma’s or Texas spread, unless of course USC finally makes it back to the MNC game! One other thing dude, I didn’t say VT has the best overall team ever. Their people are saying that. And I think they know a hell of a lot more about their team than any Barner does! Also the ’07 LSU game with them doesn’t mean shit this year! RTR! Bama #1 in ’09!

  54. 65
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Eggy. VT has a lot in common with Bama, if they are saying that too. You guys only get better every year. Its been that way since Ive been breathing anyhow.

    As far as your prediction on Nico. He may or may not start…Saban called out Fanneys replacement already. Something he usually doesnt do. He said how Anders was coming along in yesterdays press conference. But Im sure you heard that.

    Nico and the rest of the fresh linebackers will put on at least 15-20 pounds…..I really dont see why you get all huffed up about it man. I said several times that you guys are tottally stacked at linebacker. And that you have one of the best Lbacker corps in the country. The only weekness I see is there size verses the spread. Dude , its not that big of a weakness. Its an attribut against every other offense. But , you dont believe that had anything to do with your only two losses last year ?

    Also not arguing that your linebackers are as fast in the first or second quarter. I do not care how in shape a 250 pund man is …He does NOT have the endurance a lighter man has, in prolonged running. PERIOD. You guys are deep enough that it may not even matter …But that my opinion. And I believe its a well thought out one.

    I believe that you guys will have one of the best , if not the best , defenses in the country next year. Ive said it several times. Im just as critical about Auburn as I am Alabama.

  55. 67
    E.G White

    Look neither Fanney nor Anders was what we needed or one of them would have played the whole game. He mentioned Anders yesterday because he was Fanney’s parttime replacement and because he played in the spring game. But 5 out of 8 of the defensive backfield positions are unsettled. Only McClain, Hightower and Arenas are set in stone. Be that as it may – it would be inappropriate for him to speculate in public about recruits taking the place of veterans before they have ever even had one official practice with the team. And that includes even the ones with whom there is already speculation that they may unseat someone. That includes Trent, Lacy, McCarron, Flukker, Dre’, Tana, Petey, Kelly, Woodson or Nico. It’s just like you Barner’s have repeated time and again when berating GMAC by saying that If he had been good enough, CNS would have played him irregardless of JPW being a senior 3 year starter. Well there you go. These 10 guys I just named are potentially good enough to win a starting position on any top 10 team in the nation. And during the next 4 weeks I think you’re going to see some changes to the top 44 and maybe to the starting 22. Because as you said, CNS will play the best that he has. Now, as far as the LB’s part in the losses to spread teams. If so then it fell more on Fanney, Anders and Reamer than on McClain and Hightower. In fact Dont’e was a terror against Florida. And where was the exhaustion against Utah. The defense stopped them cold in the 2nd through the 4th quarters in spite of no rest because the offense went 3 and out the whole 2nd half. Don’t be worrying about our defensive backfield and the spread. – Or maybe you better worry since the Barn is gonna run the spread! RTR!

  56. 68
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Are you saying you won the fourth quarter of the Utah game ?


    WHEW !!!!!!

    I needed that…..

    Another moral victory for Bammer. Anyhooo. I stand by what I said. If GMAC is the shizzle then why couldnt he put JPW on the bench ? Enough said.

  57. 69
    UA Man

    Is this an Auburn blog? Why are all the Auburn fans making comments on this site? Not saying you shouldn’t be here, I just don’t understand it. The season is about to start,so I think its time to start worrying about your own team.

  58. 70
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    UAboy……I like it here. Thats all you need to know. And Im really not worried about either team.

  59. 71

    UA man, what have you been smoking?

    The COW COLLEGE PEOPLE have never and will never worry about their school before ALABAMA.

    I have to give the Agriculture department credit at the COW College.
    They did a scientific study on this very issue in 1964.

    They found out all that MANURE laying around Aubwrn distorts the BARNERS little brains a bit.

