Shane: (repost) Chizik column

Shane was a little under the weather this week and is republishing this column.

Chizik hire is a sham
By Shane from Centerpoint

The former Auburn coach sat there with a huge smile plastered across his face. Pat Dye appeared secure and comfortable for the first time in years. Jay Gogue, the current Auburn University President (who was supposed to be the man in charge of the new head coach hiring), was nowhere to be found. Some say that a picture is worth a thousand words – this one was priceless. Finally, Dye had his man – he said so himself in his letter to Tiger Unlimited Fund members. If Gogue hired Gene Chizik and Dye was not involved, then somebody please explain why Dye was present and Gogue was as far away as he could get?

Want more proof of Dye’s re-emergence? Joe Whitt, a long time Dye crony, was immediately reactivated and assigned his old stomping grounds around Mobile, Alabama. Just look at the list of names being considered as possible assistants: Rodney Garner (Terry Bowden fired him because of the appearance of improprieties), Stacy Searels, Kurt Crain, Wayne Bolt, Tracy Rocker, and Patrick Nix. All are favorites of one man – Pat Dye.

The hiring of Chizik, a loser as a head coach (5-19 at Iowa State), makes absolutely no sense when you consider the mandate laid-out by Auburn Athletic Director, Jay Jacobs. He stated that the checkbook was open and Auburn was going to hire the best coach available. Using those criteria, the hiring of Chizik was a joke.

It is more than evident that Dye believes that a return to the eighties is the solution to Auburn’s problems. None of the potential candidates “fit” his plan because most of them have no interest in being told who to hire on their staff.

Why didn’t Pat just take the job himself? He, along with Lowder and Rane (a loose cannon who fashions himself as a coach anyway), evidently believe they can do a better job running the program than any of the “hotshots” who wanted to try their hand at taking the Tigers back to the top.

Why would anybody with a sound mind go down there and get mired in the midst of the incestuous soap opera that Auburn has become? Tuberville finally tired of Dye constantly looking over his shoulder, making suggestions for him to follow and knifing him in the back every time he made a mistake.

How many major college football programs have an ex-coach, who was removed from office because the NCAA caught the school cheating under his watch, remain on that schools payroll and participate in the hiring of that institutions new football coach?

Let’s face it, Buffalo’s Turner Gill didn’t lose the Auburn job to Gene Chizik – Auburn President Jay Gogue lost the power struggle to Bobby Lowder. The rest of the so-called coaching search is nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Certain members of the Auburn “family” are delighted by the direction that the University has taken. They are way out-numbered by fans and others who are simply baffled by the shenanigans involved with Chizik’s hire and who simply have no choice but to shut-up and like it.

Personally, I believe that Auburn is embarking down a dangerous path. The NCAA will take notes, while watching the same old song and dance happen right in the scope of public view. As much as I would like to think that this hire was done by the book, my common sense tells me that this was done the Dye Way.

Tommy Tuberville ex-communicated Lowder, Rane, and Dye after the infamous “Jet Gate” incident of 2004. He forgot that time was on their side. They sat around like hungry vultures – waiting for Tubby to fail. Now that he’s gone and Chizik (Dye’s personal puppet) is in place, the “old school” boys will start doing things the Auburn Way. One more thing, keep it down home cuz.
—Shane writes a weekly column for the Call News and the Capstone Report.

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  1. 2
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Shane , are you Bamaman ? I think Ive figured you out dude. “Keep it down home cuz” Hmmmmmmmm.

    Good to see you back to your old self. That whole “objective” journalism stint was akin to a meth addict trying to come clean. You just cant do it , so why try ?

    I can see a couple of points your making as the truth. Crazy I know. But Lowder has had too much control. And Dye does meddle some.

    FYI, you are about two weeks and two stories behind on this topic. Finebaum, and the dude from ESPN have already done two in depth articles on Lowder in the past couple of weeks.

    Another thing , how can you have the nads, or lack of brains , to throw in the “NCAA is gonna be watching yall know” arguement ? Good grief man….Do you even think about what your writing ? 5 days after YOUR team is put on three years probation , for the fourth time in 14 years , you say that…….Like I said earlier, Its good to have you back. You make it easy for people like me to call you delusional.

  2. 3

    wow, another auburn article… First one on Malzone, now this… And it is a rerun… what a joke this site is becoming… more about Auburn EVERY day..

  3. 4

    He could have just NOT did one this week But I did read something in that BLOG that was interesting


    “Why didn’t Pat just take the job himself? He, along with Lowder and Rane (a loose cannon who fashions himself as a coach anyway), evidently believe they can do a better job running the program than any of the “hotshots” who wanted to try their hand at taking the TIGERS BACK TO THE TOP.”

    Now how to you get somewhere you have never been?? ON TOP !!!!

  4. 5

    Turner Gill doesn’t have the recruiting upside Chizik had. Bash him all you want, he deserves credit.Will Muschamp and Gene Chizik were my two favorite Defensive coordinators, so when the job was opened, I wanted one of them. Fortunately, Chizik has more HC experience and has been mentored by the great Mack Brown. He hired an excellent staff, (of course he told Jay he planned to do this in his interviews) and he has been relentless in his recruiting efforts. So, you can bash him all you want, but thus far he’s off to a better start than Saban was his first year.

  5. 6
    E.G White

    Oh yeah moron? And just how do you figure he’s off to a better start than CNS? Saban was hired late, well after the Independence Bowl; and still he had a top 15 recruiting class. At the moment Cheeze Nip’s class isn’t even top 25. CNS finished the year 7-6 in spite of inheriting a Shula team weakened by probation, scholly limitations, criminals and dissention. Then after also inheriting the textbook mess he had to suspend 5 of the teams best athletes which led to even more team dissention. That they pulled it together, beat a tough Colorado team and rolled through last years regular season undefeated, finally losing only to the #1 and #2 teams, was nothing short of a miracle. I wouldn’t bet a slice of cold pizza on the Barn winning 7 games this year, or going to a bowl. Once again I ask what has Cheeze Nip or the Barn done in their first year that CNS didn’t do? RTR!

