AT&T makes me angry!

My telephone doesn’t work and DSL works intermittently. Why? I don’t know. I reported it to AT&T early in the week, and after being told it could take as long as 18 days to repair, I haven’t heard anything. So, it makes posting news and commentary difficult. I will say, it raises the chances of me going the cable telephone route. I won’t be giving up my DirecTV, but I will be giving serious consideration to getting rid of AT&T. I’ve had several telephone companies during my lifetime: the pre-break-up AT&T via South Central Bell, then Bellsouth, then Verizon, then CenturyTel and on and on and on. The present version of AT&T has done the worst job of customer service I’ve ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

Anyway, I’ll work something out prior to SEC Media Days. My intention is to arrange a live chat much like National Signing Day coverage to go along with other commentary, etc.

Have a great weekend.