    When they wake up it makes them think about BAMA, around noon it makes them think about BAMA, around dinner it makes them think about BAMA, around bedtime it makes them think about BAMA, and of course the nightmares about BAMA when they sleep.

    It’s all in the MANURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Get redy for another in “TOILET PAPER STADIUM”

    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 72
    UA Man


    You are an idiot.


    I don’t think your analysis applies to Ballplay. I doubt he has ever been to Auburn, or even stepped on a college campus of any kind.

  61. 73

    UA Man, you are probably right about Ballplay.

    But I am pretty confident Ballplay has stepped in a BIG pile of MANURE somewhere.


    Get ready for another in “TOILET PAPER STADIUM”

    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. 74
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Uaintaman…..No need to get all mean about it….

    CB its concerning to me to see one person so consumed by feces as you. Go get some help.

    Now….Both of you punks go fix me a sammich….NOW !!!!

  63. 75

    Ballplay says:

    “No need to get all mean about it.”

    I like the new AUBURN IS A JOKE guy. Will try not to be so mean.

    It didn’t take long for BAMA to turn THEM back in to a bunch of WUSSSSYS !!!!!!!!!


    Get ready for another in “TOILET PAPER STADIUM” !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  64. 76
    E.G White

    BP, a final note about GMAC before he personally shuts your mouth in 30 days. Knowing CNS, I agree that if GMAC had been able to perform like Bradford last year he would have replaced JPW. However, as I stated earlier in this blog, GMAC was a spread QB. Because of limited reps he was probably still having problems executing properly from under center. That does not mean that he was not more talented than JPW, or even Bradford for that matter. Now in his 3rd year under CNS he is either ready to break out or he’s not! If he’s not, then we’re going to see Bama using a 2 MaC attack – GMAC and AJMAC. Then again who knows, Star’s feet could possibly give us a Tebow type advantage, but I doubt it. With Sims and Sims coming in next year it wouldn’t surprise me to see Star at another position, maybe WR, S, ST or transfer. And Darrah at 6′-6 would make a great TE. Anyway, the VT defense will answer a lot of querstions in 30 days. RTR! Bama #1 in ’09!

  65. 77

    UABOY aew u new here? Check out the storys… They are about ????? AUBURN!
    ANd as BI said I LIKE IT HERE! ANd Saint If your ever in the Neighborhood 😉

  66. 78
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Thats the point egg. Star J. fizzled out like a dud on the fourth of July. Thats all we heard ,,,Star this and Star that….Here is something that you might want to consider Egg.

    Wait until GMAC actually plays in a few games before touting him as the Next Sam Bradford.

    But you aint gonna do that are you ?

    You see, that is why its old hat. Every year….Watts is the next Ken Stabler
    Croyle is the next Joe Namath……..Wilson is the next Bart Starr……

    Every year.

    No different this year egg.

  67. 79

    Yea, I remember a QB named John Parker Wilson, put in at the end of the 2005 Iron Bowl (after Croyle spent most of the day on his back), and proceeded to score 8 or 10 meaningless points. Lord, you should have heard Shane!!! “JPW’s gonna ram it down the throats of opponents in years to come!!…..He’s got more raw ability than Namath…..etc”

    Same song and dance, just another year.

  68. 80
    Indiana Vol

    blah, blah blah (AKA CRIMSON TURD MORON) posted: “Tennessee is a perineal cheater and refuge for scumbags. The great pumpkin got 1 NC out of that kind of garbage and all that payolla. Now Kippy is apparently set on continuing the tradition. But this aint Kansas Dorothy this is the SEC.”

    I find it laughable that a Bammer Moron is acusing anyone of cheating after the blatant cheating that has been proven in Tuscaloser for years.

    Where is your proof, DUMB ARSE?

  69. 81
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Aurox…..The kicker is that JPW owns every record a quarterback has at UAT….He really wasnt all that bad.

