Shane: The pro-style advantage

By Shane from Centerpoint

There are roughly seventeen–hundred roster positions available in the National Football League every year when the season kicks-off. Competition for those coveted slots is increasingly becoming more demanding on young athletes, and NFL scrutiny can be humbling. Since playing in the NFL seems to be the end-dream of every young college player who straps on the headgear, any advantage gained while in school stands to enhance the player’s chances and give him an edge. With that said, and in light of recent comments by some professional scouts, I am convinced that the “spread” offense is a complete waste of an offensive player’s time as it applies to preparing him for competition on the next level.

Perhaps the best example in the history of college football is Florida’s Tim Tebow. In spite of the fact that Tebow has proven to be one of the finest college quarterbacks to ever grace the gridiron, there are major questions among scouts concerning his NFL draft-ability at the position.

In reality, Tebow is being black–balled to a large degree because of the type offense Florida uses. Gator’s coach Urban Meyer runs a “spread” attack, mainly based on speed and deception. His offense simply will not translate to the professional game.

Meyer’s recent actions – putting Tebow under center to modify an offensive attack that he both patented and loves – stands as concrete proof that Urban knows other programs (that promote the pro-style attack) would afford Tim a better opportunity for success in the NFL draft. The difference could mean millions of dollars in the end.

Those who follow recruiting will remember that Mike Shula (a professional quarterback–coach) almost convinced Tim to sign with him at Alabama. Shula teaches an “old-school” form that serves as excellent preparation for the League.

I feel sure that Tebow would be drafted higher next year if he had played at Alabama for both Shula and current Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban. Both men are totally pro-oriented in their offensive philosophy.

By the way, I do believe that Tim can do the job. After all, he is “Superman”. However, I don’t believe that he has been formally trained to succeed in the professional ranks. He hasn’t had enough live repetition to hone the skills required to handle a system that “eats” quarterbacks. As a result of his lack of traditional training, he is destined to become a “project”. If he expects to step in to a starting role, he’s in for a rude awakening.

I refer to Lindy’s Southeastern 2009 College Football Preview for a few quotes on Tebow from an unnamed draft expert: “As great as he is as a college quarterback, there are major questions about him on the next level. Can he take snaps from center? What about proper footwork? How strong is the arm? Do I think he can play quarterback in the next level? Yes. But it will take a couple of years work to get him out of the bad habits that Florida offense has instilled in him.” Ouch! That guy didn’t exactly endorse Urban’s “spread” attack. Did he?

Do you get the point of this article yet? Let me go ahead and clarify my message.

If an aspiring young athlete wants a legitimate shot at success in the big leagues, especially if he plays offensive football, he should choose a program that operates from the pro-style set.

The coaches who use the “spread” system rack-up thousands of yards and they do win games. They also rake in millions of dollars. But they don’t provide their players with any instruction concerning the specific techniques that must be used in a league where precision means survival.

The Bottom line: If I were a “five star” college prospect, or his parents, I would strongly consider the offensive system before the school when looking for the best option for my NFL future.

Three to four years in a pro-style attack like Nick Saban’s is probably going to give an offensive player the edge over someone who chooses to play in a system like Urban Meyer’s.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 1
    tebow team-mate

    Tim is now dating Jessica Simpson. They met at the ESPYS and u can’t pry those two apart. Football is not going to be Timmy’s priority this season. Sorry to say!

  2. 2

    Seems like Pat White didn’t do to badly in the draft. The Dolphins seemed to fare pretty well adopting spread-to-run mechanics, going from rags to riches in one season.

    If spread-to-run (“the spread” formation is already widely used in the NFL) continues to provide positive results as it clearly did for the Dolphins, the entire landscape will change. Spread QBs like Tebow will become the hot and scarce commodity that a lot of teams want.

  3. 3
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Shane,,,,,You are going to look like an even bigger doosh ( If thats possible) when more pro teams use spread oriented plays on their offenses.

    You are really grasping for straws aint ya boy ? I might almost agree with a pro style quarterback in high school avoiding a spread team in college, just like a spread quarterback in high school will avoid a pro style college. See how it works ? The spread isnt a fad. We had two spread offenses in the National Championship last year. A spread team whooped bamas monkey ass in the Sugar bowl. Nicky doesnt do so well against spread teams, and I know that bothers you.

    There are not 1700 slots for quarterback available in the pros. Less than 30 if Im correct. But how many wide reciever slots are open ? 4 per team at least. Your arguement can be flipped Shane. Wide recievers flourish in a spread offense. Running backs dont do better or worse. Nice try .