  6. 8

    Oh and Turner Gill will be bcak coaching this year and we will be saying “IM GLAD WE DIDNT GET HIM”

    Mark em up boys

  7. 9
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    There is a LOT for Chizik to prove. That is a fact. Ive said I was skeptical of the hire, and if most Auburn people were as well, they would admit the same.

    But just like Delorinzo said, hes made me feel a lot better about the hire. We have the TOP 3 running backs in the nation looking hard at Auburn. Several good wide recievers as well. We took the #1 state wide reciever from under your noses, as well as on of , if not the best linebacker. Thats a marked improvement over what Tubbs did recruiting in the last 5 years. It all depends on what kind of coaching he does on gameday. You can bash on Mahlzan all you want, but hes a good coach. Chizik will not let the defense slack off any. There is a lot more talent at Auburn than most realise, and we have a huge junior/ senior class. I believe that 7 wins will be a worst case deal Egg. 8 is a lot more reasonable. Bama might win 9. You dont have the horses on offense. Just an opinion.

  8. 10

    shaneola under the weather?? Yeah right. It’s called probationitis. shaneola gets it every three years when bammer goes on probation. Instead of manning up and admiting that uat cheats constantly, he re-publishes an article about Auburn. What a coward.

  9. 11

    I actually think it’s funny that this article was re-posted, because it really shows how wrong he was about a lot of things. First off, there’s not any hint that Dye is calling the shots for Chizik behind the secenes. The whole paranoia that Chizik was a puppet who would fill the staff with Dye protege’s turned out to complete BS. The only Dye connection on the staff is Tracy Rocker (unless you consider Wayne Bolt to be a part of the staff), and I don’t think anyone would say that Rocker was anything but an outstanding hire. As to Lowder, I think it’s pretty clear that his most powerful days are well behind him. He’s been forced out at Colonial Bank, and he only has a little over a year left on the Board. Anyone hwo thinks he’s anything more than a lame duck right now is kidding themselves.

    The jury is still out on Chizik. I’ll say that he’s done as much as he possibly could to this point, and to that extent I’ve been impressed. We’ll just have to wait and see if it translates to the field.

  10. 12

    “Shane was a little under the weather this week…..” What a crock of shit.

    aubman82—-you hit the nail right on the head. Probationitis….that’s classic.

  11. 13

    Maybe he’s got cheateroids…where getting caught AGAIN is a real pain in the a$$.

    Or it could be textbookular cancer. That’s where the NCAA destroys uat’s balls.

    He could have a textbook worm, but the test would reveal that he can’t read above the first grade level so that may not be it.

    I bet he’s just lost a lot of weight after the NCAA beat the s*** out of his beloved tahd.

    But he could have just been partying with Jimmy Johns, Kenny Stabler and Joe Nameth and just got all messed up.

  12. 14

    aubman, that is real funny and all and you can phrase a question with time to favor you all day like “who is the last team in the sec to be put on probation”? Bama. And I can ask one like “who leads the sec and third in the nation for ALL TIME CHEATING”? That would be, of course, the mighty tigahs, now keep it down home cuz!

    Ballplay, for the record, list me the 8 teams Aub will win this year and the 9 Bama will win.

  13. 15

    Pat Dye?
    I am glad he is back there behind the scenes trying to run the show. Nick Saban will make short work of his new regime.
    And as an etra added bonus the NCAA is probably waiting on Patty Boy and Co. to step over the line.
    it is no secret. Pat Dye and the NCAA hate each other with a passion.

  14. 16
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bama 09
    Va Tech L
    Florida Int. W
    N Texas W
    Arky L
    Kentucky W
    S.C. W
    Tennessee W
    LSU L
    Missy St W
    Chattanooga W
    Aub ? Cant pick Bama over Auburn

    La Tech W
    Missy St W
    W. Virginia W
    Ball St W
    Tenn W
    Arky L
    Kentucky W
    LSU L
    Miss L
    Furman W
    Georgia L
    Bama W

  15. 17
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Really its a crap shoot. We could beat Ole Miss and lose to Tenn. Or beat gorgia and los to W Virginia. Same goes for yall. ( wins would be about right for you guys. 7-8 about right for us. We always have toruble with Arky when we arent supposed to. Just like Miss. for you guys.

  16. 18

    I just realized something. Auburn actually has no memorable football past. That is why the aubretards are running around like rabid turds. They just have to find anything to stem the TIDE.

    Sorry doops the jig is up, go join the Sun Belt or SWAC. You might be able to compete there, or maybe not.

    BLAH BLAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 19

    Maybe uat can join the probation conference with USC, SMU, and FSU. 4 in 14 must really suck for a has-been program like uat.

  18. 20

    Shut up aubo and go line up your SWAC conference debut! Gay A$$! See how far your rumor mongering will go with the homies!!

    What a bunch of punks!!!

    BLAH BLAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. 21
    Lame Kiffin

    If chizik is so relentless in his recruiting efforts, why didn’t he get a top 10 or top 5 recruiting class? Heck man I am the RECRUITING guru, I’ve recruited so much that I am now getting players ready to come to the vols that are in the 8th grade! Now that is relentless in recruiting efforts. Heck chizik couldn’t even sign one player from a bbq he had, didn’t he know they was just there for a free meal? The limo did nothing for them. Whether you like it or not learn to love it, cause I am the king of recruiting and the vols are back & here to stay till I am gone! Oh yea, did I mention how hot my wife is….?

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