  70. 82
    E.G White

    I was just fixing to say that Ballplay. The kicker for JPW is that he needed a coach and supporting cast like Namath and Stabler had! Last year he had them and he almost did it! Sux Vol – SHUTUP and go home to your Ha Ha Hee Hee Ho Ho #56 Volunqueers. Oh, and you gotta love those #39 Pussycats too! LMFAO! RTR! Bama #5 er, #1 in ’09!

  71. 83

    6-6,7-6,12-2 as a starter. And last year he had a lights out defense to thank. Anybody here trade a completion record for more wins?????? Any damn day of the week.

  72. 84
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Also last year he had 2 all americans and on the line and Glenn COffee to thank.. Bama was a pure run team. Even with Julio Jones no one considered their passing game a real threat.

  73. 87

    Indiana, STFU

    Like I have already stated, I attended that crap hole you call a University. Actually tried to be a UT fan but just could not stand the stench. Phillard narced out the Tide to keep the NCAA off of his cheating A$$. You know it, I know it, we all know it. So like I said, shut up and live with the pathetic state UT’s football program is in.


  74. 88

    E.G. JPW folded a few times he (alone) didnt win all 12 of those games and he really folded with UTAH….. Shame he showed up BIG TIME in the IB though 🙂 tell it like I C it!

  75. 89
    E.G White

    He I’m not saying JPW was Joe Montana. But bullshit on the folding crap! He was statistically way ahead of Tebow going into the 4th quarter when the defense and OL gave up the ghost and he had no running game or time to throw. Against Utah in the 2nd half it was shades of Brodie Croyle and the Auburn pancake attack!
    That being said, he did miss recievers wide open in the secondary that cost us sure td’s in both games. However, even the most accurate of QB’s miss those long throws now and then. That’s something that GMAC and AJMAC and later P. Sims will not be guilty of. And that bodes disaster for our rivals. Because it’s a medical fact that a great power running like Bama always has, gives more opportunities than normal to get recievers open behind the secondary. All we’ve lacked in the past is a QB that could get the ball to them on at least 3 out of 4 opportunities. Now we got em and you fu–ers are dead! RTR! Bama #1 in ’09! The Barn #39! UcheaT #56! LMFAO!

  76. 90
    The BAMMER From St. Clair

    YO! Not trying to rain on anybody’s parade, but I’ll offer my opinion of John Parker Wilson’s career at UA. Sure, he broke a lot of records and had some notable performances while playing for ‘Bama but let’s be REALISTS. He was an AVERAGE QB playing for a BIG-NAME SCHOOL. Am I saying he was a bad QB? No. Simply AVERAGE. If he was a GREAT QB, then why did Mike Shula spend all that time recruiting Tim Tebow? BUT, in the interest of FAIRNESS I’ll point out what I believe to be Wilson’s best performances at Alabama. 2006 UA Vs. Ole Miss, Wilson completes 2pt.-conversion pass to fullback in OT for the win. 2007 UA Vs. Arkansas, Wilson completes late 4th. qtr. TD pass for the win. The PIASTE-DE-RESISTANCE? The second half of the 2007 Alabama-Tennessee game. Simply an ASS-WHIPPING. This is MY favorite for 2 reasons; it was the first UA-UT game that my son & daughter ever attended AND because THE TIDE TOOK THE VOLS TO THE WOODSHED! The TRUTH about the guy is that he’s NOT a QB you can rely on to take the team “on his shoulders.” He was a good HS QB, but WE ALL KNOW that doesn’t always translate to the college game.