    Get off the meth bud.

  4. 5
    Kodi Burns 4 Heisman

    I tend to think Tebow will excell in the NFL. I’m unfamiliar with what style of offense he ran in high school (spread, pro, etc), but the guy is by far the most gifted player — in terms of talent — in the SEC. I know many talented players have fallen at the pro level, but Tebow is just too talented to be a bust at the next level, IMO.

  5. 6
    Just a couple of Questions

    So an 11th grader and his parents should consider Alabama over Florida because they have a better chance at making the NFL!!!!

    Just a couple of questions. Who are you and did you have to use spell check to get NFL right?

  6. 7
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    This is all about Shane trying to justify Bama running a pro style offense. Pure and simple.

    Let me ask this…..What style offense was used by Bamas opponents in there two losses ? Answer: Spread.

    You can escuse it till the sun goes down, but the bottom line is this, Sabans defensive style, Huge power linebackers with 320 plus pound defensive lineman, cant run sideline to sideline against the spread oriented teams that execute. Florida will continue to dominatae you guys for the foreseeable future. If Auburn can execute this year, I see us being competitive with you.

    Bottom line, Bama cant defend a good spread team.

  7. 8

    BPI, let me ask you one.

    What type of offense did aub run last year against Bama? Whatever it was, Bama’s D seemed to work, at least fairly well, don’t you think?

    Oh but IF.


  8. 9
    AUROX formerly known as bamasux

    Carl….do you really want to call Auburn’s offense last year when they met the tide a “spread offense?” Be honest. By the end of the season, our team had degenerated into backyard ball at best.

    Excellent point BI. The spread MAY not do much to prepare QBs for the NFL, and that’s a big maybe, it does wonders for receivers and RBs. If Shane’s idea is to help as many college athletes get to the NFL, the spread is the way to go. But we both know that’s not his angle. Saban’s achilles heal=spread offense. Plain and simple.

  9. 11

    Miami was a decent team last year your final four teams were Philly, Arizona, Pitt & Carolina all run traditional offenses. Arizona runs a good bit of shot gun and Mcnaab has good legs for his age, but all four quarterbacks are dropback specialist. The spread trains WR’s and RB’s to catch it does not teach traditional blocking for anyone. John Madden was asked if three QB’s would be needed due to injuries in the Meyer/Tebow formation, he replied yeah in the first game.

  10. 12

    Ballplay Indian, stop using multiple names to respond to people who cut you a new one.

    That six in a row didn’t mean anything to you COW College people. That’s why you COW College people fired Wing-Nut.

    How’d you COW College people like that 36 to 0 AZZ WHOPPING in T-TOWN ?????

    ROLL TIDE BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. 13
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    C.B. Shut your trap kid. Im the one and only Inian speaking here. No need to imatate, Im the original.

    Carl….Take you illiterate self back up to my post and read again. Good spread teams that execute…..Again…..Good spread teams that execute…..Thatdid not describe Auburn last year. But it did describe the two teams that whooped that ass for you. Utah and Florida.

  12. 14

    Yeah BP, for a moment there I almost caught whatever the hell it is you have. That is reading something that ain’t there, and you fell for it, like the dumb ass you are.

    Also sure glad you cleared that up, I knew surely you weren’t thinking YOUR team was good, last year or this year.

    Ever since you joined up with that Sux vol on here, taking his side and position every-time he posts, your ignorance has oozed out like shit from a babies diaper. Keep on playing with your balls and dreaming of the Sux vol, because………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….the clock is running DUMB ASS!


  13. 16


    I was in what used to be known as Sandy Key by some or lost key by others, although now the area from the east of orange beach to basically Pensacola is referred to as Perdido. If you are familiar with that area, you know after you pass the flora-bama,probably about 4-5 miles the road takes a hard left and goes back inland right before you cross back over the bridge.
    We have had a place there for a few years, however prior to that we had a place in Destin, so I’m very familiar with Santa Rosa as well.
    Yeah there is always quite a few coon asses all along the panhandle. If fact there are a lot of them that own condos there. If I was in that hell hole they are in I’d be finding me a place somewhere else as well.
    My family has had a place on the gulf since I was about 13, first in Panama City, then Destin, and now Perdido.
    My favorite was always PC although Santa Rosa is much nicer. I guess that was the kid in me. When we first left the place in PC and went to Destin, there wasn’t anything there, just a little fishing village, but man how it exploded. Due to that we went to Perdido, and now it is getting wall to wall as well.
    I love it there though and hope to spend a whole lot of time there one day. I go now as often as possible, usually about once a month.

  14. 17

    Shane just found away to PUT DOWN a team and a player he knows BAMA CANT BEAT!! I am with the majority. Tim will do as well as most in the NFL if he goes!

  15. 20

    Yeah Rox I know what you mean.Y’all ahould check out the eastern end of Perdido, close to Johnson State Park, some very nice places there and not real crowded. If you want a spot for a family vacation its great.
    There or St. George Island, which is east of Panama City is also a great place for families.

  16. 22
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Carl. Where do I start. I did NOT take up for the Vol. I just agreed with him. I had no idea it damaged your ego so badly. I apologize. Please dont whoop me.

  17. 23

    BP, you haven’t, nor could you damage my ego. I’m not as near egotistical as most dopes that you assault on here. It’s all about having a little fun to me.
    No need to apologize either, I been messing with you as much as you have with me. No need to worry about a whooping either, you actually probably would take me.

  18. 24
    Bengal Tiger

    What good is running a “pro-style” offense and getting the top quarterback for the NFL if you don’t win it all?

  19. 25
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Exactly Bengal….That one flew right between the ears of the reneck nation.

  20. 26
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! SHANE, I agree with you about which is the better system, but the spread is NOT AS BAD as you make it seem. QB’s who go on to have great NFL careers usually have the following attributes: talent and great college coaching. Being at the right place at the right time doesn’t hurt, either. A QB who plays in a spread scheme CAN become a great NFL player if he’s PREPARED PROPERLY. It seems that you’re all about the “flavor of the week,” SHANE. If Alabama was running the spread, you would probably be saying that it was the better scheme.

  21. 27
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You dam well know he would. The spread would be the biggest thing since sliced bread and electricity.

  22. 28

    Listen People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Since Auburn University and those who support her football program have demonstrated that they have no clue about the game, I propose that a posting moratorium be invoked. Under this decree, no dumba$$ Auburn fan will be able to post on any blog until he or she learns to at least read and hopefully write. This of course will filter out essentially the whole Auburn family and the rest of us will not have to suffer from their idiotic ramblings. Auburn and your boys please, please, please just go away!!!!!!!!! Heck your primed to at least finish third in the SWAC, so go join that conference and leave the serious football to the people that are serious about football. As a footnote, take Mississippi State with you, OK.

    Now Shut UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  23. 29

    I hope blah’s family is not home. He’s about to beat the crap out of his kids and his wife/sister…LOL
    Mullets are so funny when they realize Auburn is better than them.

  24. 30
    The BAMMER from St. Clair

    YO! Probably the MAIN REASON why people have questions about Tebow’s ability at the next level is that Florida’s offense is a “spread option” attack. The word going around is that Florida is going to incorporate more of a pro-style passing scheme into their offense for the upcoming season to take advantage of the guy’s talents as a passer. MAKE NO MISTAKE, they WON’T shelve the option; its TOO MUCH a part of their offense. They’re just going to “mix things up” a little more and you can’t blame them. GRANTED, if I was the coach I WOULDN’T run a spread option attack as my primary offense but I WOULD have some of that stuff available in the playbook simply because it would give my offense some extra tools to work with. Go back a few years & take a look at what Utah was doing when Urban Meyer was their head coach; you’ll see that what Utah was doing then & what Florida has been doing the last couple of years is DIFFERENT. For sure, there are similarities but there ARE MORE VARIABLES IN THE EQUATION. The more talent & skill you have to work with gives you a better chance at SUCCESS.

  25. 31

    Good job Shane. You’ve gone from writing on a first grade level to that of a second grade. Maybe that’s so your fellow Bammers can read it. That, or your just an ignorant idiot.

  26. 32

    Another day of Barn dribble!!!

    Aubies, Just shut your ignorant pieholes
    you retards.


  27. 33
    Tha Gator Boss

    Dumba$$ shane it doesn’t matter if they run the spread, wing, double wing or if he is under center. If one is a REAL qb he can play in any offense he is given and make it work. Ever thought that meyer knows tim can only run a spread offense & thats why he runs that type offense with tim? When he under center he is stopped cold in his tracks, see the Ole Miss game from last year. Tim has a lot of flaws at qb that even a computer showed when they hooked him up to it. Tim is good but he’s not the great qb most try to make him.

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