  77. 91
    E.G White

    Hey BP, you and those other guys need to lighten up on Star. You don’t seem to realize that the guy is a freshman, he’s just a baby! Sophomore walkon Darrah was the 3rd string QB last year. If he looked a little more polished than Star in the spring game then that’s why – he had a year with the regulars while Star redshirted. Hell, Star has 2 whole years to mature while GMAC runs the team. That being said, Darrah is practicing with GMAC and Star with AJ and the freshmen. I’m begining to get a little confused with the QB situation anyway. In February Bama will have at least 8 QB’s and Nicky is still recruiting them. We have some potentially superstar QB’s and somebody is gonna have to sit and waste his career. Not good. There’s GMAC, AJ, Star, Darrah and Ogilvie. Next spring Smelly will be eligible along with recruits Sims and Sims and whoever else we might sign. There’s a ton of potential super talent between GMAC, AJ, Star and Phil Sims. Smelly is very good and very experienced. Darrah is currently the backup. Who knows about the other Sims. A lot of alumni are screaming for Ogilvie to get an opportunity, so who knows how that will turn out. Oh well, guess it could be a hell of a lot worse. We could have the Barns or Volunqueers QB’s! Ouch! LMFAO! RTR! Bama #1 in ’09!

  78. 92

    Sounds like you have alot of SHIT in the SOUP! I didnt say he had a bad game against FL last year I said UTAH! I think FL and the SB was JPWs best played game last year! I mean to keep them in it ya know? NOT STATS…

  79. 93

    Both sides of the “universal healthcare” debate have been known to muddy the water with biased information. I came across a quote the other day which may provide a little clarity about what we are talking about……..

    “…If one person has a right to something he didn’t produce, simultaneously and of necessity it means that some other person does not have a right to something he did produce. That’s because, since there’s no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy, in order for government to give one American a dollar, it must, through intimidation, threats and coercion, confiscate that dollar from some other American.”

  80. 94
    E.G White

    And what the hell does that have to do with the price of tea in China??? A lot of shit going on at the VT message boards right now. They’ve been pretty cordial until the new BCS poll came out. I guess swaping places with us hurt their itty bitty pride. Things went downhill fast. Basically they think Beamers D is gonna do a number on our new OL and GMAC and they think that since the Orange Bowl, their QB has been reincarnated into the second coming of Michale Vick! They’re calling Bama’s D a bag of slow footed, fatassed, blubber. They sound more and more like Barners every day. At least they haven’t started in on the ‘cheaters’ shit yet. That’s refreshing. I’m thinking blowout, but probably not! RTR!

  81. 96

    AUROX… prelude to the question PLease dont call me an OBAMANITE…. How am I gonna do anything I am NOT DOING already?
    How am I or you gonna pay for someone elses health care under “Universal Healthcare”? Seriuos question I get so mad when I read politics I just dont. I feel that until we do some term limitations or a TOTAL REVAMP of Washington. parden the sorta PUN and no disrespect THEY ARE ALL SPADES!!!

  82. 97

    Omni—they are all spades!! To me, politics has always been a game of “pick the lesser of two evils.” There has yet to be a candidate I agree with 100%, or disagree with 100%. As for “universal healthcare,” I believe the proposed plan will be heavily subsidized by the taxpayer, AND the independent, private healthcare insurer. As with anything heavily subsidized on the taxpayers dime, Obama’s plan will have a huge competitive advantage over the “free market” provider (or as close to free market provider as possible.) Before long, the only plan left standing will be the government plan. Take it or leave it. When’s the last time governement ran anything, without a free market alternative, efficiently?? The post office? (Flirting with bankruptcy). Medicare (flirting with bankruptcy.) VA medical care (might as well go ahead and die). Your local municipality road crew (I’ve watched a crew near my home take 3 weeks to pour 45 feet of sidewalk.)
    It’s quite funny to me when Dems accuse Republicans of being in bed with big insurers (they are), and are just looking to hold on to a power base. Just what kind of concentration of power will the Dems have if this all passes? They are after the biggest power grab known to the USA. The present system certainly has flaws, but we haven’t seen anything yet once the government takes over healthcare, and their are no alternatives.

  83. 98

    One note: I realize their is no such thing as true “free market” capitalism, in the US anyway. I only use that in the most broadest terms.

  84. 99
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! AUROX, all WE CAN DO is vote these guys OUT OF OFFICE when election time rolls around. I’m NEITHER conservative OR liberal, I’m more of a MODERATE than anything. There are FLAWS with both philosophies. Remember the ’90’s? That was the LAST time we experienced ANY change in the ways that things worked in Washington. When the Republicans took control of the House in 1995 and the “Contract with America” was somewhat initiated THAT IS WHEN some change took place. When WE THE VOTERS tell BOTH PARTIES to WORK TOGETHER and lay their PERSONAL AGENDAS to the side then AND ONLY THEN will progress be made. I’m SICK & TIRED of the 2-party system but its ALL we have to work with RIGHT NOW. As one of the noted fiscal conservative/socially moderate former players on the National scene once said and I paraphrase, “…if they ain’t getting it done we can FIRE THEM,” and I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY. “WE THE PEOPLE” have to make an appearance at the ballot box and put our 10-cents worth in so that WE CAN BE HEARD. When people show up in MASSES AND VOTE and lay the “they’re (politicians) gonna do what they want to anyway” mentality to the side, we’ll SEE SOME CHANGES.

  85. 100
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO, and YES, the current President needs to know that he ain’t a KING or DICTATOR, he’s the PRESIDENT and HE CAN ALSO BE FIRED.

  86. 101
    E.G White

    Go talk Obamatics on your fuckhng Barner sIte! This is a football site. One things for damn sure, that’s it for Obamatics on this thread cause when a new topic comes out in a little while this one goes to the archives. If I want political news I’ll watch CNN!

  87. 102

    F you egg white. I must have hit a nerve, so I’ll keep hitting it!!! About one game into this season, and you’re gonna want to talk about something else!!

  88. 103

    St. Clair….you’re right, we all should vote. But educating ourselves to all sides of an issue is maybe even more important. Showing up in masses to vote just to vote is not the answer. We need INTELLIGENT voting, not just mass voting.

    Since 100% of politics is about how to spend taxes, it would be nice for the taxpayer to have more of a say. IT’S OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!

  89. 104

    Everytime BallPlay Indian gets on this board he ALWAYS STINKS it up with all that COW MANURE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Get ready for another in “TOILET PAPER STADIUM”


    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  90. 105

    LOOKS LIKE CRIMSONNRO is still in the 90s
    cmon CB its a NEW year but you keep on
    And E.G it doesnt matter if Obama finds the cure for AIDS. He will be attacked by EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING. I agree with Saint…. This 2 party system has all of us argueing for THEM.. I refuse to
    and all who argue RIGHT OR LEFT are in for a RUDE awakening one day! The gang I chose has MY BLOOD running thru them not one who doesnt care a thing about me or mine….

  91. 106

    It’s gonna be
    until the COW COLLEGE changes that score BIG GUY! LOL LOL LOL LOL

    ROLL TIDE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  92. 107

    My gang is my blood…always has been. If your just gettin around to realizing that, I’m sorry. And I vote for whoever keeps their hands out of mine and my families pockets the most. FUCK CHARITY.

  93. 108
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    CB …From a comedic standpoint, you suck. From a logical standpoint , you suck.

    You just suck.

    Now….As far as the PRES goes….He really sucks. That man will ruin America if he gets a second term. Bush is looking better every day now that we have a total F-UP in the white house. Seriously, Bush is looking terrific now.

    What about OSAMAs promise to get those troops home ? Now that he is in the ADULT world , he realizes that it is imperitive that they stay put. What about no taxes on the middle class. He knew all along his liberal poilicies would raise taxes……Its what liberal Dems do. If OSAMA care passes , we are going to really know what the term screwed means. The man is a menace. SODOMIZER …..I mean Sodomayor is just the begining….Does anyone not have a concern that a SUPREME COURT JUSTICE was just put on the bench that openly said ON RECORD that she should be able to interpret the law as she deems necessary ? WOW !!!!! Yet the blind sheep of America just stand idly by.

    Our nation has become a bunch of spineless dooshbags that will let anyone in Washington do as they please. Lets take our country back people !!!!

    But herein lies the problem ….About half the country thinks like liberal Dems. That is what is scarier than anyhing else. And THAT is what will eventually lead to our great nations ruin , if we dont wake up !!!

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